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3d Print&paint: Samus Aran Ep:07


Episode 7 of Printin Pain. It’s been a while today. I’m going with say MERS from Metroid Prime the video game. I’m on my mini factory. The designer is c4 Th as always a really amazing guy, and this one has very good feature like the the suit of Similars, It’s kind of forming on top of our clothes with some kind of small square. You’re gonna see it later. It’s very nice and the transition should be really nice to paint as well. So I’m gonna print around 13 14 cm if I can try to get the max size on the printer and see how the principle. Okay, so we’re gonna try to have the best angle for tomorrow. I used all to support, and then I try to clean up what they put it on. I think most of the time to support are doing a good job that days way too much, especially the real small one in between a small part of the back when to bring this finish every since well pretty well. I had this song like a small piece of the song who was missing, that’s fine. I just took a little bit of resin and I put it. Put it on top and used. Oh, you do. UV light. And I resent the Sun. Everything is fine. I went ahead. I primed black and white on top. The color are gonna be pretty light. I think so White is the best primer, and I went ahead and I choose another base. There is one include wisdom model don’t. I figure why not try another one which is for fun. This one is kind of like a deck ship. Some kind of ship deck or something with, like mail or in tubes coming through, so I’m gonna go ahead and paint. Okay, so I’m gonna start with the base coat here. I’m not some kind of yellow and gold eesh, but I’m gonna go over later and use orange. I’m gonna apply T front coach to after the result that I want. I really realize on this figure that I was lacking paint lacking a lot of color, but when you really want something special, it’s very hard to get it when you mix here after the orange base coat and some like redefine. Now I went ahead and I put some gold had called an orange or yellow mixed together with a lot of water, and I went over to have some kind of metal feeling on top of the to arrange all the armors. You want it to go up this real decreto pop a bit more compared to the really matte color that you have and using Vallejo paints and they’re really mad when they dry after it. I’m going over the detail. The corner of the ammo, which is basic, I light. I’m gonna go back and forth. Some highlights redefining some shadow and like the seam in between llamo. I’m going back again, data here. I choose some kind of purple mixed with copper, the the metallic paint as well. So I’m gonna try to have all this transition from the gamma walking on top of the different color. I saw someone on my mini factory. What stops in color? And I really liked it when I saw it. I was like that’s perfect, so I went for almost the same yarn, brushing over with something a little bit lighter and a bit more purple, as well same for the highlighting and redefining the corner and I’m going twist and a little bit of white as well. Oh, the clothes to have great, bright pink to talk over. I think I could have make it pop a bit more going, slow and steady. I took a lot of time to go. One-by-one fix a mistake. [music] here! I’m doing this side like there’s a lot of small part metallic button on llamo. It gives some kind, of contrast. I think so I like to make it like this. Hey, I went over like Diamo. Have some kind of glowing parts like some green glowing parts. I did my best. I really didn’t spend too much time on it, but it was another time where I was wishing. I had some green like, really popping ring like fluorescents kind of type to have some kind of glow effect. I know, like if you good at myself, you can pour a make it happen, but the green that I have very bad, and he find the shadow on the gun and making it like a two-step kind of process doing one part of the shadow, very straight and reader no fade or anything, then highlight on top because I know I was gonna go over and try to change the color of the gun and do the same as the ammo, so basically coming over with some color, and then some wash with some metric things get closer to the color. I want and keep the camera. When is try am going over and doing some tiny? Alright, the suits of famous. Israelites, it’s not the toughest part, but their death curved and you. You really want what the religious uses possible results, so I didn’t spend much time as well, but I’ve tried to come back again And in in between some layers, try to smooth out the results, like, for example, you can see some parts here. Oh, it’s really straight and later on the result is better. I’ve put two one one time. Some wash over, which is not the best. But it’s really helping to blend everything together also. I went really light on the head. It’s a two on this part of the viewers How to see the shadow, but I’ve done some shadows. My time on the eyes, they are small, but then it’s not a mini. So it’s still okay you. You have some place to play around so after a couple of time on its result. I was happy with it. See on the base. I’m going with something very simple. Put some basic color. Wash trying to make it a bit more interesting. Some blue tops can stay. Jewish middle, so bit messy When you apply it, but wonder what the wash is gonna try. The result is way better here when it’s done. I go ahead. I put the model on top. Then we define some stuff and I decide white at some Corral, that’s it! I put the model on the base. The croc choice was very nice, like I mean, of course. I used the color from the game, but it was nice to try to figure out what kind of paint I had and what kind of mixing I could do to to have a nice right result. It’s not the best job like, always. I don’t have the patience to to spend hours to to refine everything, so I want to get it done and be happy with the end result. Give your clothes up at the end [Music] [Music] [Music]!

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