Spiderman Face Shell 3d Print | How To 3d Print And Assemble A Spider-man No Way Home Faceshell And Lenses | Cosplay

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How To 3d Print And Assemble A Spider-man No Way Home Faceshell And Lenses | Cosplay


Hey, everyone, so today. I’m going to show you guys how I 3d printed and basically put together this face. Shell by Andre Blend now. This is a little bit different from the facials. I usually get. I might as well just show you what I usually get for face shelves before I used to get my face shells. Mostly the mcu face shells. I usually get them from t jack. This is my favorite t jack face shell. This is homecoming one. I got back in 2018 I think it was 2017. Now this face shell is vacuum formed, which means very flexible. It’s made out of plastic, that’s strong and you know, you can flex around and and the lens frames are molded and, uh, casted in resin and the other type of face. Shell that I’ve gotten, uh. This is actually the most recent one I’ve gotten. If you guys seen the video, this one is my Matthew de la cruz. Ultimate face shell. This one is 3d printed and then the lenses are printed on a what do you call it? A resin printer. That’s why they’re so smooth and stuff. Now, obviously they don’t have the actual lens. Um, in them, that’s because I I’m gonna replace them with something later on. But this is 3d printed, it’s not as flexible, but it is strong and durable, and then it fits perfectly on the face. And then we have the one I made that I 3d printed using Andre blends file. I’ll leave a link in the description to this specific file. I used now. This is version 2 facial and lens. Uh, files, of course, the lenses are magnetic, They’re actually 3d printed and then the jaw, and then the actual shell itself is separate kind of tell when I did that, and they’re bonded together using spandex so that the jaw can move kind of show. You guys right now? What that looks like so you can see. I can move my jaw up and down comfortably. [MUSIC] perfect! You know, I’m really glad. I decided to go ahead and 3d print my own facial instead of just buying another one. Now before I we actually go into how I actually made it. I’m gonna show you guys my progress. I made on trying to print this. So my first attempt at 3d printing. The face shell was just the top piece, the majority of the head. This was the first print I ever did, and I didn’t do anything I just. I didn’t scale it at all. I just printed it as it was, and I found it was way too small for my head doesn’t even fit so this was way too small. The next print I did was at. I scaled it up Five percent, so it was scaled to 105 percent and it actually came out pretty good. Uh, you can see the glue stains. There are where I first tried. The spandex? Uh, jaw thing. And it was good until I found that when after I glued down the spandex and stuff. Jesus, put it on and everything it would hurt my the top of my head. When I tried to move the jaw down, so then I found out, okay. This again is too small. I went back and scaled it up one more percent, so it was at 106 percent. And I also, um, went down one in quality and that’s where this led us. Uh, because I went down in quality of the print, the face shell, uh, just kind of ripped off the top part. When I was sanding it and you can obviously tell I, uh, tried using bigger magnets on here and it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, so luckily, only the top half broke, and that’s where we get to this one. This I went up in quality and, um, the jaw is still the same gel I printed to go along with this at the same quality. You know, it worked out great, and you know, this is a strong face. Shell, so now we’re gonna go ahead and go on to how I printed it. Uh, how I put it together and all of that, all right. Hey, everyone, so here. We are in ultimaker cura. This is the program I use to slice my files for 3d printing here. We have Andre blends face shell files. Here is the actual facial top half and then here. We have the jaw here. We have the right lens and then here. Oh, that was the left lens and here. We have the right lens, so I’m basically going to show you how I positioned my files and, um, how, uh, what thing I printed my Mac? I don’t really know that much about 3d printing. Uh, and if you have any more tips on 3d printing, go ahead and drop it down in the comments. I’m still really new to this. Uh, so any helpful tip helps, but for people who are new to printing face shells and whatnot. Uh, this is the video kind of thing for you. So the first thing I did. I was trying to print my face. Shells was. I scaled them to my head size now. Everyone’s head sizes are different. Andrei Blend mentions in the description of the files that if that if it’s a 22 and a half inch head, so the circumference of your head fits, uh, this is about 22 and a half inches. My head is 22 and a half inches, But at 100 it was still too small and too tight. So what I did was. I just scaled everything 106 so every file that you have you’re going to print out. You’re going to do it in 106 If you know, you have the same head size for me. But if it’s different, you’re just going to figure that out like I did. The next thing I did was because I don’t want too. Many supports I turned the actual face, Shell itself 180 degrees and printed it out like that. And since I didn’t want it to print out for so long, I didn’t print it out at super quality. I just printed it out in standard like I mentioned before. I tried printing it out at low quality, but it ended up breaking on me, so I just printed it at standard quality. Then you go ahead and click slice, and then there it tells me it’s going to take about a day and 20 hours, so about two days print this entire face shell out and you can hit preview and then it’s going to show you a little preview of what it’s going to look like. When it’s all printed out now on to the jaw, the jaw I did again was I quickly scaled it up 106 percent boom, and then to make sure there weren’t again too many supports. I just, uh, turned it so that the jaw is kind of laying flat on itself, so about there all these sides are kind of flat on the surface of your printing bed, and then I just hit slice. I also printed this at standard quality, everything under the mask. I printed it in standard quality because it’s gonna be under the mask anyways, and you can just sand it down. If you want it smoother and there, it’s gonna tell me it’s gonna take nine hours to do the left lens again. We’re gonna go ahead now. I’m just gonna review the, uh, one lens. I’m not gonna go through both because it’s the same process again 106 I didn’t do anything to like, rotate it. The only thing I did was change it from standard quality super quality, so I wouldn’t have to do much sanding because there is a lot of smaller details in this, so I just changed it to super quality didn’t. Change anything about the positioning? I just hit slice and there. We go it’s. Gonna it tells me it’s gonna take six hours so yeah, and then you just save it to your mini SD card. Plug it into your 3d printer and just start 3d printing everything. And now we get to how I put everything together. After sanding down the face shelf pieces and the lens frames. I duct taped the jaw piece to the face shelf to secure it as I’m gluing on the spandex. I cut a piece of spandex in the shape of a half circle, just a little bigger than the face shell since we’re going to be stretching it out to the inside of the face shell. I started by putting some super glue across the bridge of the nose. As a starting point, then after I placed the spandex on, I put glue under where the lenses would go after that’s glued down, I super glued the edges of the inside and stretch out the spandex to go inside after that’s all done. I just trimmed the spandex in the inside and around the lens holes now onto the lenses. I already painted the lens frames after sanding them using rust-oleum flat black for the lenses themselves. I just used the mesh That came with my Matthew de la cruz. Face shell and lenses, and I just glued them on. Then I went in with the magnets that I purchased on Amazon gluing them in the lenses in the face. Shell so here. I have the face shell on, uh, with my old PS4 Spiderman Mask! I don’t have a detachable. Uh, Mcu kind of mask style, So I just kind of went with this. And as you can see, it’s pretty perfect. I love the face shape. I love the lenses, and I love how it’s kind of flush with the mask, a little and I love. I can move my job and down comfortably. I don’t really have to worry about it. Squishing or anything. It’s just nice movement, so you can get close up of the jaw. Moving, it’s barely noticeable, but it adds a lot to the actual like face shell itself that you can kind of open your mouth wide and it also just makes the facial a little more fluid. It doesn’t look like it’s a actual shell. When you kind of open your mouth. It looks like you know, you’re just you’re moving your jaw. So if you haven’t already go ahead and follow Andre blown on Instagram. If you want this facial on lens, uh, file again, I’ll leave it in the description of the video. But yeah, this I think came out great, and I think it’s going to look great when it actually goes with the far from home mask. Uh, let me just take this off real quick. Now something I didn’t add. Um, in. When I was putting this together on camera was I added in padding from an old far from home face? Shell, uh, just so it’s a little more comfortable you can see there. I’ve mentioned it before in my other facial tutorial videos and another thing I would have liked to have done was spray on some plasti dip like I do my other face shells, so it just has a little more grip to it, but because half of it is Spandex now. I don’t want to ruin anything, so I’m just gonna leave it as it is even though, uh, you know, it’s gonna slip everywhere and turn out like this towards the end of the day and just some other updates for you guys on what’s happening with far from home. Suit, don’t worry, other parts are coming. I know I said I would show you guys how to transfer your pattern onto red, the red color spandex. But, you know, I have other things to do. I have school and I also have to finish up my last commission for my buddy. The Devil Cosplay’s. So after this part, I’m gonna be focusing more on that commission. Finish that up as, uh, as fast as I can. Because you know, he’s waiting on it. I wan, I’ve been waiting to see him. Put it on because it’s looking absolutely great so far and I have 3d printed something else for this. Uh, cosplay. It’s these little web shooters that I got. I know I showed you guys The file. I was using for these Web shooters, but luckily, the creator of those Web shooter files. Um, saw this video and then contacted me on Instagram, saying he has an updated file of these are a little more accurate, so I said, yeah, I’ll take those, and, yeah, that’s where I got these little updated Web shooters. They’re perfect in size. I didn’t have to adjust them at all. I just printed them out. It was and painted them so yeah. The web shooters are done. Go ahead and follow him on Instagram, too, because he, uh, yeah, he didn’t really have to do this, but he did anyways. Just I don’t know why, but yeah, give him a follow. That’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to like comment and subscribe. And I’ll see you guys in the next part. Hopefully soon, probably maybe not [Music] you?

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