Ashe Overwatch 3d Model | 3d Printed Overwatch Tracer Statue | Figure | Cr-10 S4

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3d Printed Overwatch Tracer Statue | Figure | Cr-10 S4


Hey, guys, it was just here. I might not be the biggest overwatch fan, but I absolutely love the character design, and when I saw this latest project posted on my mini Factory. I knew I had to go ahead and print lets. Check it out! [MUSIC] All right, everything finished printing here and it looks like it came out really, really clean. I’m very happy with this. I now need to get this off the build plate, get all the supports removed and showed you guys look at the detail on that. I’m super excited about this. This looks like it’s going to count really great play of the day. Alright, so here all that parts to the print and I’m everything printed and cleaned up. This was created at the buy printed. Obsession is available for you to print over online mini factory comm. I’ll have links down below where you can check that out. What’s great about this particular file is that he offers the complete statue or figure that you can print all in one, or if you have a smaller printer, you can print these individual parts and with a little bit of sanding. I had to do a little bit of sanding a little bit of dremel work to clean out the joint areas. But you’re able to basically just put these prints together. Then you’re basically able to print and piece this together. It’s such a great project for you to work with and again, any sides. I ended up scaling this up. I think by 200% or 300% to get it to the scale that I printed it on the base. I ended up printing with no bottom infill, and I printed this over on my head test those two and then for the body portion. I printed this on my Cr 10s For as you mentioned for the base apprentice at 3 millimeter layer height, the top didn’t print exactly as great as I’d would have liked it to, and the base didn’t exactly hear as well as I would have liked to, so there’s a little bit of warping on the bottom. I don’t really care. I still think this looks really cool, and it printed pretty fast the base. I think was about three or four hours on my CR 10 It would print much much longer, but yeah, the the base. You can basically stick the feet in there. And then you assemble the body like so and here. I can put the one arm on, and then I will attach the other arm like so, and then the head open be positioned on hole like, so I’ve got actually hold this in place the head. I’ve sanded a little bit too much to get it to fit in, and it’s not going to stay on. It’s own, so what? I’ve got here with me. As traitor’s head goes rolling is some superglue. So this just makes it. It’s going to make everything adhere very nicely together, and I actually think I’m just going to exceed the body and group the body together, not the body to the base and the cap of my superglue is glue. Shut, that’s great! Give me that, alright? So superglue is now cleared up, lets. Get the glue, ministration or statue, all right, So here’s the fully assembled tracer statue. This thing came out great again. I only glued the body. It did not glued the body to the base. You certainly could do that. It’s pretty sturdy here and the base where I can move around and it’s not going to really fall out. But if you had those concerns, you obviously can super glue it in place measuring tape here well. Check out how tall this is. It’s about 11 inches tall, so very cool. Believe again. I’ve scaled this at about 300% again. I printed the base on my head vest, those two and a body over Micr 10s or I’m not planning on painting mine, but you could obviously paint yours. I think just the way this came out. In general, just as a great display piece, it actually reminds me a lot of statue kits that you can order online and paint yourself and assemble yourself just like you’ve done here with the arms and the body and the torso and the head. This is just a really cool piece, and I just want to say, thank you again. A printed obsession for creating and sharing these. If you’re interested in printing your own head on over to mind mini Factory comm or you can download and print your own. These also created a ton of other really cool files that you can go in print. So make sure you check those out while you’re there and again. I’ll have the links the little, so say thanks again for watching you. Guys make sure you, like, subscribe all that crazy stuff, and I will see you next time. Bye now! I’m kind of a weird ending to the video. I’m just kind of abruptly. And is it that that’s how I’m rolling today? Faux make sure you’ll print on of these things. Friggin cool cannot wait to have this on display in my larger video printing room. Hopefully we’ll have an update in the next week or sub straight with you guys on that or maybe some new videos, or you can see that no more TV behind me.

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