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Star Wars Legion - Modular Walkways / Platforms - Free 3d Printable Files


Hello, and welcome to tabletop oddity and today. I’m going to be showing you something. I’ve been working on that for absolutely ages, but I am excited to reveal it. It’s basically my 3d printed modular walkways that a suitable for Star Wars Legion, possibly other Wall games, but I made them for Star Wars Legion. The files are gonna be available for free. I’ve been working on it forever now. I might do a non 3d printed version of quite walkways and stuff like that, but this is something. I’ve been working on now, Probably like for two months, so I thought, you know, let’s get it up. Basically revealed everything’s like modular. That’s you’re gonna have to do some work a little bit of filler, and if you’ve got a printer, that’s a scrap his mind a little bit of gluing, and you know, it’s not just a print, and it doesn’t kind of thing. That’s just the nature of it and a lot of thought has gone into it, and I’m not necessarily going to go through everything and this is a tutorial. I’m not gonna show you how to do everything. I think most of it will be self-explanatory. And but I’m gonna show you like err. The 3d files, first and foremost, then. I’ll show you little configurations that I’ve printed so far and then we call that it. I might do like a tutorial series, but for now and that’s not what we’re doing, We’re doing this. So this is sort of like what you could print and these are. I haven’t just showed you the individual files because they won’t make any sense on their own. So I thought what we’ve been doing the show and you like an example of what you could do. I haven’t actually printed enough to make this right now and but you can see. I’d say I have already recorded. This once and the audio was crap, so I’ve had to do it again. Book and everything, this sort of based over in this platform and these holes the there’s very specific reasons for this. Everything is designed to it’ll fit on a small printer apart from the long walkway, but there is a short version of the walkway. Everything mind, I will fit me and a small printer. Everything won’t use what they call supports or anything like that. Everything’s pretty like 2d in that sense, It’s all quite flat with a little bit of detail on the top so that my printer gives me the nicest surface on the top, so I tried to make it so that there’s always like a nice surface showing doesn’t always work, but for most of the time it does, and, yeah, it all uses these platforms with these holes. So this is something you could make an. I’ll show you what I mean when I say uses these holes, so let’s have a look at these doors, for example, and we might just highlight them all And let’s say I lift it up. You can see it. There’s a little like clip in there. You would click it into that boom done. It’s the same for these those holes, and this covers them because it’s got a barrier at the bottom. I got on the supports the barriers and it just slots in like, so dumb, and that’s the same for all of the barriers. It’s the same for the walkways. The walkways you just put in a couple of pieces. Go it together and boom! They’re just quite bit like so, and yeah, then, obviously one of the key. Things here are the supports know the dimensions are. It’s about eight centimeters tall, but about 10 centimeters, like, widen the platforms 10 centimeters. That way that makes sense. And now these come you print these in like three parts and I would recommend going some of them together and not some of them together. So like some, you would glue like this and just the two here, and then maybe you would use them when you were going up all over like that. And because it’s the same barrier, it’s not like different barriers. It’s just the same. Just lift it up and you can see here. This is what it looks like if you split them out. And then you put them together. Basically, what that looks like. If say, we just lifted this up and you can see how it’s got this one at the top. It has two at the bottom, so then it will fit nicely like so, and, yeah, then you can end up with a piece that maybe look something like that, and that’s going up a level. Hopefully this is making sense. I don’t necessarily know if it is, and you’ll have to sort of see in action in a moment. The ladders are designed in a way that you can stack them. These are actually two different pieces, and that does leave a little bit of a gap at the. Bob and I couldn’t really think of a way around that. So that’s the way we’ve ended up there and that’s printed in an easy way, so there’s no overhangs when it’s printing and as for the barriers. Yeah, so what we’ve got is we’ve got these long ones when it’s a long piece like this. We’ve got these short ones when you’ve got something like a ladder or a whatever a walkway in it, and then you’ll see over here. We’ve got these little pieces here, which when you go up a level, they just nicely fit in the gaps, so there’s three different kinds of barriers, they all have a purpose and yeah, and then you’ve got obviously support to you and you platforms. Now we’ll be doing other platforms and that kind of thing and there’s in it. I’ve already got immediate expansions planned. However, I’m also releasing this piece, which should allow you to put in two pieces like this. Now you will be able to do that just with the barriers, and but without this piece, it will look like that, which I don’t necessarily think is a problem, but for those of you who do then we’ll be able to release in that piece, which will just fin. Now it should in theory. Hold itself in place, but if it doesn’t. I am possibly consider in making these barriers. Have something that, like latches on to it so you can keep them in place. That’s probably not gonna be in the initial release. So bear with me. I will be doing this in like different phases, and I wanted to get this released for Star Wars Legion. It’s out in a couple of weeks. Things take a while to print. I’ve been working on it for, like, two months. So, yeah, now, these things over here. These are, let’s say you want it to have one base all glued together well. You might want to use one of these, and because it will basically provide additional support. And that’s actually what? I’ve done on one of mine. I’ve glued like one platform together because the theory is is that I probably always have one platform just on its own, and then I’ll probably link it up to something else like either a two or two like that. So I boo just one all together and called that there basically well. I mean, hopefully that makes sense. I’m going to, I’m gonna set up now. I’m gonna use the my little camcorder here and I’m gonna show it you and in the flesh. No, it’s a little bit awkward, cuz. I’ve printed it on white PLA, but it doesn’t, so it doesn’t really come out on camera very well, but let’s show you lets. See what you think so here? We have a very simple design. It’s just one platform on top of a another, but it does let me show you off like a you know? Imperial assault stormtrooper. You can imagine him on the steps it will fit, and as long as you’ve got like a little bit of something you can actually slide into, and you can see what. I was talking about with the ladders. These ladders are easily stackable, so you can have one on top of the other. You’ve got your ladder. See your stirs here and you can see at the bottom here. I’ve already glued in, and I’ve got this little support, which makes it a lot steadier. If you just leave them like not good, it’s still like fairly steady, but it’s just not quite as steady as having everything good together. I personally, I’m going to print some stuff. Glue it together and try and keep it semi modular, rather than one hundreds of module because it would be a bit of a pain, assembling everything together and obviously all the stores and stuff. I like you gotta go in together anyway, but there you have it. And what else is there on this one? I’ve showed you the bomb and we’ve got the little pieces at the side. Here the lie is horrendous for this, but let’s see if I can put a bit of grain. Just do get a bit of shadow, and you know, we’ve got the long pieces on top because it’s not nothing in the corners, but on the middle piece here you can see, obviously we’ve got these like shorter areas, which is the shorter barriers here, and there’s one at the back, which you can probably see. You don’t really need them, and when you’ve got a ladder or you stirs in place. But this is just once helped two platforms, all the barriers you need stirs and two ladders, and you know, you could have some computer consoles or something. I think that would look pretty damn sweet if you ask me, so what? I’ll do is I’ll do a different cell and using maybe one of these, and I’ll come back in a second, so I thought I’d just quickly show you a time-lapse of me saying. I hope it’s not it doesn’t. Take too long, it’s pretty easy. So I mean there you have it. This is just a very simple configuration, but you could imagine that we could have it like we had on the 3d display. You could have another platform above it and that kind of thing. I’m missing a few of these smaller pieces. I would normally put another smaller corner here here and here, and but that’s pretty much fine. The design you can print as many and do whatever the hell you like with. Everything should just slot in very easily. Everything should be intuitive. I’ve got more expansions planning coming in the future, and you could imagine that this instead of having like a walkway. Maybe you could have that there, and then you’d have that platform, though. Instead, that’s all fine. All all should make sense. Everything should print easily. Nothing should be overly complicated and it’s designed that a star was yes. Fat and fat fashion. You can see that. Maybe this design is inspired by star was not not necessarily directly from it or anything, but just inspired by basically, and I I think this will look good on almost any table and it’s free, which is great and very easy to print. I’m really happy with it. I can’t, I am very happy with the way It’s turned out that this one That’s all glued together pretty stable one, especially you have the stirs the one that’s not good together can be a not one bleep, but perhaps not a stable that one just the wobbly one because it doesn’t have enough of the pieces, but I think that’s why I say I would glue these two together. Then I would glue the base together and what I would use for the top ones would be just some that was specifically designed to go on top, and because otherwise I think it’s just not as possibly sturdy as it should be cause. It should be as it could be was. If you goo everything together. It’s it’s pretty dumb. It’s pretty damn sturdy and I was tempted to use magnets, but then you’d have to buy magnets. You’d have to make holes for the magnets and all that kind of stuff, this little quick pin system. I’m happy with it. Let me know your thoughts. I’ll go back to full screen now. I saw a few like this video’s been all over the place. It’s been quite difficult to actually across what this is how it should be used and all that kind of stuff. And if you are going to use it, then do let me know if you have any problems with it. I’ve not had any problems with it, cuz. I might we find it as I’ve gone, but you might have different printer tolerances, and that kind of thing the files will be available for you to change. And if you have if you know somebody with the 3d printers problem playing this game, you don’t. Send them this video. That would be great, like, subscribe all that kind of good stuff. I’m really happy with it. It took me a long time, and if you want to support me, then Patreon is a great place as ever, and I’m fine. I’ll be doing part two by anyway, because I’m doing it for myself, but, you know, hopefully people like it as well and that would give me a bit of a boost to like crack on and actually do it, and it took me a while to get to this point. And, oh, my, you might be looking to be like it, so it’s very simple. J. Well, if you think it’s very simple to design something like this, I would really. I mean, I’m not even being sarcastic. I actually really would like you to do it, so I could just print it myself like it’s taught me a while to get to this point. And yeah, let me know everything you know your thoughts. I mind do a non 3d printed version of this, just a little bit tricky for a variety of reasons and materials and how you gonna support and all that kind of stuff, but we’ll get to that point when we get to that point. And if you need to see tutorials, do let me know, but I think everything will be fairly explanatory and fairly it’s part of treat fairly obvious and you won’t really need much help or guidance, but it’s something I might make like a private video, so many needs to see how something works this is. I feel like this has been very awkward video, but and yeah, like subscribe. Have a most beautiful day and good. Bye bye, guys.

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