Rick And Morty Portal Gun 3d Print | Rick And Morty Portal Gun – 3d Printed, Assembled, Working?

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Rick And Morty Portal Gun - 3d Printed, Assembled, Working?


Hey, stroll the 3d printing nerd with Rick and Morty back for Season 3 I’m very, very excited because it’s such a wonderful show, but at the same time. I want to print something from the show Yesterday on Twitter. I saw that 3d central had a Rick Portal gun and I said hey, I need to print that. And Andrew from 3d Central’s. I do it and so so I did, but I wanted to do something different. I wanted to print it overnight all at once, and its four colors. I have more than four printers, lets. Just do it first. I had matter hackers Pro PLA Green on my Ultimaker 3 and I printed the top part of the gun that has the the green on it and then the front three parts to the gun. I thought it turned out really well. They were easy to get off the build plate and they looked fantastic and here. They are, and here’s. One here’s two. Here’s three. These will go in the front of the gun, and this sits at the top kind of like that next on my Ultimaker 2 plus also provided by matter hackers. I was running the Olsen. Ruby nozzle, Which meant I had the fiber force nylon carbon fiber material in there and I was able to print the dial, The little piece that connects the dial to the gun and the front part of the gun that holds these three pieces in it printed just fine. The pieces look great. They were easy enough to get off the build plate. And here’s how they look here’s. The knob itself. Here’s the front part that holds those three green pieces, and then this little connector here connects to the knob and the rest of the gun. Next up was my Purusha III mark 2 3d printer running my high five blue protopathic HT, PLA V 3 filament prints like a dream and I was just a simple thing. The original gun model said to print this in red. But I’m a fan of my blue and here’s my blue. This was easy to get off the build plate. I can’t see the individual layers in this. It was a quick super quick like 15 minute print, and it turned out great and this will go kind of in the back of the gun and finally on the Zort tracks m300 3d printer. I’m using the hips material to print the gun body and the gun handle Andrew. This is a family show. These were sliced into Z Suite software, and I use the default settings for 0.1 nine millimeter layers, and they came out great, a little tough to get things off the build plate of the sort tracks because it’s a perforated build plate and everything’s rafted. But the raft didn’t cause any issues and taking these off the build plate. This one will go here with these in front, and then this one goes in the back. Kind of like that, yeah? I’ll arrange it better. This is the model of Rick’s Portal gun. Thanks to 3d central again and we’re going to put it together. I’m going to use CA glue, super glue and some accelerant, But one of the things that I noticed about this model. This piece and this piece are completely flat, so as you join them. If the glue dries quick, you’re going to end off with a piece a little off kilter. So I have a solution for that. Here’s the glue and the accelerant for this. I’m going to use a piece of wood as a guide, so what I should be able to do is attach it just like that, and then this will ensure that on this axis it is flush and then here it is flushed because it’s resting on the table and then we’ll have ourselves a portal gun. Let’s do it, in fact, let’s get it out of the way and let’s do this one first. Let’s see on one side. We put the glue and then on the other side, we’re going to spray some of the accelerant a little bit a long way. Let me do something like that. Hold it for a couple seconds, and then we should be good there. We go what we can do is add just a little bit of glue. In this seam. The hip’s material did flex a little bit and it’s causing the decides to bow a little bit and not make complete contact with the rest of the model, and I think it’s just a problem with hips in general, but I think for now we’ve got ourselves a decent starting of a good model next. We’ll work on the front and what we’ll do is use some glues to make these three stick in here, so I will do a little right there right there. We don’t have to spray the accelerant because I think they’re going to hold in just fine, and there’s three the reason that it’s a little tough to push. Those in is because the bottom layer is slightly squished on the build plate, which produces a slightly pronounced edge around the whole thing, and if that edge is larger than the tolerance of the piece, you’re going to have a tough time pushing it in. Luckily, it’s just a single layer and we can actually use that to our advantage because now these pieces are locked in, and they are not coming out glue or not next. Let’s put this piece right in here and again with with the single layer, the first layer being squished a bit outwards. You’re going to find that the piece isn’t the easiest thing to get in, but we will use that to our advantage. We go now in the portal. Gun, what’s next? We have this piece. This is supposed to be the screen again. It called for red. I printed it in blue because why not it won’t come out easily because the model is made, so the sides flare out a little bit. So what I can do is just add some glue to the sides. There we go that will dry up, and that won’t go anywhere. We do have this piece here. This is the green part that goes right on top. It is hollow, so the only glue we need is around the edges and what we can do is spray some accelerant here to make sure that sticks just fine. Expect some accelerant one two, three, four five and it should be stuck. Yep, that’s not going anywhere last, but not least is the knob and the way that they designed it. Is this little piece ensures that the knob can connect up and still spin. So you put it in there and then the knob itself goes like that. And there you have it, look at that. We now have ourselves a Rick portal gun. It actually looks pretty good. The colors are great. I do like my addition of the blue, and this spins just fine. It holds in really well. Andrew, you and everybody. Its Reedy Central did a great job on this model and it’s great, because now I have a prop to hold while I’m watching season, three of Rick and Morty, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and ring that bell. If you want to see other cool projects like this, Rick and Morty portal gun or any of the other builds, I’m going to be doing a big, thanks to everybody that supports me via Patreon via Youtube red or for everybody that watches my videos and just lets the ads play. Finally don’t forget to hug each other more because I love you guys as always high-five level of it of job.

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