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3d Printing Star Trek Model Build: Uss Ares Axanar


Are you a fan of star Trek Axanar? Well join me today as we print the aries from Star Trek. Axanar see you guys. [MUSIC] Inside hello and welcome Today’s video. As I said, we are going to be printing The USS Aries from Star Trek accent honors timeline, so this one is a really cool one, because actually, the Axar channel reached out on my video about the Romulan warbird and asked if I would print the ship so here we are, I’m actually going I. Well, actually, I printed it, but this was a really cool model and a really cool request from a really cool place because the Star Trek Axanar movie, even though it suffered a bunch of legal issues with paramount, it’s just what they made has so much awesome potential to be something really cool. That really looked like it fit in the ideals of Star Trek, and I really hope that it keeps going because honestly, what they’re doing is really awesome over there, and I felt really really honored to even be reached out and asked. Would you even print the ship by their channel? So that, uh, made a huge impact on me and so I got online and started looking around to see if there was a model that existed and luckily for us one did, and then, of course, you know, when I put in Kyrah, we had to put our own spin into it, make it bigger and, you know, get the CR10S involved, because, hey, that’s what they’re for, right, so we’re going to get over and we’re going to get. This guy sliced in Kira. Now I did print this All one print, one piece, not parts and pieces, but you can break it up using that, using this mesh mixer and different tools to actually print this in pieces on smaller printers like the inter three or the prusa or any of those out there, the model, you could even take this shrink it down and throw it into a resin printer and get a really cool high detail model for an FDM print. This one came out really high detail. You guys will see that here further on when you really get a close-up look at the final product, I have spray primered it white. Um, just to kind of get started going down the line of actually painting it because I kind of want to paint this one and put it back up on the shelf as an actual model. So we’re going to hop over to the computer here in a second. Get cure going, but if you guys enjoy the content on the channel, please hit that subscribe button. Every subscription matters every person that joins us matters. So if you hit that subscribe button, thank you very much. I do appreciate it. You guys are what make up the channel and even what we’re printing so. I do appreciate that. If you have any questions about models, things in 3d printing anything on the wall. You see behind me or to the over here? Please leave a comment down below. I’d be glad to help you out with printing or anything like that. If you’re having problems, just let me know, and I’ll be glad to help you out. So that’s what the whole point of this channel is for is to help you print and keep going so, and of course share, That’s the only way we get out there. The more views the more likes and all that kind of stuff really helps the channel get noticed helps. The algorithm helps us grow and get out there So and if you’re interested too, I do have a patreon. Come over and go out there and support the channel. So let’s hop over to Kira and lets. Get this thing sliced and get to that time lapse, all right here. We are at the computer and the model that I chose to pull from. Thingiverse is this one star trek aries class 1 to 2000 by outcast RC. This file was a dream to print so a lot of times out here on thingiverse. You may find the thing you’re looking for, But the file maybe have bad manifolding. It may have bad meshing. There could be a lot of problems with it. Doesn’t allow it to print very well outcast. RC, this model. Just wow, it was clean, simple, worked great and I printed first shot. No issues, no missing parts. Everything came out great, so thank you. I salute you for this model. It is a wonder to print. So let’s hop over to cura and here. We are, it’s loaded on the build plate, but you can see the insane amount of detail. The ship looks fantastic on here. But this is rise of the Phoenix 3d I mean, come on, we’re 3d printing this. So what are we going to do? We’re going to rotate it. We’re going to stand her up and we’re going to turn around because we want to make sure the camera view gets good, and we’re going to bring that up to zero, but let all that build space. We got so what we gonna do. We’re gonna bring her up 300 We’re going to get this guy back on the bill plate boom build plate. Yeah, that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna print this big. Oh, actually, I’m gonna take. I’m gonna take it back A notch to 275 When you get up to this higher level, you get, you can get a lot of wobble and stuff like that. I don’t want to risk it, so I’m going to pull it back to 275 which is according to my notes here. What I printed it at so but looking at this detail just in here. The detail is gorgeous, and there’s a reason why I turned it upright. So when it comes to the connection points, they’re all going to connect here here. Some connection point here here here and here and the saucer and stuff should build free without much support and it limits the amount of points that I have to clean from the support touching the model, so we’ll hop over here. I’m going to use my cr-10 custom profile. I’m going to use inland PLA plus to print this model. I used gray this time. Which I know is not a normal color. You see me use on the channel, but I was working on another project, and I needed to finish off the roll, so I went ahead and used gray, which, honestly when I primered this white and I do some more work on primering and getting this ready for paint. That gray is gonna if I do it, right. That gray is gonna give some awesome detail on the sections of the saucer section, so that’s going to be an awesome bit for us, so let’s go through here. Infield density. This is going to be a model. I’m not making this to be a toy. So I’m going to cut that down to five percent to save on usage because we are going to have quite a bit of support generated from this one. You can print it the other way, But the same problem occurs. You’re going to have a lot of supports connecting here. When really, we don’t need to, and I’m going to look at it here in a minute after we put in some support. I’m going to switch it back to normal. Which is what I used you can use tree. This is Kira, 4.8 by the way. So that is an option, lets. Slice it and take a look at what these supports look like so while we’re slicing again. If you guys are enjoying the content, hit that subscribe button or if you got cure questions or anything like that. Let me know. I am exploring simplified 3d as well. I did purchase it, so I’m trying to see if, uh, it is way better than this, so we will kind of take a look. Let’s preview this. I have my supports at 80 overhang angle, so it should give a generous amount of supporting and it does so, and you’re gonna have a lot of support on the warp nacelle struts there’s. Not much! You can do about that. You also need the supporting here now. It does a great job. Adding supports looking at this, though, And my phone goes off, I’m going to add some custom support here just to give this a bit more additional strength. This guy is starting from nothing in midair and these custom supports. I like them a lot. They break off relatively easy, not damaging the model. So you probably will see you guys probably do see me using this quite a bit and just for security and stability. I’ll pop one onto the bridge. Here I’m going to turn around. I don’t need one here, so that’s just a little bit of extra support. Um, you can never have enough. You can always have way too much support in a model so finding the best positions and finding the minimal support that you need is always a good way to go because that’s less. You’ve got to take off in the end and taking this stuff off. It is easy to break a model. One trick that I use printer tip right here. A lot, oftentimes, I’ll put a model in the freezer for five or ten minutes and let the PLA freeze. And it actually makes it pretty easy to snap them off cleanly, so keep that in mind 214 grams. That’s pretty good for this model, so let’s take a look at a preview so we can see all the supports before we send this over to the printer, so as you can see, the custom supports, I added in it actually kind of reduced some of the supporting structure because we were, I think 219 before, and we’re going to give this a good structure to build on. So when you get up here and you start seeing this swirl in here, and if the printer kind of starts nudging it, we’ve got a good amount of connection to the bed. That’s why I’ve decided to print this on a raft instead of a brim or just trying to start it. I want that extra pull and support for a tower for a high narrow object. Having that extra spread out can definitely be worth it, so lets. Get this thing over the printer. I hope you guys enjoy the time lapse and I’ll see you on the other end of the final product. [MUSIC] SO so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]. And that’s what we’ve got. We’ve got the final model ready. I’m going to really dig into some sanding a little bit more cleanup, probably another coat of primer to get it more towards the white. Get that off-white with some. Get that off-white look to get this going. The detail on this model was amazing and the model maker. Thank you. You made an awesome model out there for everybody to print out on thingiverse. I suggest you go get the link. Um, if you have questions about, you know, slicing or you run into an issue, please feel free to reach out to me in the comments down below. But again X, our channel. I appreciate it there. She is, thank you guys and, uh. You know, I’m really glad to be noticed by something. That’s really into the star trek universe so again. If you like what you saw on the channel today hit that subscribe button hit that like button, and, of course, share with all your friends, so lets. Get this out there. Thank you guys well. See you in the next video.

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