Samurai Jack 3d Model | Samurai Jack – 3d Printing And Animating Season 5 Samurai Jack

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Samurai Jack - 3d Printing And Animating Season 5 Samurai Jack


50 years have passed but i do not age, aku’s grasp chokes the past present and future, gotta get back, back to the past, samurai jack. Who is there? leave here now and live or stay and face your destiny. Our destiny is your death! very well! seven daughters to do your bidding master. They will succeed when so many others have failed. We will find favour in your glory… ah hah hah hah. Hey everybody so i’m trying something different this time around, and show my animation before the design process. I have to admit i got a little carried away with the animation this time, so i figured i better show it first, because uh, if i left it at the end of the video, and people accidently skipped over it, after i spent so much time over it, i’m pretty sure i would just blow my brains out. So if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re doing samurai jack this time around. The new season is out, its awesome, you should watch it. One of the big things about samurai jack is his sword. If you’re making samurai jack you need to have the sword. I started modeling it in Maya, which is great for hard surface modeling, super easy to get those nice sharp edges. And for jack which is a more organic character, I’d model him in zbrush. One thing i recommend before starting any big project. Is creating a reference sheet. Go to google images and grab as much material as possible. It doesn’t have to be images of the character himself, a lot of the time i’ll see another persons work and think “hey i really like how they made the beard on this guy” or “how they modeled his nose” and you can incorporate those different looks, into your own work. So i take the very best images i want to use, put them into a giant collage. And thats what a reference sheet is, then i leave this plastered on my second monitor, the entire time i’m working. As you can see, i like to start with a generic, human model, and modify that. When you’re making humans, its just easier to start with this base instead of making the basic shape, every single time. Moving onto jack himself, i’ll try to mention what zbrush tools i use throughout the process. One tricky issue when creating cartoons is translating that 2D style to a 3D figure. Samurai Jack in the show is very angular with sharp corners so to recreate that style, i use a lot of clay build up brush, to build up the shapes, then flatten it out with a trim dynamic brush, which really helps give it that angular look. Sculpting the hair seems like a lot of work, but once you get the workflow down, its pretty easy. You just use a lot of clay build up brush, and then flatten down the two sides to create a sharp angle, and then carve in some lines to simulate hair strands, by using the damn standard brush. now we create the texture file. Overall this paintjob is super basic, because jack is just a bunch of solid colors, i didn’t have to do much, although i like throwing on some darker colors in between the muscles, for a more subtle shading effect, to emphasize the contours, give it that little extra pop. And then we’re done! ready to print! Also I thought i didn’t need a baseplate this time round, and made a version without it, and obviously i was wrong. One last thing, is that i just want to say thanks to all my fans, I think i almost doubled in subscribers since my last video, and as a thank you i’d like to send a print to a random subscriber, so congrats to… Splinks! You can be the proud owner of this broken samurai jack, uh hold on a second lemme just glue it back on, oop there we go. Just message me with your info and if you want i guess i can send you a normal, non-broken samurai jack. That is if you don’t, like having cooool, one of a kind, broken figurines. Thanks for watching everybody, and as always, please leave me a comment, on what i should make next.

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