Types Of Fdm 3d Printers | Types Of Fdm/fff 3d Printer ?


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Types Of Fdm/fff 3d Printer ?


[MUSIC] Hey, guys, welcome to redefine. My name is RO. In this video. We are going to discuss in details difficult types of MDM theaters. I hope you guys have watched every video on the basics of this is reading and all your KPM theater. If not, I recommend you go and watch this video first before doing this. Also, there is a fish in this video. If you are able to find it, please write down in the comment below and yeah. Mvm, critics had a rectangle and box should be next, however. Today we are moving into the most sophisticated difference. Today they use different types of a 3d printer’s protection. Delta Polar, you can printer with the robotic technical movement and show you how each state works. Now, let’s start. With addition, 3d printers, the most common delayed power in curve of HDD printers. This is the Cartesian coordinate system in mathematics. This technology uses 318 X Y&Z to determine the correct position and direction of the plane head with each type of printer, The printing bed, which removes on the Z axis with the printhead, working on two dimension on XY plane but nowadays intimate moves in the Y axis and print it works. They take Z axis. This is mechanically simple to read And then Fergie here to win it, but I will sacrifice [Music] understand that snowing in popularity history is a 3d printer. Duchscherer from the University of Zurich 3d printer, necessary printers also work within the Cartesian in the extruder is suspended above the print bed by three house in a triangular configuration. Does the name enter each of the three points they move up and down, thereby determining the position and direction of the printed it happening this way design the speed of the printing process. However, many believe that each type of printer is not as accurate as the conventional partition printer. 13:09 Is the polar 3d printer. If karate degree does, the positioning is not determined. The XY and Z coordinates. But by an angle element, this means that the plate rotates and moves at the same time with extruder moving up and down. Moreover, for our 3d printers can have a related bill volume and smaller space [Music] [Music]. Our ditch tape is empty with a robotic arm, but it is also called selective complex assembly. Nobody come in short stare. This type of 3d printer looks and moves much like an interstate robot for the cars of the line, while trip reading has begun to incorporate through when he comes into the production process, most notably seen in the 3d printing of homes and buildings. This technology still remains in the development stage, In addition, thanks to the flexibility when positioning the Cambium 3d printer head, it is easier to create complex structures, 500 quality is not as good as the conventional traditional. [music] this way now! This is cummerbund 3d printer also called infinite city printer. However, the capabilities of are limited by the requirement of human operation. The need for metal part removal remains. City printer from being used for mass production focuses the 3d printer that can bring the country stream of parts without user interaction. This machine is capable of independent scene rejecting and starting green jobs addition to this the three printers government mechanism allowance to be infinitely long prints. [music] well! I hope you guys understood different. Readers also initially do we are going to discuss in detail about the different types of filaments, which one of them readers and if not City printing technology and subscribe to this channel and stay tuned for all city building updates. Also, if you want to object, what is there to be 3d printed, there is a meaning resolution box. Please go in check, you know?

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