Star Lord Mask 3d Print | Guardians Of The Galaxy Star-lord Mask | How To 3d Print And Assemble

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Star-lord Mask | How To 3d Print And Assemble


Hey, guys, in today’s video. I’m gonna show you how you can 3d print and finish your own star-lord mask from guardians of the galaxy. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Non-stop Rain [Music] [Music] [Music] And here is the finished star-lord mask. I am extremely happy with how this came out. This took. I think about somewhere around 60 to 70 hours to print all of the pieces, a little excessive. I know I ended up reprinting a few things as well. All of these were printed on my CR 10 3 printer. Absolutely love that machine if you haven’t already seen. I put out a build video just a day or two ago, showing off some of the quality of the prints that I’m getting off of that machine. So if you haven’t seen that, I’ll have a link somewhere up in the corners here where you can check that out. I’m absolutely thrilled with the turnout of this. So did a lot of weathering a lot of post process finishing on this, too, in terms of just painting, Not a whole lot of sanding, apply some XTC 3d to this and basically spray painted and weathered this just to make it look like it’s a bit worn. I’m still working on how I want to assemble the back of the helmet, It more or less snaps into place, but it’s not going to stay in place, so I think I’m going to try and get some magnets and assemble them here. Maybe get some thin piece of metal to put on one side and use a magnet on the other to have them snap into place and maybe run some magnets all along the side of the helmet so again that they just sort of click into place more or less, but yeah. I mean, it’s a perfect fit for my head. It’s a little snug, so I might end up carving out the inside a little bit more of the helmet, but aside from that, it’s great. The eyes were created with this HD glass from form for Tara. This is, you know, it’s a really clear filament and it’s red, and it worked perfect. I can’t see through them right now. So I might try and find another alternative for that, but at the moment. I’m not really looking to wear this out anywhere. Maybe I’d wear this to a convention if I work out the rest of the props and details for the for the cosplay outfit, but it’s overall. I just love the look. It’s going to look great as a background piece on my wall of props. Here that is ever ever growing so here here. I’ve got it on a bit hard to hear me, but I’ve got the mask on again. I can’t really see through the eyes with the way that I’ve got them assembled right now, but it fits like it’s like a glove that that is just it’s really perfectly shaped to my head. I’ve got enough room where I can talk here and it’s nice and snug on my ears. I can almost not hold this, but it’s going to fall down a little bit one of the things. I do really enjoy about this mask over all the other masks that I made is that there’s no top to it, so it doesn’t screw up my hair. The important things, folks, the important things. A few things about the actual file that was provided by do 3d include some links down below. If you’re interested in picking on this file for yourself where you can contact them and purchase one for yourself to print. I printed this in multiple pieces. That wasn’t actually necessary. I could have printed this all in one. Let’s say the freight, the face piece and the back piece. All in one, go versus what I did Was. I printed the the whole helmet? The individual pipes here. Then the other pipes all separately just so. I would have an easier time painting them. At least I thought I would in hindsight. I kind of wish I printed everything all. In one piece. It would have just made the assembly process and we gluing of everything and in sanding and filing and making sure everything fits back into the proper spot much much easier. I also want to say a big. Thank you to my patreon members. If you’re interested in becoming a Patreon member and helping support this channel and videos like this, you’ll find a link down below, also be releasing a detailed video that goes over all of the steps that I took to actually finish this mass. So if you’re interested in seeing that in more detail, I’ll include a link at some point here. What that video is posted and before I run out of here to go See Guardians of Galaxy. – make sure you, like, subscribe all that good stuff, and if you’re interested in printing your own, check out the links down below for do 3d where you can pick up this file along with a ton of other files, if for all of your cosplay related needs, and if you’re interested in picking up a CR 10 I’ll have links down below as well. So, hey, thanks again for watching you guys, and I will see you next time. Bye now, good. Chaka got shocked. Oh, gotcha! Kaluga, Chaka are just gone deep inside me! I really shouldn’t be allowed to sing in my videos, but no one stopping me. I really gotta stop this.

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