Reasons To Buy A 3d Printer | 5 Reasons To Buy A 3d Printer, Even If You’re Not A 3d Designer

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5 Reasons To Buy A 3d Printer, Even If You're Not A 3d Designer


Hey, everybody, it’s the 3d printing professor, and I got to make a public apology, so a little while back. I made a video about ten cold, hard truths about 3d printers, and I listed some of the things that beyond the height were the realities of 3d printing that has gone on to be one of my most popular videos with a runaway success that I couldn’t have expected, however, one of those points I’ve been questioned on taken to task with, and here’s another truth That’s kind of hard to swallow for people if you’re not ready and willing to edit files if you’re not willing to do some degree of designing 3d prints and 3d models, you probably shouldn’t own a 3d printer. [MUSIC] Yeah, a lot of people have heard that and said come on seriously. You don’t have to be a designer to own a 3d printer. I’m not a designer this that and the other thing, and so I’ve had to sit back and really look at it now. At the time, I was echoing a sentiment that wasn’t entirely my own, but it made a lot of sense to people who use 3d printers to make their own design it. It seems that it feels like that’s the right way to do it. However, that’s a wrong way of thinking, and and I have to apologize and my way to apologize. Is this here’s five reasons. Why if you’re not a designer, you should still own a 3d printer right now. Number one 3d printers are more affordable than ever. I mean, there is the mana price select. Mini comes preassembled. If you’ve got a heated build plate, it’s a little bit small, but at only around $200 and with a user interface, that’s super easy to use its all–its to the point. Where you probably shouldn’t you want a kit? You can get it even cheaper than that. If you’re willing to build the printer yourself, it’ll take a little bit of your time, but it’s a good time. It’s a fun project and you will have a 3d printer at the end of it. And these self-assemble 3d prayers are really good one’s number two. There’s more things to print. Then you could ever hope to print. Thingiverse has over 2 million things listed on it, but people will point out that not everything on Thingiverse is printable. Well, that’s true. But Yeji, a search engine for 3d printable object has index over a million things and almost everything on there is 3d printable. Alright, some of them are repeat. Well, how about this if you go to? Thingiverse and go to the category for just household things useful household things. There are over 45,000 things in that category alone. Now you might again say they’re not all printable. Even if only half of those were printable, you’re never going to get through them, and that doesn’t even count them, and that aren’t even categorized. The number one category on Thingiverse is uncatted Erised. Somebody forgot to put a category on it. So chances are what you’re looking for has already been made search for it on yayyy and print it out. You don’t need to be a designer to have something worth printing something useful or even something fun next, and this may be a little bit self-serving, but if more people have 3d printers, but don’t want to design for them. Well, that just increases the demand for the people who can create design. So there’s another good reason why you should have one. If you’re not a designer, you know, number four. You might learn something. Having a 3d printer is oftentimes a big learning experience. If nothing else you’ll learn that, not all of the designs that are out, there are 3d printable, and you’ll learn what is and isn’t and you’ll get really good at figuring out. What designs are 3d printable? But maybe in assembling a 3d printer or taking it apart and fixing it, you might become interested in electronics. Maybe you’ll just become a Tinkerer and become brave enough to take apart things that break it home and start fixing them. Heck, you might even learn to design for 3d printing. Who knows and number five. Its 3d printing is really cool now. I know technically that this is a repeat of the tenth point in my previous video, but I think that it’s such a big point. Then it bears repeating. I’m going to leave you with one last cold, hard truth about 3d printer. Ownership 3d printers are freaking cool. Look at this thing. I design a file in the computer in virtual space. Throw it at this thing and it comes out real, and I can hold it in my hand. Holy smokes were living in the future people. This is amazing! Why wouldn’t you want this? You know, and you know, and if I make something that’s like super-high details. It would take a person like doing it by hand hours to do, and it took me hours to do in the computer to get all that detail, and I run one of them off, and it turns out great. I run a second one off, and it’s me. No effort to do that. Third or fifth. A hundred of them so cool. I understand the height. Man, I get it. I really do there. You go an official redaction from the 3d printer. You know what I was wrong? You don’t have to be a designer to take full advantage of a 3d printer. If you’re not a designer, get one use one have fun with a 3d printer and just go find cool things effect. If you’re on the fence about it, and you’re not sure do a search on. Yankee, look around you and think, hmm? I’ll bet you that could be 3d printed and then type the words into Yeji and see if the designs are already out there for you to 3d print. You might be surprised at what you find and it might just convince you that you need to get yourself a 3d printer. So there you go an official apology from the professor. I’m sorry, you’re right. You don’t have to be a designer to have a 3d printer. In fact, if you’re not a designer, you should still get into 3d printing is great. It’s fun and I hope that you’ll you’ll join us on the journey of 3d printing and really enjoy it as always. I thank you very much for watching. We’ve always got more discussion about 3d printing going on, and there’s more information on my blog about this information. If you want, so go ahead and check that out, but as always safety first and I’ll see you next [Music].

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