Tracer Gun 3d Print | 3d Printing Tracer’s Gun From The Video Game Overwatch!

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3d Printing Tracer's Gun From The Video Game Overwatch!


Well, hey, it’s! Joel, the 3d printing nerd over watch. The video game is pretty popular and lots of people like it. And one of my favorite characters is tracer, So we’re gonna print tracers gun and then we’re gonna test it out. Are you excited? I sure him let’s do it. Are you ready go? Ah, welcome back so. I I didn’t have my Gopro. Plugged in. Some of the footage did work, but whatever. Look, look, there’s no beating around the bush. This is tracer’s gun. Holy crap! Simon or Simone? Simon Simon from my mini factory, he he made this model and then he put it out on Thingiverse as well. It’s a good model. This one alright? So this the black pieces were printed on my Ultimaker 2 Plus in matter hackers Pro PLA, the grey pieces were printed on my dremel 3d idea builder, using matter hackers Pro PLA. This white piece is actually a weird no-name. P et filament that I found laying around my office and this these parts. The golden parts are actually color. Fab Bronzeville. So and these were printed. Um, these are printed on the dremel idea builder as well and it’s cool so many printers and so many filaments came together to make this gun a reality and holy crap. Look at it all, but you know, okay, so it’s a little bit of a pinky out gun because my hand doesn’t really fit, but it’s still this is Tracer’s gun and I know Dutch in the video game. She has that ability to kind of teleport. Right, lets. Go see if it were, maybe it’s the gun. I know she’s got that thing. Maybe it’s the gun. Maybe it’s the gun lets. Go see if this gun allows me to teleport. Let’s go, lets. Go, alright. I’m outside, Look, I’ve got tracers gun here and I’ve got some safety goggles, cuz. You can’t be too safe, so let’s see if this works on its own. Okay, ready. Ha ha ha, okay, so the gun doesn’t work on its own. I need the things and this gun is too small anyway. So, okay, we need to make a bigger gun and I need the the things to help me. Run fast, okay. Alright, alright, so we’re in the shop. And, of course, this gun right here. The 100% scale tracer gun from overwatch did not work. Shoot means it looks good, but look at pinky out. It’s a pinky out gun. So what we need to do is put together a gun. That’s slightly bigger than this and thankfully. I did print something slightly. Bigger, let’s get started. Look, here’s here’s the top section. Here’s the bottom section. Look at that no pinkie. I don’t need to put a pinkie out. That holds pretty well just like that. Here’s the two domes five pieces off to the side. Can you tell here’s the part that holds the domes? Here’s the front part near the front part. I’ll go just like so just like that. This is the top part. This is the site, this goes where the knuckles are. This is the back piece turned out. Good here! Are the little nurnies right, Bill am? I saying that, right. These a little add the things that are little widget little things. These are five. You can even say look at there. Five little blocks to help line everything up. This is the site that is the site right there. All right, well, let’s put it together. Boy putting. Ivan really put together a video game gun in a long while it’s been chutes been quite some time. Uh, this. This gun from overwatch is actually pretty dang cool. Let’s see the last game gun. I did I put together. I think may have been the. Was it the it wasn’t the Hawkmoon right, because I did that long time ago as that was at the Thorne. Maybe Hellboy’s gun. Maybe Hellboy’s gun was the first one. I don’t even remember, okay, good. That looks good. That’s gonna cure just nicely. Ah, let’s see. What can we do? No, and start prepping this. This piece is going to go right here like this, and it looks like it sets in there. Pretty dang good. I’ll put some glue in glue at the top glue at the back glue at the sides. Okay, that looks like it’s in, and now we take. I can put this down and now this piece. This is actually two pieces here, But this just glues into the bottom, like so what I might do is pre. Glue that crazy like that honor. It’s going to impact it like that. Hold it right there, right there, right here right there. I probably use more glue than needed, But I don’t care at this point because I just wanted to stay together really during. Well, now I can put some right here. It looks good and true. Yeah, that’s starting to look pretty good. I’ll put it like this. This piece is going to go right here, and there’s a little notch cut out. I don’t know if you can see that. But that notch CH goes towards the back. I don’t think I need to glue that in. I think what I need to do is just put these pieces in and then glue those together. I think I think I can do that. So this will require two of these little blocky things. There we go, There’s one and get in there there. We go now we’re cooking with gas. Little bit of glue. Who are our? Ah, there we go? That’s glued together and it’s not going anywhere. I don’t think, right. I don’t think so. Okay, it’s pretty good. I didn’t clean these up off the build plate, so it still has some edges that I can sand down, but that’s fine because we can sand models. We know how that will fit on just like so, boy. That’s tough, it’s a decent fit. Little bit of glue goes right up here. Hold that in place that should seal up just fine. Well, that’s curing, let’s see. I think that’s tacky and good. That’s not moving, all right, We can put these pieces on. This one should be easy. Get in there there. We go no fit on like, so get in there. Oh, so close probably should have pre checked it, huh? Oops, this is why. I usually leave it up to the professionals now. Is that not touching down? Well, maybe a little bit more, we’ll do that. Wiggle it around a little bit now. We’re gonna put this piece on when it’s a long piece, but it’s getting there. It’s looking pretty good guys, not even tacky yet, but it’ll get there. Let’s put a little bit more glue in there. Let me test fit these pieces to see how well they fit. Oh, they fit really well. They might not even need some glue. It’s not too bad. I could put these in before. Everything else dries before we put this top on top. These just go in like so. I think what I do is I put the little? Oh, you know, maybe? I could pre do that, so I think what I do is. I put this piece in the middle. I weld them together. There We go and I got glue on my fingers. Go figure that goes in. There actually sits pretty well. I’m going to glue it in place. This is going to go in here. That’s space where it goes. Just like that. That’s going to look good. It’s gonna be perfect right there. I’ll add some glue, lets. Get that in, cmere you! Now he’s gotta wait for everything to dry. Oops, stop them on hold. I’ll back well. That was fun! Oh, and it fits whoo-hoo one less piece. That’s going to go right there. Okay, there we go look at that. That’s pretty good compared to that, so it’s much bigger. The glue still has to dry, but I can. I can definitely hold it with my hand without having a pinkie out now. Once the glue dries. Well, just glues got a dry once the glue dries. We’ll, take it outside and we’ll test it, okay, okay, the the glue is dry, And I did the stuff, so I know. Tracer has this thing in the front from the slipstream and the thing in the back and look. I’ve got a gun that actually fits my hand. No Pinky out, cuz it’s got room. This should work, right. I should be able to to zoom in and out of places, right. Okay, let’s see ready. Ready ready, okay. I’m coming back! Haha, okay, one work over top. I’ve always wanted to do this ready ready near far. Oh, it worked! It worked the gun work. My slipstream worked. Oh, yeah, happy day’s, all right. Oh, yeah, yeah, okay, okay. I’m gonna take this off before I disappear into infinity, and then, and then, uh, we’ll go wrap it up well. Wrap it up! Okay, okay, okay, ha. I did it, all right. Go aborted. Yeah, look at that. Oh, here, look at it up close. Look how ginormous this thing isn’t? I can just hold it so, okay. This works the bigger gun, along with my custom-made slipstream stuff to tape the tape around my sides and then the safety goggles for safety that seems to work. So that’s how you can teleport. You just need to print out. Simon’s model here and do it at 125 percent. Because apparently that’s that’s. What works habit here? Look at it! It really came out gorgeous. This is this is probably one of the better models. I’ve printed the color. Fat bronze fell in this one. I was talking with barnacle. YZ and he agrees We could shine this up real nice and we could polish it up, there’s. The gray piece up top looks good. Oh, man, this is. I know I could sand it. I could do some build door and punish props work and I could sand it down. I think it just just looks looks cool. Well, tracers got two of these in the video game so maybe. I should print a second one. I don’t know, regardless. Hey, this was a lot of fun. Thanks for watching. I really really like this model. This is a good model. The link to the model is down in the description. Please print it yourself again. I did it at 100% scale, and then it didn’t fit my hand, so I printed it at 125 percent scale, and that fits my hand really. Well here for scale there. There’s my hand there. Just hold your hand up to the screen and scale it against mine. Oh, man, okay, liked this video. If you like overwatch, if you like tracer, if stuff is cool, if bacon is tasty, leave a comment down below. If you have any questions about anything that I said in this video, don’t forget, I am on Patreon, and you can throw a dollar my way. If you want to financially support the channel, I never require it, and I will only ever ask for a social high-five and speaking of high-fives as always high-five, he’s Joel, telling in his printed 3d like some pokemons, a gun from destiny. And when you call him a nerd proudly, cuz He’s packing some heat from his Youtube family. He can review printers until he falls to the floor. Then he’ll give them away like Obrien. Oh, for there’s the Wamba balls by G Max XT, then a break Red Bull Ojos Taco Krispies pretty cozy in his hand for his dream. He sets up his Gopro and prints out up and a bang $7.00 to put in his head or a self-addressed envelope ur sticker. Instead, there’s a nerd rock, some boxes, and you say, and he’ll open your mail every single Friday. And, of course, you can’t forget that and get and filaments on Ackley’s. It looks at holidays. We go like little Caribbean. Right, Han Solo, cuz we, you support on patreon or subscribe and as always high five.

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