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Cr-10s Vs Tevo Tornado Showdown


I know that I said that I was only going to focus on one printer a month and that the CR 10 s was going to be my printer for April, But unbeknownst to you, I was actually working on the Tivo Tornado in the maker space at the same time where people could help me on it and we could put a lot of time and effort into the Tivo Tornado. So we get to compare these two printers head-to-head. Tivo Tornado versus CR 10 S. Is it worth the extra money for the CR 10 s? Let’s find out now [Music]. So here’s how this is going to work. I’m going to tell you a little bit about what I was doing with the CR 10 s then. I’ll tell you a little bit about what I was doing with the Tivo Tornado around the same time, and as I go back and forth, it’s possible I might find myself getting a little heated and if that happens. I’m just gonna take a little break show. You guys a clip from the video that I have created for the Low-poly Dino Kickstarter. And then I’m gonna put on a tie. I don’t normally wear a tie in the shed. But, you know, I actually find them. Call me in the shed. They get dirty and we don’t want dangling cloth when we’re using a 3d printing with more 3d printer with moving equipment, But I might need a tie or two to relax a little bit today. Let’s start comparing these two printers head-to-head so you guys saw me Unbox to see our 10s got it up and assembled and running and actually ran my first print that day a little. I called him a gargoyle abomination, but turns out he’s from a monster movie in China and they call him a white radish or a white turnip, and those are arms, not wings like. I thought they were okay. There we go so first print taken care of meanwhile. The Tivo Tornado went to the makerspace now. I want to back up just a second on the Tivo. I had already assembled the Tivo, mostly before taking it to the makerspace. And remember when I did that there was a print on the print bed now. If you got a 3d printer and there was a print on its print bed. What would you think? Would you think that this meant that that print had been done on this 3d printer and that meant that this 3d printer was good to go and ready? I did even though the print bed wasn’t on the printer, and that should have been a huge hint to me. I thought that that meant that. This printer was good to go and so well, we’ll find out what happens next first. I needed to slice a 3d model because there was no sample print on the SD card. In fact, the SD card on the Tivo Tornado is completely blank. There’s no software. There’s no manuals and there’s no test print on it whatsoever A bit odd, but alright, so I fire up Kira and I decide I need to make a Tivo Tornado profile, and I go online to find out what the settings are for the Tivo Tornado profile and the response from the community is. Oh, don’t do that. Just use the settings from the CR 10 Yes, the Tivo Tornado is so much mimicking the properties of the CR 10 that you don’t use your own slicer profile for it. You use it slicer profile for it. They might as well have just called this machine the Tivo Cr Tender [Music] you so where was I? Oh, yes, test print. So I fire up and print slice up this model. The Spiral tower, which I downloaded off of Colts 3d You can’t get this one Oops on Thingiverse and I like it because it’s got gentle overhangs. It doesn’t need any supports to print it. Prints just find the way bit it is and so. I sliced it up and started printing now, this one. I did not print on the TiVo. I printed this one on the Sierra 10 but later because right now I noticed this first print that I got from it. I barely got an inch off the build plate and I was seeing some nasty y-axi’s lighting on this thing. The y-axis was just slipping or like crazy now. I assumed at first that maybe the belt wasn’t tight, but as I searched online as I searched the community, It turns out that these machines shipped with the Y Axis Stepper driver under powering the motors so before. I could even get my first successful print out of this printer. I had to open up the electronics and turn a screw on the Y Axis Stepper to adjust the the resistance of that to send more power to the Y axis motor because it was underpowered out of the box. And this is what I learned First of all. I have to open the Electra. I have to do open electronic surgery on this thing before I could get a good print out of it. You know what that means that means that that print that was on the print bed wasn’t done on this printer. They did it on another printer. [APPLAUSE] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]. I will admit that the Tivo Tornado does do one thing that the CR 10 doesn’t my biggest complaint about the CR 10 is how the filament runs so close to the Z lead screw, and they actually fix this with a rather clever lever mechanism that you feed the filament through and so I’m thinking, yeah, that’s one good thing. I’ll keep up with this thing and see if I can find more things to compliment it on, so we finally get the the Y axis powered properly after several more failed prints. We make sure that we have to crank that thing up a lot more than we expected. We had to take the electronics apart many times, and then we tried to print this part entirely and we get this print to work, but it’s delaminating it’s falling apart. It’s like I couldn’t tell if the nozzle was getting clogged or if something else was wrong and the nozzle was definitely getting clogged and it looked to me. It seemed to me like the problem was at the build plate was too high and that it was scraping against the nozzle, causing backwashing nozzle and causing a jam and causing it to print funny and I removed the nozzles and cleaned them out, meanwhile. I should mention over here on the CR 10 I actually did print that one perfectly on the first try, and it was different filament, so I thought now maybe the filaments the problem. This one was done with the furling filament that you saw me review in the last video. I’m also printing these hammers for my mom. There are hammer dulcimer hammers and I’m using the CR 10 because it’s it’s tall enough to do it to print standing, upright, hammered elsewhere. It’s an instrument. I’m experimenting, I’m having a good time with this print printer. I’m getting prints off of it and I’m trying stuff new and whereas with the Tivo. Well, I’m trying to level this build plate and the knobs that they have on here are really painful to use. They’re very. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but I keep. I keep hurting my fingers trying to use them, and so I print off these knobs that I can put over there knobs to make them easier to turn, and while they do work first of all, I had to print these knobs on a different printer because this thing wasn’t printing and secondly, the the only ones that I could find for the Tivo Tornado are really Jaggi. They’ve got these really really sharp pointy edges, and I’m wondering. The people who use Tivo is just like pain [Music]. I apologize! I shouldn’t have said that I I it was out of line. I just got tired of hurting myself. One way only to go hurting myself another way, but I could have really easily fixed this. I could have smoothed off the edges or made my own gears or whatever. It’s my own fault for for using that piece. I I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said. Meanwhile, with the CR 10s at this point, I’m starting to play with pet G. I got some pet G from my friends at CC tree, and I will put a link to where you can check out their pet G. This is really my first time playing with pet. G believe it or not. I played with pet, but not pet G. And maybe in the comments, somebody can explain to me. Why people like pet? G so much, I cannot get this stuff to stop stringing every time I use it, I’m using it because it’s more food safe than other filaments, and I’ve got a project that needs to be in contact with food, So I’m using that roll inside, but I did print off at least one Supporter tile with it. So, hey, thank you very much -. Michael Gruel, Google for your support. And I’m going to put this on my patreon wall, and yeah, I’m really enjoying playing with the Cr ten, but I kind of hit my first snag the the glass bed, which I had coated with hairspray and done up just the way you’re supposed to with hairspray Boom video about doing that, which again safety first when you’re using hairspray, especially around 3d printers, But for some reason, it wasn’t sticking anymore, and I suspect it’s because it’s so dusty in here, so I’m gonna play with some other bill plate options to get it to stick on here, but I’m having successes even in my failures. I feel like I can. I can manage them. But with the Tivo, I am still at a loss as to what the problem is, so I finally get the bed leveled, and the prints still aren’t coming out, right. I even go as far as to change, yeah. I took off the original, a build plate that was on here and put on the spare. One that they sent me. They sent me a spare one. And I, you know, scratch this up in trying to get prints on it. You know, it’s funny, A guy at the makerspace. Isaac, You met him at the ad. Another one of my videos. He said that I should take this and hang this on the wall and I was like, oh, no, and I realized that this was like the flag, the red tape in front of a bull Put it this up on a wall and I was gonna be nothing. But Red Eyes [Music] you [Music] so I’m still troubleshooting the problem with the Tivo. I’m thinking I’ve replaced the build plate. I’ve replaced the nozzle. Maybe maybe it’s the feed mechanism, And that’s when I remember something. A little bag That’s been with this the whole time. The Tivo Titin Extruder Assembly. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. In fact, I asked some people at the makerspace I said. Does this look to you any different than the one that’s already on there and we all agreed and decided that no, it was exactly the same. There was no reason there was no reason to replace that one with this one unless there was unless Tivo knew that the that the feed mechanism that they had on this machine was somehow broken and instead of fixing it. And instead of telling me to fix it, they just took the parts, Bung them in the box and expected me to figure it out without a word of explanation or anything whatsoever. That is the last you to be fair. We’re not comparing apples to apples here. The the Tivo Tornado is significantly cheaper than the CR 10s It’s even cheaper than the regular CR. Ten by about 50 bucks. I think don’t get me wrong I. I might have that wrong, so check your prices in the description, And so if you decided to buy the Tivo because you just didn’t think that you could afford the extra money for the CR Ten then. And if I had paid money for the Tivo, I might be inclined to stick with it. I might try and and figure this out and actually get it working and I might actually succeed. I might figure out how to get this thing all working and I would probably find community in doing so. I would find a group of people who, like me had to put up with the problems and frustrations of an undocumented experience and I would. I would feel a kinship to these people, and then when I saw somebody else Online, who was bad-mouthing this machine that I had created and I’m maybe finally getting good prints out of and I saw them saying bad things about it. Well, there’s two things you can do in that case. You can either sit back. Get introspective and realized it. Yeah, you know what? I might have made a bad choice. I might have should have spent a couple more dollars and gotten a slightly better machine. That might actually work or you can attack the person who’s attacking that thing and your community by extension and tell them that they’re wrong and and make them suffer in any way that you possibly can because that’s easier than admitting that you might have made a mistake. I don’t know, I might do that if I were willing to stick with this, but I’m not willing to stick with this. I’m tired of this machine. I’m tired of the time that it wasted. I’m tired of Tivo, sending me a kit packaged as a complete 3d printer. This might be a good 3d printer in component it might have easier to upgrade components. That might have a better motherboard. I will never know, and other people might know, but the fact that they send it to you in an incomplete state and pretend like it’s the full deal and ready to go. And there’s not a word of documentation about what you have to do to get it up and running that to me is unacceptable. Yeah, the CR 10 It might not be able to upgrade so well in the future because its circuitry is a little bit more closed. Now that’s not so much true for the Cr 10s and I haven’t experimented with this, but my understanding is that the CR 10 s has a bootloader on it, which means that you can really easily upgrade its firmware. I haven’t done that, but I probably should the other thing that the CR 10s has over the CR 10 is well, three things. It’s got the bootloader. It’s got the filament out detection which I tested and have fun with and it worked and it’s got well. We weren’t quite sure how they did it, but it’s got print resume capability in other words, when the print fails or power turns off when the power comes back on, you can set it to keep going with the print, and we weren’t sure how they were doing that, and there was a big boycott to figure out how they did it and get their firmware from them and we got it and it turns out what they’re doing. We don’t want to do because what they’re doing is every time. The CR 10 s the firmware for the Ciera, 10s prints, one command of G code. It’s used as a but the file that they call bin and just kind of bookmarks where we are in the G code. Run G code right to the SD card. Run G code right to the SD card. Run G code right to the SD card. And if you know anything about SD cards, you already are cringing. If you don’t let me explain. SD cards are the most volatile of volatile media. They only have a lifetime of a certain number of Rights that you can do to them. You can read all day long. They’re fine reading, but right, they eventually run out of them when they do. They’re dead and you’re just gonna have to replace the SD card. So that is a feature that while now a part of the Marlin firmware is I believe by default turned off and it’s recommended that we update our firmware on our CR Tens and Cr 10s is to remove that feature Because it’s gonna ruin your SD card and it’s not worth being able to occasionally restore a print when the power goes out. Overall, though the CR 10s has the capability of doing that upgrade easier than a regular CR 10 because a regular CR 10 doesn’t have the bootloader so that’s. A question is to see our 10s worth the feature on the firmware that we probably shouldn’t be using the ability to update that firmware easier and filament run-out detection. I don’t know, and I’m gonna leave that choice. Entirely up to you personally. I think the filament run-out detection is worth the price of admission. It’s it’s worth the increased price to me simply because with a big 3d printer, you don’t want to run out of material partway through that print. You want to be able to to stop the print and add more filament If that ever happened when that happens because you got a big printer, and you’re gonna be doing big prints and that’s gonna happen, so I think it’s worth it, but I will leave that decision to you. I will have links for yes. I’ll have a link for gearbest, but you lately. I’ve also been doing Amazon leaks, and I hope that you guys appreciate that so that you can buy the CR 10 or the Cr 10s or if you want the Tivo Tornado. I’m not gonna tell you not to go with this machine, but I will tell you that I’m gonna strip this machine down for parts, and I’m gonna build an egg boss out of it because I am just done with this machine. It’s wasted too much of my time and Im. Sorry, I cannot endorse it, but I’m not gonna tell you to stay away from. Just wanted you to know my experience with CR 10 F. And the Tebow tornado there. You go hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Hope it amuse you a little bit as always if. I’ve got something else to say that I haven’t remembered to say that video. I will put it in the comment section in the pinned comment with a link to my blog where you can get more information about that. I’ve been writing on my blog recently because I’ve been so busy getting this Kickstarter for the Low-poly Dinos up and running that I just haven’t had time to record videos and so I have a couple of blog posts there, including a follow up review on the E Tech E 180 I finally opened that second one, and I tell you a little bit about that, But that said I want to. Thank you very much for sticking with me to this point. I want to thank my Patreon backers because you guys patreon and direct backers, you guys and your support is more necessary than ever, And if you’re just waiting for a way to do a one-time support the low-poly. Dino Kickstarter is coming soon, so I’ll have a link to where you can sign up for the mailing list on that in the description and as always safety first. I’ll see you next time. Do you want to know more about 3d printing? But don’t know where to start. Or did you buy a 3d printer? But you need some help getting it going. Don’t panic the beginner’s guide to the 3d printing galaxies here now for you, buy it on Amazon [Music] Well didn’t quite summon Typhoo Lu today, but boy, we came through.

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