Substance Painter Vs Substance Designer | Difference Between Substance Designer And Painter

Andrea Cantelli

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Difference Between Substance Designer And Painter


Hello. I’m Alec on telly. And in this video, I want to talk about the difference between substance designer and substance painter. They’re both very famous, software’s useful material. Auto Link and we have become the standard in the 3d industry. Now they may seem very similar, but in reality, there are a lot of difference and we serve different purposes in this video. I want to talk about this. So let’s start with substance. Designer designer is a software to create materials. You can create any kind of materials that you want from the from a basic material from the most advanced one, it is completely proceed procedural. That means that you can always go back in any point of your graph, what you want because it is not based but means that to create materials, you place nodes and every node is a function, for example, you have the node for create a paranoid. You have the node to create blur, you have a very different types of nodes and you are not limited to Matilda’s creation. You can also make Terran’s ornaments and, basically anything that can be displaced using grayscale map or an art map. It is a very technical software and to use it properly. Without any problem, you should have a deep knowledge of the nodes that compose the software you can read about them in the documentation, but you should also have. It will also know the. PBR theory and designer is basically best software to create materials. You can’t apply materials or texture to your meshes in designer. You can only create them now. Substance painter on the other hand is a software to apply paint and tweet materials and textures. To your meshes, you can use the materials which you made in substance designer, but you can also create solid. You can also use your own text tools. You can also paint normal and like details on your meshes, for example, instead of sculpting hard surface details in ZBrush or rock detail or maybe an ornament. You can simply use painter for this and this allows you to eliminate the baking process. You don’t need a high poly mesh anymore because you simply paint with details like tacks. You can paint hide details or normal details. Whatever you want, you can also bake maps like ID, maps or normal, etc. It is more artists free and living designer, because for two reason, it is a layer based like Photoshop, so its way easier to use and also the interface and with tools are in general easier and easier to understand, I said before that painter is mostly a software to apply and paint textures, but you can also create what we call smart materials. Smart materials are combination of materials that you made in designer, for example, say, wait, you made two materials, rock material and Moss material. You want the moss on top of a rock, all procedurally, So you don’t want to paint anything you can do that? With smart materials, you combine the rock and the moss. You tweak some parameters and you are done. Smart materials can also be composed of materials that you made from zero in substance painter, but they are very, very simple, and we are mostly surfaces with imperfection. You can create like a metal surface with some scratches or some rust on top of it. Simple materials, not very advanced. We need some TV art theory in paint as well, but in general, it’s very, it’s very easy to use painter and volatile is is it’s easier than designer. Okay, so to summarize everything I have made basic graph here with all. The major differences, but basically designer is a software create materials You can create or tell you want. You can also create arranged ornaments and anything that can be displaced and painter is software to apply the materials and other and paint order details to your meshes. Okay, so this that’s all. If you liked this video, leave a like, subscribe to stay up to date with the videos that will come and I’ll see you in the next one [Music] to the fire. But it’s no use. Cuz you can’t stop it from shining through. That’s true, baby.

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