What Files Do 3d Printers Use | How To Print A Thingiverse File On A 3d Printer.


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How To Print A Thingiverse File On A 3d Printer.


Hey, how’s it going out there guys today? I wanted to do a just a real quick video. I didn’t break out the whole video recording setup and everything I wanted to be. I wanted this to be really nice and short for you guys. I see a lot of questions on Thingiverse in the Wen Hao forums and other forms that I’m in that, people don’t know how to do simple things like just getting a file onto an SD card and getting it printed through their printer. So I know it’s very basic and a lot of you. Guys are definitely not going to be interested in this, but for a lot of our newcomers. This is definitely gonna help them out. So, yeah, here we go so two things that you want to have, and you need to get your micro. SD card and your USB to micro USB adapter out of your your kit. And it would have come with the with the printer. So what you’ll need to do? Is you’re going to take the SD card? And you’re just going to slide it in there? It can only go in one way, but you’ll put it in there like that, and then simply just gonna plug that into your computer into a USB. Slot on your computer till you hear beep just like that, OK? So once we have that done, you’re gonna want to go to. Thingiverse and you’re gonna want to find a file that you can that you. Can you know that you want to make so? Just click on the file and then you’ll see here. I’m gonna my kid is into this stuff right now. So I’m gonna download the files here. Now you’ll see this page pop up. You’re gonna need to unzip this folder. I can, I sometimes can. I’ve always tried to drag these right into the into the slicer, But it doesn’t work So what I have to do Is I have to hit the arrow right here and back up. Find my file and then I’m gonna right. Click on it and I’m going to use 7-zip now. 7-zip Is a just an unzip, you know, program that can Unzip files that, you know, need to be unzipped. So you’ll need to have one of those on your computer. If you’re gonna do this and you’re gonna need this. Regardless, no matter which way you’re gonna do it. If you’re gonna even do a USB to the you know from the computer to the printer, you’re still going to need to have a sip program. So so once you have your zip program, you’re gonna go in and you’re gonna left. Click on it and then go over to where you see. Extract files just left. Click extract files. This will pop up, and this is basically telling you where it’s gonna download that file to now. I wanted to download directly into my downloads right here, so I can find it easily, so I’m gonna click OK? So now I got to go through here and try and find where it’s at now. I can see its right. There Fidgets spinner, so I’m gonna double click on Fidgets spinners, and you’re gonna see a bunch of different options, here, files, image, attribution, license and readme. So you’re just gonna click on files and then you’re gonna see three different types of variants of this of this part. So what you can do if you want to? You can actually minimize that. You’re gonna want to open up your your slicer. Now you can use anything. Keira 2.5 I would highly recommend just to get started until you get familiar with what settings are and all that stuff is to the micro USB card that you got plug that into your computer. Open it up and you’re gonna actually see a folder That has monoprice emblem on it. Double, click on that, and it will actually download a version of Keira right to your computer, so you’ll automatically have a slicing software, so that’s what we’re gonna use the day, just because it’s the easiest, and you’re gonna get one of the nicer prints just first starting out and not knowing all the settings. This is probably gonna be your best bet. So what you need to do now, is you? Have your slicer open? You have your page open here with your with your. STL files, you just want to either? Grab, just click and hold left, Click and hold and then drag it into the slicer or double-click it and it should go automatically into there. So once were in there, you can see if you right. Click and hold. You can actually spin the part around, so it’s there. If you need to rotate it, you’ll see a bunch of different options down here. We’ll have rotate scale and mirror. I can actually make this flip 180 degrees and just not hundred acres, but just mirror it so that it’s completely black backwards. I can rotate the part and I can rotate it in any different directions. Sometimes this is handy because some of the parts that you’re gonna download will actually need to be rotated to be optimized for your for your print. So sometimes you’ll want to just rotate some of these parts around in here so that you don’t have to build, you know, supports and things like that, so that’s what that is is just basic. Now once you get the parts situated and you have everything good to go. You just want to click a tool path to SD, So you just want to click that up. In the upper left hand corner there, you’re just gonna click SD card and you can see there that it just saved to my SD card. So now all I need to do is just either exit out or eject, so we’ll check that, and it always says safe, remove failed, but I don’t know why it does that disregard that they closed that box out and now we’re ready to just unplug our SD card and pull out the mini USB out of it or the mini SD card. And you’re gonna see that your SD card has the connector. You know there you want to have that. Facing up and we’re actually gonna just slide that directly into the machine, just like that, and that’s it. We’re gonna turn on the machine and we’re gonna wait for it to boot up now. I’m just gonna pull the camera over here, so you can see it a little bit easier, OK? So now once we get this screen up, we’re gonna want to click. Just push in on the thumb wheel and we’re gonna scroll down to SD card. Now you must likely are gonna have to mount the card first. So when you when you go into SD card, you’re gonna click on it and you’re gonna see, it. Says back or mount card. You actually want a mount card and then go up to print file. Now all you need to do is just pick out the part that you want to print out, and you’re just gonna click like that, and that’s basically it from there. You’re good to go, and it’s gonna actually do a whole warm-up process on your printer, and once it’s warmed up and ready to go, You have your filament in there. Of course you’ve leveled your bed and you made sure that your print service is clean and it’ll. Start printing. So there you guys go if you have any questions or comments, please, if you could leave them down below. Try to help all you newcomers as much as I can. I’m actually printing a much a bunch more videos just showing some of the early mods that you want to do to your printer to help. Get the best prints you possibly can out of it. So there you go. If it helped you out if you could do me a favor and just leave a thumbs up down below and subscribe for more. Thanks a lot.

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