3d Printed Record Cleaning Machine | At Last: 3-d Print Super Quiet, Ultra-hi-res Lps At Home

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At Last: 3-d Print Super Quiet, Ultra-hi-res Lps At Home


Hey, friends, my name is. Steve Guttenberg. This is the audio fili act. Daily Show. And it is a truly special episode today Because what I have here is a 3d printed record, yeah? I know you may be thinking. Yeah, that’s not new, yeah. I remember covering 3d printed vinyl and 2012 I think on seeing it, but that that didn’t go anywhere. Because it was awful, they didn’t sound good. It was extremely crude. It was total mess right this. This one is the real deal. It comes from a company called cubic analog there in Silicon Valley. I’ve been talking to the publicist about this for I. Don’t know, maybe a month or so. Finally, it showed up and here. It is this, is it? This is a 3d printed record. It is by far the best sounding vinyl record. I have ever heard in my life. It is super quiet. It has no background noise whatsoever. The hole is exactly centered. That’s not true! What most records everything about? It is is incredible. It’s got more dynamic range capabilities. It is the perfection of what analog is. It’s the it delivers on the promise. Now, okay. There was a couple of catches here. Well, the the 3d printer, which is going to go on sale later. This year is a kind of expensive it’s about $2,500 I haven’t settled on that price, but I’ll probably be around there. But the problem is that it takes a digital file to make an analogue record in this case. Right, so they’re working on figuring out how to get an analogue signal to go in and just go directly to the vial that that that’d be a next phase of this development from cubic. They they’re hard at work at that, but right now you can use High-re’s digital files extremely high res like 384 24-bit files. Which is what this was made from. It sounds extremely analog. I’m truly excited now. The other thing is, it’s may not be obvious at first one of the things that makes this record sound so good, is it? It’s a one-step process of making this record commercial records go through many stages of production to produce the final record. You know, there’s an original lacquer that’s cut on a mass on a cutting lathe. Then that lacquer is plated, then stampers are made from that, and then copies of those stampers are made. It’s a few generations down At least before the final production record is made. This record is a one-step process. I think that’s the main reason it sounds so good. So basically, every record sounds like the master, but maybe even better. Actually, one of the other things That’s cool is the label. The center label is also part of the 3d printing process. So that’s cool. You can make your records in any cutting when you buy these machines. These 3d printers for vinyl. You can make finally any color you want. You could put your face on the record. You could make a mirror. Finish whatever you want. It’s all part of the package. There’s no extra cost for those extra features. I can see legions of digital files, digital audio files saying. You know, this is this is what? I’ve been waiting for the perfection of digital. You guys we’re holding out. Because analog audio file is is imperfect, but this is the perfection. This is perfect vinyl forever. That’s what this is all about, that’s why. I’m so excited about this project Now. Cubic is not going to stop there. They’re working on a 3d printed photo cartridge that’s going to maximize the extraction of the information from the groove, a 3d printed tonearm 3d printed turntables, You name it, It’s all part of their thing, But they had to start at the beginning at the source at the record itself, which is now just a giant leap forward. It really really is. I wish April Fools. This is total fantasy. Nothing about this is real, but thanks for going along this far. Thank you so much for watching. My name Is Steve Guttenberg. This is the audio fili act. Daily Show! If you dig it, please subscribe more. The all! The other episodes of the year will be totally reality-based. This is the only fantasy one it’s one of the rare the CFUs ODEs of the Oreo filly Act Daily. Show if you like what I do, check out my patreon and P A T or e o inco’m slash audio, fili AK. You can follow me on Twitter at audio, Fili. AK man on Instagram. It’s Steve Guttenberg. But wait, there’s more you can check out the playlists while you’re here right now. Check out the playlist for music reviews for. I was gonna say turn type of reviews. No, there’s not that many of those for speaker reviews and headphone reviews and electronics reviews, interviews with famous people in the audio business, like John Gray know, and Matt Weiss fell from VPI and Nelson Pass and John Atkinson from styrofoam lots and lots of great interviews. Actually, that’s my favorite part, but right now all that’s left to say is thank you so much for watching, and I really do hope to see you back here again. Very, very soon. Bye bye!

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