Terminator Skull 3d Print | 36 Hour Terminator Skull 3d Print!!!

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36 Hour Terminator Skull 3d Print!!!


What’s up, guys, we are live. Where’s the camera right there? So we made it. We made it to a thousand subscribers. I think we have about a thousand and twelve right now. So I figured lets. Do our first live stream straight from my phone. Because now I’m able to do that once you reach a thousand, you can do that, and I wanted to make it something interesting, so I’ve been getting a lot of buzz around the whole 3d printing space. I’ve been doing a lot of 3d printing, live on Instagram and a lot of people seem to really like it. There are actually me to continue doing it, so that’s what. I’ve been doing so today. We’ve got a really interesting print here. Just move the camera we’ve got. I’ve been working on this thing well. The printer has been working on this thing for the last 36 hours, so we’ve been printing out for 36 hours and this is what we got. Got a t800 Terminator head from the movie Terminator Terminator 2 3 If you haven’t seen that movie, not sure what you’ve been doing with your life. But anyhow, this is, um, this is the t800 head model head and like. I said took 36 hours to print this thing. I’ve been heating up the bed here to make it easier to pull out. So we’re gonna head and do this thing right now. I’m gonna take it off the platform, so you guys can get an idea of what it takes to do this a little bit of skill involved and getting this thing off of here, but I’m pulling off all these little support structures and all that is definitely an art form. You don’t want to mess up the print specially one that took this long to print, so I did print it in the bronze. PLA material over here so far has been really cool material. I printed this. Uh, this bronze? Bitcoin right here, my first. Bitcoin I’ve mind, so I printed this in this material, and this came out Really, really nice. I haven’t tried buffing it or anything, but if you can can see there, there’s a bit of a sheen to it, which is pretty cool. I want to try buffing it to see how that comes out. You’re supposed to be able to, like, tarnish it buff it up and get a little bit of a shine to it, so I’m going to try that at a different time. Maybe I’ll do that live as well, but let’s try to take this thing off the platform and see what it looks like, so it’s coming up pretty easily along the sides. See if we can get it. I said a little bit of an art form. Want to be too rough with it? So you don’t want to break the wrong part of the 3d print, so I got this tool to kind of finagle around the bottom? This is the biggest 3d print. I’ve done and this might be close to the limit of this machine. I couldn’t get it to really print much bigger, height, wise and width wise. So this is the Monoprice 3d printer that are unboxing on it, not too long ago. You guys follow the channel. You can see that, uh, that unboxing. I’m probably doing a full review on it soon. This tape is going to break off. Not a big deal. Always put a new tape on there, so I think yep, so that’s it. This little tool is a godsend when it comes to this so BAM. There it is so you can see all the support support structure. That’s that it has to build to print this thing so that it won’t like, you know, Lean over anything like that When your 3d printing it. That’s a lot of support. I’ve pretty I’ve pretty quite a few things on this printer, and I haven’t seen this much support. There’s a lot of support for this thing right here. Let’s try to remove some of this material. It’s all over! It set a little nervous here because it took a long time to print this thing. I don’t want to remove the wrong stuff, okay. This is definitely support material here that anything. That kind of looks like it wouldn’t be long support material. That’s coming off pretty good so far. Looks like we got the side of the skull. Here we’ve got some teeth. There, while looks really good, we’ll matter everywhere. They’re making a mess here, guys making a mess. There’s the skull looking pretty cool, but I don’t fail here. Eyeballs, it’s one piece. Two pieces make sure. I don’t screw this up. All right, let me need. We need a different tool for this, lets. Keep taking it off, work around the bottom here. Whole lot of support structure here. All this stuff will have to come off. Clean it off! Stand it down a bit, probably. Alright, situate myself here. A little bit, lets. Get some of this stuff off of there. It’s a bit difficult to tell what’s support and what’s not support, it’s sort of a struggle. I’m having right now. See if we could use a tool here. Some of this out of there. Alright, I’m starting to see the structure on the inside here. Okay, so that’s the back of the back of the neck there on the skull, so it’s starting to look like a skull slowly, but surely it’s another support all supporting the inside here. This one’s going to be a bit tough to get two steps getting all over the place console over here. Okay, so we got so far, that’s. Lauren here. So yeah, like I said, it’s a bit of an art form, taking off some of this stuff because you want to make sure you get the want to make sure you’re taking just the support and not the actual print itself and up in this here, Okay, we’re starting to get a nose like we got a nose. That’s pretty cool some of that stuff. I got a cheek! See some of that detail in there is pretty crazy. GH, 5 is definitely working out. I’ll probably do a full review on that here soon. I just been busy 3d printing stuff all damn day. I think I screwed up on this part here. Yeah, looks like I messed up this part here. That stinks! Oh, well moving on. This came right off. I’ll just buff all this out and still look cool. Okay, let’s get some of this material in here. Sometimes it’s better to print these things and the pieces. So you don’t have this issue smooth down that a little bit there. We go see this broke off here. Ready sometime to take that off. It won’t be perfect, but a nothing in life is perfect and it still looks pretty badass. You ask me a lot of extra material in here trying to get some of this extra stuff out of there. It’s looking pretty good, lets. Try to get the eyes now. Ah, there goes an eyeball. We’ve got an eyeball won’t. Be the most exciting video, guys, but I don’t think Livestreams are all that jam-packed with excitement. It’s more about the moment. I’m trying to clean this up here while talking to you guys, not the easiest thing in the world, but there we go, we’ve got an eyeball. Oh, it looks friggin sick! Look at that, that’s pretty dope, right, Let’s see we can get the other eyeball two eyeballs. Now, two eyeballs. That’s pretty dope right there. Okay, so we got. The nose nose is looking pretty good sides here. Let’s take care of some of this here. All right, a lot of that out of there. Okay, looks pretty good that most of it cleaned up. That’s pretty good for now. Clean this eyeball a little bit. Yeah, it looks pretty cool. Check that out! Man, t800 head now! I thought it was gonna say t800 down here. I know like a platform, so maybe I’ll just 3d print that separately, but you can see to get this. We had to go through all of that so quite a bit of, uh, quite a bit of work to get it to here, but that’s pretty awesome, right there. Pretty big size to see if it’s fits in my hand. Really well then. I really like Sheen that I left on it. That finish looks pretty nice, lets. See there, so ya know what you guys think in the comments. This thing’s pretty awesome. I’ve been finding more and more 3d print outs that look as awesome as this. I’m gonna be doing this quite a bit, but, uh, yeah, if you guys liked the content, go ahead and subscribe. And I’ll see you guys in the next live stream.

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