Uv Curable Resin 3d Printer | 3d Printing In Resin – How To Finish And Cure The Prints, Shown On A Peopoly Moai! 3d Printer

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3d Printing In Resin - How To Finish And Cure The Prints, Shown On A Peopoly Moai! 3d Printer


Not that long ago, I featured a resident 3d printer on the channel. Did a review. Bill helped me out. It was great the way to finish prints when that’s done is different than the Moai. And I thought I’d give you an example of how to finish a print on the Moai. But I can’t do this by myself. I need some help. I’m Alec, this is Alec and Alec is gonna help me. I’m Joel. That’s 3d printing nerd. I works [Music] all right. Alec, we’re back and I want to learn how to do it so rather than you doing it showing me. I would like you to tell me what to do. Sure, so I get some experience here. What’s the first thing we need to do? So first thing Is you need to print something, okay. There’s a whole process for getting supports on there using mesh mixer, which I think we I think we’ve covered all that for. Yeah, so in here. We got a print, go ahead and which one down the right one? The right one, the right one, okay. I’m gonna open this up there. We go okay, little bit of an issue on the left arm, but it’ll do a good enough job showing how you do supports and removal and cleaning it up. Oh, great, okay, so first off. We have in this drawer. All of our supplies that we need. Oh, wow! I see so J. Oh, the gloves. I see glasses and I see isopropyl alcohol. Yes, so first we’re gonna want to lay out this plastic sheet because it is gonna get a little messy, okay, And rather than have the resin kind of take off the paint. Just let this even plastic. That’s a great idea, actually preparing a bit of your workspace, okay. Plastic is down what’s next? Is that a glove’s, okay. Just these food wrap Nitrile gloves, nitrile? I think they’re specific and not using latex, so nitrile or just plastic gloves? I don’t know if that’s proper, I think well. I mean, for food stuff. No resin. Yeah, you’re already dealing with right like kids would be proud of me. One that loves our on and we’re good to go. That’s a nice snap. It is a nice note. So now that you have that, you’re gonna want to take off the build plate, alright? I remember it’s a screw top, right, Actly counter clockwise, Take out the whole build plate and there we go so handsome, and it’s still pretty cool, yeah? I love the detail of these things. I love the red. I don’t like the mess. The red is good. The mess gets easier, the more you work with it and learn how to do things. So it it does, okay. I will leave you. Have this bin where we just kind of use like supports. Get cut off into here or we just kind of wipe off things while cleaning up, okay, this isn’t included with the Moy, but I find that little print removal tool to be really valuable. This right here, Mm-hm’m. Okay, so we’re gonna use that. I’m actually going out of order. You’re gonna want the spatula. The one that does come with it and this one. Yes, and just lift up one of the corners just enough for you can get underneath. It doesn’t matter where, and then once you have it up, You’re gonna use the other one to just glide underneath it or that works. Ah, there you go well here. I’ll still grab this and I’ll still try to get the little supports off with that. How about that show me? Maybe so with the reason? I I like using that one is you don’t have to be quite as harsh like some prints really stick onto the build plate. So if you’re really jabbing at it with that one, you’re just chipping away at your model. Yeah, was with this. You can just glide it underneath once you lift up a corner with the big span. I see so now you can set down the build plate just on the plastic. Oh, all right, go ahead and take the print and now we’re gonna want to start removing supports, so just use regular flush cutters. The same that you get with a lot of different printers and just snip them off and the reason that I’m suggesting doing it now versus after all, the curing is that in my experience when you clip off already cured supports, they tend to shatter with the print, whereas right now it’s just kind of rubbery. They’re definitely easier to remove before you do any sort of curing. Yes, okay. I’ve always clipped after curing. I guess I need to do it a little differently. What I’ve done before is I’ve printed some really big parts, and then I clipped them off and one I here at whizzed past my ear to I’ll notice a very, very tiny chunk taken out of the side of the print. Yeah, if you’re gonna finish it, then not really a worry, but just one one less thing to worry about if you clip beforehand. Wow, that’s far easier than I remember any sort of support removal before. Okay, so now you have it, You know, we have an ultrasonic cleaner here. You can get this from a variety of low-cost retailer’s tools. I I have a small one for jewelry. Same thing, same thing, okay. This one was like 80 bucks or so patents. Open it up! Pop it in turn it on now. This one you could heat up and I already have a friend, so what’s on the inside of here? It’s alcohol, that’s it, that’s it, okay, So the green in there is from previous bottle that green one. I see so just drop it in Mm-hmm. Okay, we can add more alcohol if we need to. We need a little bit more, so I believe I remember seeing it. The door open for ya, thank you so. With these ultrasonic cleaners, you can use them heated, but the cleaner does a good enough job without it. That three minutes is all you need in here. That’s it, that’s it. Oh, okay well. I assume we’re gonna put that back on mm-hmm. Just turn the time down to three. That’s that’s up. Mm-hm’m can to do, but that’s it. I’m terrible sound. Can we watch it sure? So this using an don’t using an ultrasonic cleaner is getting all of the non cured resin that rests on the model mm-hm, and it leaves the cured stuff there. Yeah, oh, so when you take the print out, even though it’s had time to drip as it’s raising and printing more of it. Yeah, you know, you leave it overnight. There’s still just enough surface tension that it has a very fine like layer of goo on the outside of it. So even agitating in my own isopropyl alcohol bath. This is still going to get more. This is way better. I Iike. I used to use that that Tupperware. Yeah, just swishing it in there, and it kind of worked this way. Better, totally different texture. I can’t even really be like, really. I was like there’s no way, but I I tried it, there’s. Nothing, there’s nothing on here. That’s amazing, that’s a great idea, alright? I haven’t tried a minute two minutes and ramping it up in three minutes works. That’s fine, that’s fine. We’ll, let if anybody else wants to try this and you get your own nitrile gloves and your own isopropyl alcohol ultrasonic cleaner. Then you can try two minutes and let me know if that works. Try a minute, you could try ten minutes or five days or mm-hm. Whatever the time limit is, you maintain a very clean work area. It was a small model. Hey, it’s done here. We go so just take it out. Just take it out. Take it out! Get you a couple of paper towels just for drips. Sure, so you don’t need to really get off all of the isopropyl alcohol like you. Oh, you don’t you can pat it a little bit? It depends on how? I’ll just kind of go wee and then just throw in the rock tumbler. What with the paper towel? Gerry, that’d be great, okay. It’s gonna evaporate pretty quickly, so you don’t have to worry about getting too much of it off well and all of the resin that’s here is cured resin exact as this got all of it off, okay. What do we do from here from here? I made something for the post-care so over here in this cabinet, okay. I took some cardboard and some aluminum tape. This one, huh? That one right here and I line is this This is like a UV light. Oh, look at right. It’s like a it’s like it’s like a disco cabinet or black, like having it look like, just go black. Okay, so I just put it on that little spinner Mm-hm’m. So that’s a little solar-powered turntable, and it was like the horse, it says solar-powered. Oh, it does have batteries in it. And I don’t know when those are gonna die. But, uh, I assume that the UV light is curing it and also charging the turntable. All right, you ready? I’m gonna put it on there. Cool, okay, so now. I’m gonna close this. Yep, alright, and not stare at the light. That’s probably for the best. Yes, and we’re done with the gloves, right, let’s see if I can properly Remove Oz. Hold on. Oh, so we should get their stuff off, right, There’s only a couple little supports on the SAU condition. Yeah, just what about the leftover juice? Is that okay. That’s fine, it’ll just end up plunging into the VAT, so it’ll. It’ll all be there anyways. Oh, oh, now I can. Now you can take off your gloves. There’s the trick, right. You got to go like this, and then you get it even better than I am. Nice there we go, It’s like a glove, octopus or a butterfly, and it’s one of these. Just one of them that’s fine. I miss from so close. That’s my life there. We go all right now. This has to go! We have a matter. Hackers meet up to attend. Yes, so this can cure while we’re attending. Yeah, and then we’ll check on it later. Yeah, it doesn’t need very long. I mean, peopple e-for’m labs. They all suggest just leaving outside, but if you have a UV light, that’s way better. Oh, a couple hours in. There will be just enough perfect, all right. Well, let’s go. I’ll buy you the first round cool. Thanks, Joe done. Oh, no, it’s done, okay. Hey, guys, it’s done. How was the party, it’s good? Did you get a chance to enjoy it? I did know we a Plinko. We had a lot of playing Alec built a Plinko board that we used our Plinko pucks! Yeah, I still have mine. I don’t have any you have it. No, I don’t okay. It worked fantastic. I think you did a fantastic job. Thank you, is there gonna be a video on it on matter hackers? I would assume so, okay, good, but we have other issues right now. We need to find out whether or not the is it the Dethklok. It’s a death pot. Yes, is it done, lets? Find out, okay. Doo doo doo there! It is, it looks good. It’s a weird disco. II light like looking into this light can’t be safe. It is not safe, okay. In fact, having the reflection on there is great for the prints and not for anything else. So I should grab the print then, right. Yes, okay, shield your eyes, Okay, We’re talking like Indiana Jones level here. Don’t look into it, otherwise, you die. Am I close? Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, you got it and. I’ll shut the door, okay. Hey, look at that! I’m gonna put my glasses back on. It’s a little bit tacky, but the detail is there. It’s definitely Nur than if you had used. Just isopropyl alcohol. True, then painfully aware of that, and so this may be a case where five minutes would have been better in the ultrasonic cleaner. Oh, okay, so then, if enough time and the ultrasonic cleaner is done, there’s no tacky feeling after you be curing, because that’s still from it. Not being. It’s still having just a small amount of not cured. Miss to it, it does. I can, it smells like resin. It’s not a it’s not a strong odor, but I can’t vote because it’s still a. I can still like a fine wine. I guess so then this may be a case where we would want more time in the ultrasonic cleaner. Leave it overnight. Cool, there you go. This is awesome! It’s cool, nice little wave your hand there. It is a little way to hand. How’s it going? This is great, so we learned that removing it using gloves is appropriate. It’s man we will say mandatory. That’s actually a good way to put it. We learned that using an ultrasonic cleaner with isopropyl alcohol is better than using a bath. Mm-hm’m without the ultrasonic! Yes, it actually cleans a lot of the uncured resin off. We learned that putting it in a UV container will cure it and a stronger light with a rotating platform that hence the reflective material only helps certainly helps. And we learned that tackiness after UV curing is because longer and the ultrasonic cleaner could have removed more of the uncured resin. Exactly cool. We also learned supports come off easier before it cures well and for some of the prints that I’ve seen where they are encased in supports. It seems like they would be much easier to remove thank you. I appreciate the tips Im. I don’t like resin printing because of the mess, but doing this and having some proper techniques for cleanup really mitigates the mess and makes it vault at least to me. A viable 3d printing platform. Absolutely maybe. I’ll get a Moai someday. Well, thanks for watching a big Thanks to Alec for showing us how to properly get rid of some prints and cure them up. That was fun! Yeah, if you liked this video, give it a thumbs up, and if you want to learn more. Is there an article that they can go to our matter hackers? There should be by this point. Yeah, okay well. We’ll put a link down in the description. Thanks for watching ring The bell. Don’t forget to hug each other more lovely as always high. Five high. Five, there we go.

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