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Ultimaker 2+ 3d Printer Review


Hey, it’s! Joel, the 3d printing nerd and in front of me, right here is the old tea maker 2 + 3 D printer provided by matter hackers. Thanks a lot, guys. I really appreciate it. I’ve had this machine for a while, and I’ve printed some things with it. And I think it’s time for me to tell you a little bit more about it, so let’s do this. Are you ready? Go, ahh, welcome back so here’s. The old tea maker – plus. I’ve had this machine for a few months and I’ve had the chance to print a few things and well. It was just time for me to tell you about this machine, but but it’s been on the market for a little while, and I need to tell you things about it without parroting what other people have to say. I need to add to the conversation, can I do that? I don’t know, let’s find out first. Let’s get into the Ultimaker 2 plus specifications. It features a build area that is 223 by 223 by 205 millimeters, which is eight point eight by eight point eight by eight point. One inches, The bed goes from 50 C to 100 C and its glass and it’ll get there in under four minutes. It’s a Bowden style extruder at the end of that hot end is a point four millimeter nozzle, but it also comes with a point two five eight point, six and eight point eight millimeter nozzle because it’s got an Olson block. The nozzle itself will go 182 to 60 C and it’ll get there in a round a minute. It will also print PLA ABS, CPE CPE, plus PC nylon and TPU last, but not least are these sweet LED lights in the frame of the Ultimaker. I know that this doesn’t improve your print quality, but if you’re like me and you like to film time lapses of your prints. These lights are invaluable, and it turns this old tea maker into a light box. What’s great, is these? Led lights are controllable from the menu screen. So from the menu, you can turn them on and off on and off on and off on and off on and off now that I’ve introduced you to the old tea maker and told you its specifications, lets. Take a look at some of these prints. Hey, look at this! This is the Eiffel Tower printed in matter. Hackers, Pro PLA and the Eiffel Tower turned out Incredibly. Well, there’s a little bit of droop when the filament was doing an overhang here in the archway, but it’s easily cleaned up and the stringing that I left Could be cleaned up with a heat gun. The sides are good. The top is good. This is a good model who could forget chaos, cortex, bobomb figure and look at that. The sides of this model are extraordinary. The old tea maker’s 0.4 millimeter nozzle did an amazing job with the side walls of this bobomb character. It’s a slight curve all the way down, and it’s nothing but perfection from the bottom to the top, yes. I know my eagle well. Its wings have been clipped. And that’s because I dropped it because I’m clumsy, but I can show you this model because the back in the front of the eagle and the side walls look great. This is a color, fab Bronzeville material and other than the wings missing. This is a good model. It’s stuck to the build plate well and the printer just handled it. It just did a great job with this model. I’m sorry about the wings Becau. This gun was a collaboration between multiple printers here in my household. This is tracer’s gun from the game, overwatch and all of the black parts that you see on this gun were printed with matter hackers. Pro PLA and then joined to the other parts of the gun and it came out Pew-pew extremely well, color fabrics, A flexible engine material and usually flexible materials are hard to print on a Bowden style extruder, but not the engine flexible. And here’s my little maker coin that I had designed in fusion 360 and it turned out great. Uh, word to the wise, though. It sticks like crazy. They recommend Bill Tech and it stuck to the build tech like you wouldn’t believe. I highly suggest you check your settings and you slowly remove it from the build tech, but this is incredible material, and I’ve got some cool videos coming up about it, but until then check that out the last model, I wanted to show you. Is this maker coin? But it’s using Angus from maker’s Muse Three-dimensional Lattice infill. This was printed with color fabs. HT material and the material itself is is a great material. It’s got a good translucence. It kind of glows and I like it. Kind of shimmers because of the the way the material interacts with the light. This material will grab on to your glass build plate. I highly suggest adding down some PVA glue, just a guard against it. Because when I removed this coin from the build plate, it also took tiny bits of the glass bed with it. And so that’s why I flipped my bed upside down, all right. I’m going to tell you a few things that I think. Stand out about this printer. The first one is the assisted bed leveling system. The bed is leveled manually. There’s no automatic bed calibration on this machine. However, the Machine tries to assist you in the way it levels the bed, and it’s incredibly easy to level this bed. Even if you have to add a build tak’s sheet or a Flex 3d plate to the top, there’s no issues you just perform a few simple procedures. Andry leveling the bed is taken care of its by far one of the easiest manually leveled beds. I’ve ever used the menu system on this old tea maker is up here on front and there’s an iPod esque Click wheel that takes you through the menu system where you spin the wheel left or right to get through the menu system and then pushing in on the click wheel activates your selection. I found the menu to be easily navigated. I found it to be sorted Well, and I had no problems using it. The Ultimaker 2 plus includes the addition of the Olsen block on the hot end. And that allows you to interchange nozzles quite easily. It comes with 0.25 0.4 0.6 and a point eight millimeter nozzle and those those nozzles are interchangeable when the nozzle is heated up. And then you can use a small little socket to take it off and put the new one on my friends at micro. Swiss also make plated nozzles for the Ultimaker. And if you need to, they can send you a plated nozzle set for your Olson block on your old tea maker too. Plus, they also happen to throw in a point five and a point three millimeter nozzle. That’s awfully nice of them and finally. I kind of wanted to call out the build quality of the Ultimaker 2 Plus it’s built incredibly well, and I can see how this machine specifically would be really good for high use environments like maker spaces or educational facilities. If you’re going to have a lot of people using this without the availability of downtime, this is built for it, all right. I told you some good things that stood out. What about the bad things well? I honestly there’s nothing really that stands out about this machine. The I guess I could call out the Bowden Tube and the extruder setup in order to insert filament You’re supposed to insert it through the back where the the geared motor is and then you wait for it to appear in the Bowden Tube, and then you hit a button and it fast forwards that filament jamming it into the hot end, If for some reason, it gets a little too far into that Bowden Tube and you, you advanced it using the button, then it’s going to jam the filament into the hot end and keep driving, grinding away at the filament, creating a space. And then you have to pull it out. Snip off that bit and try again. Even though I point that out, I did that literally once, and it was the first time I loaded filament. Then I learned from my mistake, and I haven’t done it since so, I can’t really call that out as too much of a negative in the end. This is a very well built 3d printer that produces incredibly high quality prints. The assisted bed. Leveling is extremely easy to use and allows you to add different build surfaces if you need them and the. Olson block with the interchangeable nozzles, allows you to add a nozzle if you want finer detail or if you want to push more plastic through it faster if you think the. Ultimaker 2 Plus is the right printer for you. I’ve put some links down in the description. We’re buying through those links directly benefits my channel. Hey, thanks again for watching. I really appreciate it if you found this video useful at all. Smash that big thumbs up button. Please subscribe if you’re not already subscribed to my channel so that you don’t miss out on any future content that I produce big, thanks to my patrons who support me at Patreonco’m without their financial support. There’s a few things in this studio. That just wouldn’t be here right now. Finally, if you have any questions or further comments, please leave them in the comment section down below and finally hug each other more. You guys as always high five.

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