Skylanders Imaginators 3d Printed Figures | How To 3d Print – Your Own Skylanders Imaginator Via The Creator App


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How To 3d Print - Your Own Skylanders Imaginator Via The Creator App


[MUSIC] [Music] we’ll welcome back! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls portal masters of all ages. This is Burr. Islander with portal power TV. And I am coming to you with a special episode of how to print 3d print your own imaginator. Several people have been asking me how to do this, even though I’ve explained it before, but I’m going to make a video exclusively dedicated for. How do you make a 3d printed Skylander? So first things first is you do have to download this app that you see up here. In the left hand corner upper left hand corner. And once you have that app downloaded you can, it’ll basically bring it to this point here, and if you’ve got an imaginary already made, you can just go right into your imagine a ters, or if you want to create a new one, you can create it there. You can also transfer an imaginator like all the videos that I put out for my Skylander’s rematch inator! If you receive the chirp from that, you can hit This transfer. Remain a derp. I said Remender. And then, basically, you hit receive right here, and then you’re going to see this little crystal, and it’s listening for that Chirp that I put out in my videos. Well, at this point. If that noise is being played, you’ll actually see this receive it. And then you’ll have the Ramanujan ATAR that I designed here in your Creator app and then it will appear here in the middle button. The imaginator button and you can see like down here in the middle, for example, when I did sigh here sigh that I transferred and you’ll be able to have that character. Now if you want to 3d print this guy or any one of the characters that you’ve created or any one of the other imaginator. I’ve done you just visit shop and as you’re visiting the shop, It’ll take you to a website and right here in the Creator, The Skylander’s store. Basically, you’re going to select what country you’re in. I’m here in the United States, and you’re going to go Click go to shop and it will take you to this page here, which will show you that you can order a imaginator card, an imaginator 3d printed figure or a t-shirt or you can order the game itself, so if we want to hit the 3d print, we tap on the 3d print and it should pull that up and it tells you that it’s $49.99 for it. And or you can use a redemption code. I did get a couple of those away, but you can select. How many of that you want? Most people are going to only choose one of each 3d print they do and hit. Add to Cart and so see if at the top, it says this item is temporarily sold out. Okay, you’re going to run into that a lot. There are only certain times that this will be available in your area and you’ll just have to keep checking back and at this point. When it lets you pass here, you’ll be able to put in your typical, You know, name, address, telephone number or email address credit card information and all that stuff and actually place the order and it will take about four to six weeks for this to receive your house and that’s pretty much it, so we go through and order everything. Now you can actually step back. One step here and you can order a card. Now see, here’s kind of let you know what it will be like. If you add the cards to your cart, just say the card has been added to your cart and then that blip here we can click on our cart and it’ll show you up the close to the card, and then you can see the subtotal and you can continue shopping or update the shopping cart. You can type in your birth date and checkout and again just proceed from here and here be ordering the cart or t-shirt or the 3d print, so that’s pretty much all there is so hopefully that was helpful and let’s fast-forward for a few weeks. Okay, so in about four to six weeks, you’re going to get a box that looks just like this, and it’ll say Shapeways on the side because that’s the company that Activision and Skylanders has doing the 3d print. So when you get the Box like this basically going to tear into it and it should have a whole lot of stuffing and stuff inside, so we’ll protect it and one of the first things you’ll notice is that well? Have them have an envelope like this and it’s got. Aeon on it and it’s got a little foil seal in the back with all of the different elements. I think it’s actually only got the original eight elements, so they didn’t update it with the the new ones so and inside of here there is, I’m going to just tear this one open because I’ve already actually got two of these and inside of here, There’s a letter from Eon, and it just says greetings for master. It is ie on. You may remember me from our many adventures together. I most certainly remember you. Your heroic deeds are well known throughout Sky lands. I am writing to congratulate you on your fine imagination. Imaginator creation. It is an honor to include your hero in my book of Skylanders to be enshrined forever in the library of our Skylanders Academy. You now you may now. Use this magical toy to bring your this imaginator to life on the portal’s power. I look forward to enlisting the aid of such a great champion and any other imagined ators. You bring to life or bring to the fight against chaos, your friend. Eon, Master Yan. So this letter is not personalized like when you get the trying to think of what the shirt or some like that. I think they personalize it and so forth such high anyway. So inside of here. Is this box? Take this other one way and then inside of this cool little box. Is your imagination, so if you want to see the box? I’ve actually already unboxed two of these in a previous video. If you missed that I’ve gotten I did, Sir. Whittington, I actually made surfeiting to the sky here and as well as my own creation. And here’s the back of this box and let’s see if I can get in here. This up too terribly much. I’m going to lift up all these flaps and inside here, yall ready for this? And there’s a little plastic bubble on top. That kind of keeps it in shape. Here is the 3d print that I ordered this time around. So that’s what he looks like they kind of pick a pose. I’m not sure what makes them choose the pose they pick, but this is the particular pose. They put him in. They made these wings like, really super tiny. I don’t know if you can kind of treat that I don’t know if that’s just so it’ll fit in the bubble or anything like that. But anyway, this is Sai from Skylander’s Academy. Yes, for everybody who’s going to comment down below that he was voiced by Dantdm in Skylander’s Academy, but he such already seems to be such an iconic skylander, not just because of the fact that Dantd’m made him or voiced him, but that he was in scholars academy. And, you know, I’ve already made him as an imaginator while back I just decided I wanted to go ahead and have a 3d print of him so you can take it out of this little bubble in here now, but this little plastic case they put them in. Is there to protect them because the 3d prints are made or printed in sandstone, so they are actually very, very fragile. If you drop them or played with them too much, they probably break, and so that’s the reason they’re in here. They not to be taken out, but this can be put directly on the portal and you can play as sign in the game and so that’s. What we’re going to go do now showing that? Let’s go take a look. Alright, so we’ve got our game, turned on and ready to go So here is putting our 3d printed psy on the portal for the first time. And there we go, so you notice that the elemental symbol did not come in beforehand. I’ve noticed that all now, all three of the 3d printed Skylanders or imagine Aters that I put on here. Don’t have that initial element where it shows you which element it is while it’s loading it. Just kind of pops in on three, and that’s pretty much it, but there is. Sai, I’ve actually played with him in when I had him in my crystal. So I actually still have him in the crystal. At this point, I actually have him. In two formats, he is in the crystal and now a 3d printed one, so I could theoretically, you know, clear the crystal or reset the crystal and reuse that crystal, which I will probably do now that I have this 3d printed one because that acts just like a an imaginator. Does I can go into creation Just like I want. Would you know any other like it was a crystal, so it’s pretty much it. So anyhow, that’s pretty much it. You can see sigh here. We’ll do a quick gameplay with it here. The surprise attack. But for anybody so everybody reads, they’ve been asking. How do you get a 3d printed skylander one? It typically takes fifty bucks. That’s the first thing and unless you get a free code. I’ve given away a couple. I might even have another code to give away here before too long other than acting. Either yourself or your parents can go online with the creator app here. And once you design the character that you want, but the big thing is is that you really have to decide which one you want to take the investment and turn into a 3d print. Got to be your favorite one because most people can’t afford to 3d print all of their imaginator. I know I certainly can’t so and those for those who don’t already know. Sigh of horses from Skylander’s Academy and was voiced by Dantd’m. As I said the beginning of the video, and that’s about it, so we’ve covered how to make it how to receive one. If you need to, you can create your own. So then when you go to store as long as it’s allowing you to, it’s not out of sauce, you can go ahead and put your order in and for six weeks later, you get this 3d printed. Skylander imaginator that you can actually put on the portal and play just like all of the others anyway. Guys, this is boiling or with portal power TV. I hope this was helpful. Take care see in the next video and God bless [Music] [Music] you?

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