Star Wars Armada 3d Print | Community Highlight – Imperial Phoenix Hobby Works – Star Wars Armada Explained (swae)


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Community Highlight - Imperial Phoenix Hobby Works - Star Wars Armada Explained (swae)


Everyone, Karnak Star Wars. I want to explain today. I’m doing something a little different. I’m gonna be doing a review of a website of someone who does some 3d printing so the 3d printing. If you know his name on the forums, its Treys Nida. He does some painting and some 3d printing and he has put up a page. It’s called Imperial. Phoenix Hobby works now. The product said he has on hand. I think are really good, considering the what he has available as you can see there. We’ve got a picture here of some assault frigate. Marquand, some dreadknot’s stormtrooper transports. He’s got an escort carrier. Look at the detail on that. I think that looks really good, and these are all. He’s not just finding random designs and then just printing them like what some people potentially do. He’s actually actively going out and finding those that own these models, and he’s getting official permission to be able to produce those for them, so a little bit different than something like shapeways or some other sites where potentially, you know, do they actually have all the authorization to make or print any of these who knows, but he has quite a lot of different models available, which, like, for example, check out the this is self. Forget, mark one. So he’s got a comparison here. He’s got a larger version and a smaller version. I don’t know how much Canadian is compared to American, or maybe some others, but if you look at the different sizes, you’ll see. There’s a smaller one for 35 Canadian and a larger one for 50 Canadian. I think the larger one looks way way better gives all that more detail and things you can get on there. He also has just little squadrons. If you want to spruce up. He’s got a sunfish class. Corvette, I don’t remember where that’s from. It Looks like that goes on a small base. He’s got the the Phantom attack shuttle, and I did order some products from from him. I’m showing just a second. He’s got stormtrooper transports again that escort carrier. I don’t quite remember when action for transport is, but again dreadnaughts. And he’s got a DP 20 gunship! Check that out! Check out the picture on that. I just looked so good, so I went ahead and ordered. I went ahead and got myself a little a little faint. I’m not sure how well you’ll be able to see. You know if I can get the little model up there. But that’s the Phantom. You know, really, it’s really sturdy. The wings are not like thin and like you feel like they’re gonna break or anything like that. It’s even got the little turret. You probably can’t see what’s. Get a little turd on there for the fan tube. And this is what? I’m gonna be using for my cane in jars Whenever I put Kanan Jarrus out on the field. And that way, it’s it feels more like caning rather than just, you know, another hawk looking thing also, um? I got three of the stormtrooper transports. I’m gonna show two of them. I got three of them. I got the stormtrooper chairs because I love like x-wing and TIE fighter and the little tube transports going around shooting a little ion guns and I’m like, maam. What would be the most beneficial model for that to replace on on the table? Oh, God, lets because my gauntlets can’t hit anything either. So so might as well have them be stormtroopers, so that’s? My thought just again. The detail on these is just it’s so good, like it’s hard to like, show that, like just through this, but if you go to the picture. I mean, gosh, you just see these things and you can tell. A lot of love and a lot of work goes into them. And, yeah, it’s just. I’m super excited to get these painted and to get looking really good and I couldn’t resist a DP 20 for 20 bucks. So you might be thinking well. How big actually is it well? I mean, here’s the model. I mean, it’s about the size of a CR 90 um, and he’s consistently in even improving on this. The version I have is not the same version he’s selling now. It might still just say DP 20 gunship. But he’s consistently always refining the models to try to make sure he’s putting out the best quality product that he can because the model I have when he did the print and he thought the print that he had for. The little turrets on here was really good and it is good. I’m not complaining at all. I love this! The overall model absolutely totally satisfied. Happy with you can see on there. It’s got the little turrets that stick out. Well, for whatever reason, the one. I got the the moulding. They’re a little fragile, and they do break off, and that’s totally for me. That’s totally fine because you can’t expect. You know, how fragile is it compared to a VSD antenna? I would say that they’re slightly more fragile than the VSD antenna, you know? I only have one VSD with an antenna left, but I’m not getting the model because I expect these little these little points of 3d printing to survive. That’s that’s an asinine expectation to keep, and he’s like I said he’s continually improving to try to make the structural integrity of these be more reinforced so that they’re not gonna break, but you can’t order this and expect that they’re not ever gonna break off just by even being careful with it. I’ve broken, you know, three or four of these things on accident. But the level of detail overall with the DP. XX is just it’s excellent. It’s really good like you look at this like man. If this was painted and sold by. Ffg like I I would be convinced, cuz. The model is just it’s just so good like I get Nothing else. Get the DP! XX. Yes, it’s ugly as sin. You know the DP xx? The ship itself is ugly Sim, but you know what it’s built to fight. It’s built to engage in attack. Some people would probably replace the like a hammerhead with it. Maybe or Cr ninety or four Imperials. You know, you could replace, like a Raider or arkad ins with this, and I have like an assault frigate that I had somebody make for me that I use for a small base as well and the or not assault. Forget a Navy lawn. Be to assault. Forget to clarify, so I like collecting these alternate model special something again. I’m just I’m excited to get this painting didn’t. Get this on the table, so that is. Imperial Hobby works and you might think. Oh, he doesn’t have a whole lot here to start with well again. He’s going through all the proper channels in negotiating deals contracts. He has more products that he has lined up. He’s just waiting for approval or sometimes he’ll even spend weeks on something to finalize a deal at the last minute it just it falls through and that’s normal business practices, but the fact that he’s offering, you know, ship models like this of such high quality. I mean, that you can’t compare the pricing. I mean, you go to something like Shapeways. Something like this, you’re you’re usually paying the same or way more, and the model is just not as good like. I said I the fam. The the Stormtrooper. I mean, all this is just a really high model. I know a lot of people. I want to get a dreadknot Heavy cruiser next. I gotta save up a little bit extra money. I want to dreadkno’t heavy cruiser. I might get an escort carrier, man. I just want all of it. Cuz like the assault frigate is just. Oh, it’s like the 50 bucks was just a little hard for me to get at that moment because I kind of wanted that other stuff, but man, I do want an assault frigate Mark 1 really bad because my model is just gorgeous, especially if I then get him if I pay him to paint it. Oh, anyway, I’m just trying to do more highlights on local artists. People that are that have things not only for. Armada it! Maybe for some other products as well, you know? I’m definitely open to to highlighting these kind of folks because you know, they’re doing something that’s awesome, and I want to try to get them more exposure for that. So this is Imperial Phoenix Hobby works Ill. Have the website link posted there for you? And if you feel like you’re interested in these products, get in touch with fun. Let me know. This is not a paid advertisement. I I’m doing this my own initiative. I did ask him like. Hey, is it okay if I do a video review of your site and he said, okay, but yeah, he’s just a fantastic guide. Reyes is a very hard worker, and yeah, I I just hopefully this helps. You guys out helps him out and we help out a community. So you guys are all great, you’re fantastic. I’ll have a video for tomorrow or maybe Wednesday for our monitor cards and keep working on that and Ill. Catch you all next time.

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