Ultimaker 2 Vs 2+ | Test: Ultimaker 2+ | Lohnen Sich 2200 Euro ?!

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Test: Ultimaker 2+ | Lohnen Sich 2200 Euro ?!


[MUSIC] Hello, everyone and welcome to be about a new video today. A look at the ultimate 2+ the ultimate 2 plus has been around for a long time some time on the market. There are already some test reports. I know everything, though there is a reason why me, because now I am standing here. And although I had the Emmy, Kubicki before Trimega and the Ranger’s RF 100 XL problem was, I printed parts for my drug in entry Mecca and after a short time, got it, the pressure plate dissolved. Yes, the practically that this ultra base is yes coated with one of his adhesive pads and this pad, It chipped off and stuck to the 3d print of the drone, Amazon written down, said. Guys broken. What can I do as I said? Send back full. Purchase price refunded great service. That’s why I’m glad I bought it through Amazon. I actually got my full purchase price back, then. I also have the RF. 100x Elder and Mr. F 100 XL is on there was also a technical problem, and the extruder did not work more. Which, of course was quite annoying somewhere by the way that is also one of the problems, why the distribution of the first 100 XL of passed, so I had to use this printer as well. I pack printer 1 to bring it to Munich to the Konrad Branch, where I did who had and brings the printer back at full purchase price get refunded also because great service I have to say problem was me somehow had to print the parts for my drone and there. I have mine thought I have been ranting about the ultimate for so long. Now, we’re going to get it once, and let’s just take a look at what he’s got and I have to go right away. I was partially mistaken. We have to admit that we see now, but at the same time. I have to say that there are a few things about this printer, which I do not like, and which are very annoying and which the price not justify, but I would say, let’s just look at what the now ultimate 2+ so on the box, where this high price comes from and whether it is. Buying a multimeter 2+ is worth it, lets. Go as always after Pedro. I wish you a lot of fun. [MUSIC] Let’s start with the negative ones sides of this 3d printer tour and the biggest negative side. What to me extremely bothers? There are two things on the one hand. Not all of the many people hate the trace holder of this 3d printer. I now have a spool of rank force turn and this by the way. The new racing game in the end is great is really bombastically better than the old one than the problem is just like. I said this one. School does not fit on the back of the reels. Stop on it, That means you have to somehow fall back on such an external solution, which is extremely annoying and is stored and is really an absolute no go for a printer in this price category too. And unfortunately, you can only see that on the back. The 3d printer has such a small plug of the com, practically at the back of the power supply in the back and supplies. The printer with energy problem is there. Everything is made very, very shaky and it can happen. This plug sometimes gets wobbly that when you twist, the printer slightly slips out and then your printer has practically no more energy and going out is, of course super unfavorable if he does that during a print if the printer is completely stationary all the time nothing happens, But that’s also something that struck me and what? I really like bothersome. And what I also find a bit annoying. Are these rods here? The practically yes, this ultimate idea embody this this structure. The printer’s Calorific value top cannot be said anywhere but here. To get this gift if you have a lot. Same thing printing that in principle paper, for example, because it sometimes happens that way, a project would be such citizens press printed whereby Burger chain Dem Rhein can do and have produced it itself and there was the problem that the printer because he often ran over the same points has to squeak. You can redeem the whole thing by going up here again. A little fat on it is, of course, not a huge real thing, but kept it the back of my mind. What this printer costs and then think about yourselves that bothers by the way. I also intentionally dealt with the downside. Starting with the printer that they simply change because there are many positive ones pages on this printer and we will now talk through them. What has convinced me the most? And what has inspired me and where? I really say as well as the volume of the printer. You will notice that I’m printing something right now and can talk without problems when I’m in. Another printer would run the Verso, according to the value, extremely annoying in the video. I don’t know how strong this is either. Directional microphone out of the way because this heart draws exactly on the printer. It will probably sound a little louder than it actually is, but it is really very noticeable that this printer is mega quiet. So yes, if you have it standing here now and you are one room further, you can hear really nothing at all of this dark. At the very most at the first location, the drowned because therefore the engines significantly slower to become a bit louder, but that is now questionable the normal printing operation of the printer. Totally cool, so mega mega quiet and therefore also very suitable for people who, for example, are in one living in an apartment and not having your own house and so practically one too have to pay attention to the background noise. It is really bombastic there, and that will probably be at some point. Comes up to me because I have to move out too, at some point. That is, of course, a huge, huge plus point. More huge giants plus point is the reliability of these. And this print finished, yes. Yes, I had until now. I have been with you for a month. Run, I have absolutely no problems with the printer. At all, of course, that is, for example with the filament school, but it is real mega reliable. It does exactly what it should pressure and that without problems and in a really really good print quality in terms of print quality, we also like to take a quick look at each other. Now just two components that I printed for my laser. I will do the laser. Therefore, there is still space to build, and it is here and there once that you can see that it was printed without support and that is natural already cool they we and these holes have become like little printed. Of course. It went wrong up here because you really don’t have any possibility more. There was the material to support, but otherwise everything is here. Mega mega. And so the print quality of this printer has become absolutely phenomenal and really looking for really unparalleled problem with it is worth the price. I don’t know, because I mean, that is that is really damn good, and he really prints any material. You can damn good. There is really nothing to say, but the print quality. Eg, from a remake is only slightly worse. So you can see that. This really is when I print a corner, then the sheep. Then I can not to rule out. This will be printed bombastically well, but the ultimate about the for example, the energy summit maker comes very close to this result, but it just costs, for example, between 300 and 400 euros without and the return is, of course much more expensive, so this surcharge is worth it. I would say only for people who are extremely important to us and those who want to go into the sales department would like to give us such components, for example, also want to sell. Then, of course, there are also a few basics that tell me just always bother with any printer. No matter if I had until now and what was just done differently here, and that sounds like it succinct, but you can finally put the SD card right around here is what I think you could with most 3d printers you have to SD card suddenly comes in everywhere, so there is no traffic around here. Here comes the SD card Gran Rey up to a point where you can say. Yes, great great, but that is something that bothers me extremely with cheap refueling here, not here, It is exactly how it should be generally, also the processing of darker it comes fully assembled. The workmanship is really really good. Makes a very valuable, pretty and stable impression. And if he is a son cellar is then friends would say wow is really cool. Incidentally, I also once printed such a bracket for the camera. Here downstairs. This is Finke share, which could be so if we just got here. Hang in and can your prints films the model? I’ll link you below. Could I downloaded problems? White, and there are things like that. A really practical one if he wanted to film, for example, has not now explicitly to do with the printer is also. What, what should I live with relieves? What is a bit inconvenient? This is practically like how you have to start with the printer, so the time is activated in the back. Here decides inside is practically down to patience and then follows. The above problem is when your fingers in between then squeezes. The one here is, why be careful when it is inside asked, but it actually goes all the way down. And if you hand it in between, then you can get the one and that can hurt a lot. Presenting live is part of the safety. Marco, but everyone has to do it himself. Knowing about this is a wonderful, good readable display installed where you can’t complain. That’s exactly what it is on it. What you need, Unfortunately, not in German but is very easy to read display the display, sometimes the problem that it is so a bit to the left and on the right, However, a great display flickers and the beginning is clear works absolutely flawlessly also makes exactly the water should. I think great what I would have wished for. During color indicators, light up that practically announce the status of the pressure so speaks, for example, heating up red, dark, blue and finishing green or something like that would have been really great, but of course it’s a small plus, but that printer costs Just damn the pole because of what I think Small plus made more sense and not a big one either act because then you would simply have to install class with RGB led strip. Let’s briefly come to the technical data of the printer so that is consistently means no problem up to 100 120 degrees so fully suitable for abs. I still printed abs. It worked really well. The printer costs around 2200 euros and now has a construction volume of 223 in this version times 200 320 X 205 mm, so a completely acceptable print volume and a print volume. What you simply find most of the 3d programs these days, glass bead. What is in here? There is extreme, and I have none at all had problems that any bumps in the first layer. Everything would have worked great, including the calibration of the Druckwerk does not work automatically, but that the tip drives practically in the corner and under paper as you know it and see if there is any resistance that you do three times the first time. You only have the note about 1 and then this registration to those the two points up here in front. We can’t! Get them down here either. Adjust the screws. And then the thing is set because it should actually set again time in the month of exactly this configuration and I have no problems whatsoever, which is also great is the resolution of the printer that can print from 0.05 to 0.3 millimeters. And that is incredibly cool Because I have something here now because I have this here. Citizen press, for example, I have it with a resolution of 0.3 millimeters printed yes, and that is better than some printers with 0.2 or 0.15 Mm. Listing has turned out to be really nice, too by the way. You can see it here too. On the underside. It has become smooth again so there are absolutely no problems in this area. You lose a little bit precision, If, for example, you are printing here with 0.3 mm, but for that, what just takes a lot of time is really total acceptable and totally play. I’ll show you a different model now. So this is something else that I have printed myself. That’s handy for my screwdriver. A model would have 0.1 millimeter layer resolution with certainty 40 hours used and with a resolution of 0.3 millimeters. The whole thing was. I think 12 or 15 hours done. The print quality and precision is still pretty good. We have a really nice outside customer so for such a big one. Vaccination models here is only set to ten percent or so relatively low for something like that. It is really worth it. Mega good, but what you should pay attention to I use in spite of everything down here, Still a thin layer of 3d paint Because I just love it stuff, and I’ve had this bottle of three since I was. The winner had and the fund was a long time ago and this is still a quarter full as you need extremely little of it. So a bottle costs 10 euros. I want I really recommend it to everyone because she’s just awesome. So I have to do 3d land say has been arrested. Really, super. Yes, and I just printed something like that. Here, that’s something too. What the printer managed without problems. So what is my conclusion to the ultimate 2 plus? Well, he is very reliable. He is very quiet and he is very precise. Villach no configuration at all. Yes, I have neither, so I. I have now used it with simple wise. But also with Cuba, what the software from multi maker is? No problem at all is nothing to adjust. All the presets really fit wonderfully on this printer. The thing is plug and play in the highest form, but it really costs just 2000 euros and that’s a chunk of money. Is it one of them? I think that’s a question that everyone answers for themselves. A must is print quality to the extent that you actually get it from somewhere knows with the ultimate 3 The whole thing is really more utopian is in the price category where I have to say that is just way too expensive. Two plus is hard at the limit so 2200 euros is a chunk of money. Like I said, then. I think everyone has to decide for themselves whether to buy it or not. I personally would not buy because the price is clear to me to book, and I, for example, also with a remake, for example, very good ones print results would now be limited to 1300, for example, Euro 1500 euro. Because I would say there we are. In a price range, the whole thing was at least more interesting viruses, but me do not find now that these troops quality differences and this plus points are worth 2200 euros, but in the end, everyone has to know for themselves. Biggest advantage, and that’s what. I have in mind because of that. Maybe it would be interesting for me if I move out and just in the apartment where I live. Neighbors outside HTTP. Then, Of course he is cool. It was so quiet it was printing in the background. I moderated the whole time and so I don’t take any annoying noises. Wise, there is the 3d printer. Really awesome. I hope I have this little one assessment of the multimeter 2+ please. If you liked it, then let it you just a positive review or then my channel may as haven’t done that yet. Questions requests suggestions, but no storm and write in the comments, the link to the printer you will find as always and in the video description and on the way to this little one, you can find the camera for this in the video description below. I hope you guys now. Please, and we’ll see you again. In the next video have a pleasant week still gloomy.

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