Things To 3d Print And Sell | How I Made $18k 3d Printing On Etsy – 4 Tips To Get Started

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How I Made $18k 3d Printing On Etsy - 4 Tips To Get Started


Let’s go down, you guys. I’m Uncle Jesse. I normally make videos around 3d printing, reviewing 3d printers or making replica props using 3d printing and today. I wanted to do something a little bit different and tell you guys about how I have made over eighteen thousand dollars selling 3d printed items over on it [Music]. This is actually a video. I’ve been wanting to make for quite some time now and probably more than now than ever. Is this really relevant a lot of you? That are watching, probably already own a 3d printer, or you’re considering getting a 3d printer and one component of this is potentially using that 3d printer or a set of 3d printers to make additional income by selling 3d prints online. What’s crazy to me is that this was all done without a whole lot of effort behind it. And what’s even more impressive is that there are people doing this. As a full-time job, there are definitely people online, making a lot more. And I mean a lot more than what I’m talking about here. This is just really supplemental for me. This helps me afford buying additional 3d printers or other parts or other tech items or just sending my family on vacation or buying. Christmas presents like I did last year. Thanks to sales through Etsy. But this is something that I’m hoping that you’ll be able to get started with yourself hearing from my experience doing this and seeing success in 3d printing and selling prints over on Etsy, I started selling 3d printed parts on Etsy. About two years ago, this all started when I made a video. Based on a post that I saw a pixel logic over on Reddit. He had designed these 3d printable steering wheel attachments for your Xbox One and Playstation 4 controllers. Well, his post on Reddit absolutely blew up the video that I made on this generated well over a million views very quickly and there were a lot and I mean, a lot of requests for people asking to have one printed for themselves that they could actually buy, so I reached out to the Creator Pixologic, and asked if I could start selling his files over on Etsy. So at that point, I started creating listings over on Etsy and started selling the actual printed files, and that’s more or less how I’ve done things up until now it’s really straightforward, and, yes, I know not everyone is gonna have a video that goes viral, which helps promote the product that they’re looking to sell, however, the there are a ton and I mean, a ton of other people that are selling 3d printed things on Etsy that don’t have that and are selling well beyond what I’m making. There are people that are making what I have in my span of. Let’s say a year and a half here on Etsy. They’re making that in a month or two months. It’s insane you’re stuck at home. We’ve got a 3d printer. Why not make something 3d print it and start selling it on? Etsy and try and make some extra income. So obviously there are other things that go into this and how? I’ve seen success and what I want to do is just mention a few things here that can help get. You started on the process of actually posting and selling things on Etsy. By the way, if you’re enjoying this video, make sure to LIKE and subscribe and let me know in the comments if you are actually enjoying this because that feedback really helps me know, because this really is not the type of content that I typically make. However, again, I could probably make a dozen or so of these videos with just tips or tricks or other suggestions on how you can actually get into selling with 3d printing or selling files collaborating with different creators. All those sort of things let me know, OK? So obviously, the first thing that you’re going to need in all of this is a 3d printer, So I’m assuming if you’re watching this, you already have a printer or if not, you’re considering getting an FTM or a resin 3d printer, there are hundreds of different machines out there that can help you along the way what I would recommend is finding a machine that is easy to work with that. You think provides good print results? Obviously you don’t want to be selling something that you yourself would not want to receive if you bought it from someone It was 3d printed and it’s falling apart, or it has bobs and bubbles, and it’s, you know, all sorts of defects in the actual print. You want something that’s really clean and fine that you’d be proud to receive yourself that you’d be selling to someone else. So it’s a really important factor in this, also in terms of FDM versus resin versus PLA versus pet G, There’s a lot of different things to consider with all of this, so just keep that in mind when looking into this that, depending on what you’re looking to sell, it’s gonna dictate. Maybe what kind of machine you’re gonna be wanting to work with this Second. One here is probably one of the most important steps and that’s research. You really need to spend some time. Maybe it’s not even that much time. It’s researching and finding trends of what’s really popular or what you think is going to become popular. Maybe there’s an upcoming TV show or a movie, or there’s a thing going on in the world that requires X Y & Z. That is starting to happen that you can now start to work your way into basically what you’re trying to do is find an area That already doesn’t have a lot of already 3d printing items related to this so perfect example would be an Iron Man helmet. Yeah, if you go on Etsy right now. There’s probably a hundred different listings for Iron Man helmets, whether they’re 3d printed or it’s a 3d printing file. It might not be the best bet for you to do that sort of thing. One of the reasons why. I believe I was so successful with this. And this 3d printed steering wheel is because I was one of if not the first one to have a lifting up on Etsy. So when people started searching for 3d printed steering wheel, my listing would come up in the Google search results Or when they’re searching on Etsy, it would come up. It really helped the process now. If you look, there’s probably. I don’t know a half dozen. I haven’t looked in forever, but I’ve been doing it for such a long time that now it’s like if you wanted to start making 3d printed steering wheels for yourself. Go right ahead. But I you be competing against me where I already have. I don’t know how many reviews that I have of my 3d printed steering wheels versus. You’re just starting with none, so you’re better off starting with something that really isn’t that prevalent on Etsy, something that you can really take advantage of and become the market leader in that area. The third thing I want to discuss with you is where to get in your files. So ideally, you’re gonna design them yourself. There are a ton and I mean, a ton of different free resources as well as paid tools for you to go out and 3d design your files, if things like fusion 360 you have. Tinkercad those are both free options that are readily available that you can access. There are tons of tutorials online and on Youtube to learn them. They’re pretty quick and easy to get up and running with there are paid software for things like Zbrush, which I’m trying to learn myself so I can start making my own files and selling those, but you also have things like your iPad. If you have a tablet, there are design tools on those as well that you can potentially start. Taking advantage of the other option is obviously finding files that already exist that someone else has created that you can download and start 3d printing and selling for yourself. Please, please do not be an and just download someone’s file without asking their permission if you can go off and sell something that they’ve run off and created and that you try to make a profit off of that is not cool is really not cool, so please do not do that out of anything that I say here. Do not be in it, steal someone’s files and try to sell them as your own. All that said there is a plethora of places that you can find designers that are readily making files. You can contact them directly and ask for their permission if they’re interested in it, what I ended up doing with pixel logic is, I said, hey, I’m going to give you a cut of the sales that I make, and that’s how we worked things out, so that’s how I was able to sell those. And then he actually helped promote that by listing the actual Etsy listing on his Thingiverse file. So anytime anybody searched for it and found those 3d print files. Maybe they didn’t have a 3d printer. He was able to link to my Etsy page, which is nice of him to do so again. Don’t be anything! Just ask for permission. Regardless, if it’s they’ve already listed it as free of charge or, you know, go right ahead and sell it. Please still reach out to the and ask permission. They’ll appreciate it, especially if you’re coming back and offering some sort of compensation for their upfront work or better yet learn a design software and design something for yourself that you can actually sell that way. You don’t have to deal with any of this stuff. That’s exactly what? I’m looking to do and the last thing I want to mention it. Kind of falls under the last two categories of research And where you’re gonna obtain the files is if you’ve landed on a project that you want to sell. How difficult is it going to be for you to actually produce that print? How long is it going to take you to actually print the file? How long is it gonna take you to clean up the file? Are you actually having to sand and remove supports? Are you having to paint this? Are you finishing it? Is it a like a replica prop like something you’d see behind me? Are you painting it, obviously? If you’re doing any of these things, you’re gonna want to consider that in to your listing price and how much it’s taking up your time and effort to actually make this and sell it to someone that’s half the reason why I went and did this over trying to sell Ironman helmets, which would take me days to print and weeks to actually sand and finish, whereas I can print these in about one every hour and a half to two hours, and then it’s maybe five to ten minutes of cleanup and packaging and then sending it out the door again. An eighteen thousand is all relative for some people that might not be a lot of money at all compared to what they’re selling on Etsy or on other platforms for other people. This would be an amazing side gig. There were something that they could strive to to become a full time job. There are for sure people out there that are doing this as a full-time job. If you’re on any of the Facebook groups, you’ll see occasionally, someone post a picture of some of your prints that they go out, and they have a print farm running, and they’re definitely printing orders of some kind for listings somewhere and more likely It’s on Etsy. If you’re interested again in more videos like this, let me down in the comments. Make sure to subscribe If you’re not already, I would love to hear your feedback on this. Because again I could go into more details on all this and other tips and tricks and suggestions not only on Etsy, but other platforms as well. I also wanted to mention that. I learned a lot about this along the way here Over on a Facebook group, I’ll have a link down below to the link to that, where it’s all about selling three printed files. So there’s lots of information there. Also Nico from you. Nico Industries is starting up a new site and a new Youtube channel all about basically dedicated to selling how to sell 3d printed things whether its files, it’s sort of along the lines of this video here, but he’s going to be going into a lot more details, so I’m links to his site as well down below, and I just don’t say, thanks so much for watching you guys. Hopefully you have enjoyed and again Consider subscribing if you haven’t already, and yeah, make sure it got there. Three prints, something and consider listing it over on the SES and again. Don’t be an a-hole. Please, please respect those amazing designers out there. Hey, thanks, ever watch you guys. I’ll see you next time. I know and look at that. I ended up getting two new orders while I was recording. This video noticed it for anybody here. I didn’t hear the end of this video. The Etsy apps are absolutely great, there’s. Two of them download them. Check them out, makes managing your listings super easy.

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