Total War Warhammer 3d Models | Ripping Models From Total War Warhammer 2 And 3d Printing Them

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Ripping Models From Total War Warhammer 2 And 3d Printing Them


So many of you has been asking me. How did I rip the files? From the total World war hammer to to print the miniatures, so first of all. Mmm, English is not my mother tongue, so Im. Sorry for the accent. I hope you can understand me. I guess you can so. You just need three programs. I’m going to leave the links below if I found them it. Not you can just Google. It lazy bastards, So the most important one. I think is ninja. Reaper, okay, this one. It’s super easy to configure. You just have to remember as you can see. My full computer is in Spanish because I’m Spanish. So you just have to run it like an admin. Okay, and here in scythe. You just have to choose the day address from them of the X. Okay, don’t don’t choose the the charcut. Choose the Dex. Okay, also, you just have to choose also the directory where you want to to output them. The models you’re going to rip, okay, here in the settings here enforced. Do you have to choose one? T from the keyboard that is not assigned to any other feature inside of the game. Okay, because this param’s it works with any game that runs under direct, so it doesn’t need to be -. The Warworld hammered. You can read the models from other games, okay, And even from google chrome. If you know how to do it, you can read models from from sketchpad. I just going to give you the tip that Google Chrome runs under the X 9 Okay here. So in that case, total world Warhammer Franz under dear X 11 so we’re going to choose the relevant and this run so once the games the game is running in that case. I’m going to choose personalize battle so I can choose the units. I want to – rape. Yeah, in this case. I have to choose a Lord. I’m going to choose Peppa Mundi! Yes, because he’s fun and the ones I want to rip. Indeed, K. In that case in this case, are the guards from the temple. Yeah, so I don’t. I don’t want to choose any other features from the battle because I don’t give a and is not going to start even the battle. I just going to read them all. Yeah, so here we have the battle and here we have. Pepe Mundi. Mover of means I’m going to put a little bit away. This that are the one. I want! Those are the ones I want to read. I’m just going to get closer, not so much and and I’m going to press f7 okay, It can take longer in slower computers. Okay, but mine is powerful. As so, it’s super super fast. It will freeze for a moment, and now it’s done. Okay, now we’re. I think if everything has gone well. We have ripped like the whole skin. Okay, so we can close the game and now here in output directory. I did another another proof before, so it should be this one, so I can delete this one. Get the out! Yeah, so this one is the folder where all the 3d models from the steam got ripped, okay. I think if everything goes fine. Everything should be here. Yeah, so now we need to use. We can close this. We need to use no aces with this program. We can open the the files from Ninja Reaper that we rip the foreign ninja Ripper and here is the folder the whole folder from them that I trip before from this thing with it before so now. We have to kind of now here inside of this folder. We have two different kind of files. Okay, they one, that’s that are our. IP flip and the one that our DVS. Okay, VBS. I think that those are the textures and those are the matches from the models. Okay, so the fastest way is to organize them by size. We need the biggest normal. The biggest files are going to be the the models. Probably this one that is so so big is going to be a mountain, let’s see. I know those wanna add this. One is one of the armor’s. Okay, so if we have the armor it, that’s because it probably went right. Okay, so this is another kind of farmer because we have like different kind of farmers for every model and one of those should be the body. Yeah, so we have one body here so as you can see here. We have a number. This is the number of the measu. If it says 199 and we can see one nine. Sorry, one two three is the other the other. The other kind of body. Let’s say the other model of body because we have like different models of every lizard and this one that is 91 It’s the armor, probably. I will go to the the output directory, and I will delete everything from. Let’s say 81 to 80 and everything from. Let’s say 116 advanced. Okay, so we will keep like this and all the textures because we don’t need them, so it will make it much much much easier to to for blender to process all the files together and it will make it will make also easier for us to take away all the parts. Let’s say from the model that we don’t need. So at this program notice this is basically just to explore the files, so we can find the bodies and them and the cheats. We want to! We want to afraid. Yeah, so we can close here and we can go back to the ninja flipper out, put file. I’m from here, I’m going to delete everything until 80 just for safety. I think that model of the lizard starts from 90 something probably, but I just I prefer just to delete some stuff when we are back inside of blender than the let him by mistake something yeah, so. I a lot of stuff so it would be much much easier to for blender to load the whole the whole thing, so we can close here and we can go back to lender. So once we are in blender, we can for blender. You need the plugin, okay. I will try to find it and put the links below, but if not at Second Sight before you can just Google, it lazy bastards here. It’s just applied in for blender to understand this trip extension files. Okay, so in that case. I just have to choose the Ninja Reaper, output folder and the folder of this thin here you have to check, It says, out fact, this one is in English important. I’ll follow okay, so it will import entire folder. Now you have to wait a little bit for the program to load the models, normally it takes. I have seen tutorials. You take, like 50 minutes or so. My computer is powerful as fact, so it takes seconds. Okay, so now we have here as you can see. This looks like, because we have like all the models of different bodies. All the model from different heads, all the models together like one on top of the other one on top of the other one, so we are going to start letting some stuff. For example, we don’t need two different heads for this example. I don’t like this armor. Yeah, if you are going to make like a uni for for using it for the war games like I’m going to do, you probably want to keep them all to to, so you didn’t have, like five or ten units with the same pose and the same body and the same, but like this is just an example. I’m going to delete everything ever name, so I don’t need this one. I don’t need this one. I don’t need this one. I don’t need this one this one I need. I do need this one. So Allah now here. This is the body we have like two or three different bodies. I just need to keep one as you can see. You can mix them and choose like different bodies and different heads, so you have, like a ton of different options to like, customize your your units, so I don’t need neither all of these bodies. I just need one, so I’m going to delete all of this. Yeah, as you can see, we have a model like this. It has like any kind of m textures or shadows or nothing. We just need to select it, okay. You need to be in object mode. Okay, what’s doing it from all the time and here? If you choose shade flat, it would go like a more understandable 3d model. Okay, as you can see now. This is low poly. It looks like finite, final fantasy, 7 or something and so we can click here in the eyes and remove the armor. Yes, so we keep like that. Organical, let’s say yeah. Organical parts from the from them. This, yeah, so you just have to choose to select the whole body with any kind of farmers or stuff on it. I will do it first. You have to do it for in like, separate first on the head as you can see now. The head, which looks much much much softer and better. And now that is the same for the body, so we did the subdivision for the body, and now we can add all the armor back again. Even even I will do it even on the on the not on the whole armor, but on that, it has on the head because it looks much organic, so it will looks it would look fine, yeah? It looks perfect much better like this, so we have. We have now our model. It comes from scratch and as you can see. It has like kind of a tee pose, so the next step we have to do is to export it as FBX. So in that case, I will put it in my 3d printing stuff I will put, I will name it Reddit tutorial, and I will save it Now. You have to go to Google Chrome and here in Google Chrome. You have to find this. This website is called. Mix sama and here in mix, Amo? This is a completely free service. OK, you don’t need to pay or nothing. You just have to register, ok? You just have to do an account so here once we are here in mix. Amo, we just have to upload that character, and I export it in Fbx because it works. Better OK with this, so I have here ready Tutorial. I will upload it to mix Amo. Normally, it takes longer, but my internet is also fast as hell so once it’s uploaded. You just have to put it facing to you. Also, this webpage. I think it only works with buttons. OK, for example, as this one has a tail, We’re not gonna we’re gonna be able to tool. Oh, that’s a skeleton or friggin with a tail on it! OK, mmm, so you have to find your way. Yeah, but for the rest of the body, then we can drag it here and it’s super easy and super fast. We just have to move all these circles to the chain. I guess this is the chain of this and this one to the wrist elbows, Nice, his little balls, and yes, you have to click on next and it will take a couple of minutes to for the program to like, make the skeleton so as you can see. This is moving, Of course, it’s kind of broken. Let’s say okay, because it, even if even though it’s it’s a pipe, it is, of course, this is not like the shape of a real lumen Human here. So now we just have to de. Lawd it here. Make sure you choose like the renal poles. Because if you choose the pose, it would be fully broke and it will be completely broken. Yeah, here we can download the new. Fbx this one. Has the Regen. It already winged? Even if you can see it, you can see it here. It’s downloading Papa, Papa Revi’t tutorial FBX. So we can go back to to blender. We can delete this as well from here and we can import FBX. The model with the skeleton and here is okay here. We have this now with the skeleton on it. Yeah, so one simple trick to see Are the skeleton is -. You have to, like, select the whole model. Hold this, see the leather seat. The key on the keyboard. And you will like, have this menu here. Yeah, if you choose where frame it will go like transparent and now here in object mode, you have to change it to post mode. Okay, and here in that with the rotate tool you can change. You can change the pose of this. Yeah, so for example. I want to change this one because I want this leg back, and I want this leg like to the side and like these, so it’s like, like running, and I want, for example, his head to be back, and I want this hand to it like this, so so we can put him to that like a deep man mean, and once we have it posed, we can make it solid again, so we have like kind of dancing Davin research, and when once you’re happy with your pose, you just have to export it in STL format, so you can take it to your favorite 3d printing software. Your favorite slicer In that case, my favorite is I. I think it’s this one. My favorite. Is Qi the box, so I will open it with Cheeto box and as you can see, it’s small, but this is just as you can imagine. You just have to make it bigger, So for example, 1000 or 1500 times bigger. Okay, so here you have your model so even. I did this one like, really fast, and it has like halls and and it, but this is because I I just scale it. But if I save it like this, and I reopen it. Where is it here as you can see them? The model is not so bad, Okay, It’s kind of rockin that because they move it without putting any kind of care on it, but the thing is you take that like the like the idea as you can see the one. I print before. It looks nice, so I guess if you did like with given one instead of zero, it will looks nice, so I hope. Do you like it? I hope you can try it. And if you know any ways to improve this or make it easier or make it smoother or improve this process in general, Just let me know, so we can like, make kind of a community and make it better for everyone. Thank you and bye, wife.

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