Robert Downey Jr 3d Model | Sculpting Realistic Tony Stark/iron Man Sculpture Timelapse – Avengers : Endgame

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Sculpting Realistic Tony Stark/iron Man Sculpture Timelapse - Avengers : Endgame


Hello, I am the number maker Yh Ha. Today She’s finally partnered with Tony. Stark, the most admired Avergers: Endgame Iron Man’s first release, was in 2008, And I had a great time watching it in the theater. It’s already 10 years now, and the time is fast to leave Tony Stark. I would appreciate it if you enjoyed :). It is a printing process. Today I mixed green pigment with transparent resin Imprinted in emerald color. Details look much better and overexposure appears to be reduced. The output must be treated under UV light to remove the viscosity. Cast with adjustable wax. The wax turns like water when melted in the oven. Pour it into the pan and take it out after an hour. Duplicate with resin for realistic coloring. Iron man that I made before I’m going to use the chest again (Click on the card above to see it again). The burning face is half strange and sad. Tony Stark is a witty and cheeky character with immense talent. But nobody can hate him. After 10 years of Infinity Saga, Tony Stark has become a staple character in Marvel. The last time Tony was sad, but I think it was a great match for his performance Completed. If you enjoyed it, I would appreciate it if you could comment like and subscribe :). Thanks for watching. See you in the next video :).

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