Raspberry Pi 3 Vs Orange Pi | Raspberry Pi 2 Vs Orange Pi 2 Vs Bpi-m2


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Raspberry Pi 2 Vs Orange Pi 2 Vs Bpi-m2


As you can see here, my food basket With all the different single board computers consisting of raspberry banana and orange pies, is slowly overflowing on top of this collection, rise the free flagships or most powerful. Spcs of each kind. The raspberry pi -, the banana pie, mark – and the orange pie weights damage. Get your packaging, right, The Orange Pie -. And in this video, I will do the ultimate comparison and determine the winner for this battle of processing power. Let’s get started first of the board quality itself, while the previous Orange Pie had some problems with that, the New Orange – and the other two boards look very nice and clean. There are, of course, the usual connectors like HDMI, a four or even five USB ports. If you want to count USB on-the-go, audio and A/B outputs for the Gpio Pin’s, Camera Connector and LCD connector, which the new Orange Pi 2 does not offer anymore. It’s a shame, and even though my li’s maker, Five inch LCD has the same pin configuration as the LCD connector of the banana to the driver does not support it. I guess they do not offer referred party support and want to promote their own products. Lastly, we have the power input as a microUSB port for the raspberry and this DC. Jack, for the other two, we could also use the USB on-the-go port for the power inputs, but they’re not all USB ports work because the ICS are not powered properly. There also exists a power button for the banana and orange, which is connected to a power management. IC, which also allows the banana to be powered by lithium-ion, all of your polymer batteries and yes, it can charge them as well. Those two outsiders also throw in some neat extras like an infrared receiver, a small microphone and Wi-Fi, which works flawlessly with Raspbian anti Android OS out of the box. The heart of the boards is that system-on-a-chip, which uses a CPU with a clock speed of four times 900 megahertz, one gigahertz and 1.6 Gigahertz. So the Orange PI2 should offer the most processing power right in order to test this a bit further. I firstly set up my professional test equipment installed raspbian on all the micro. SD cards of the boards installed the suspension once the operation system was booted. The CPU benchmark creates a defined constant load for one two three or the four cores. I wrote down the total time. It took each CPU to complete the task and created a bar graph with the results since lower is better. It seems like the h3 of the Orange PI/2 dominated the fields, but the a31 S. Of the banana is the winner will four core load moving on to the RAM, while the raspberry uses one gigabyte of LP DDR2, the other to use one gigabyte of DDR3, which is clearly noticeable with the faster write and read speeds they offer to compare the GPU capabilities installed androids and use the n2 to benchmark to find out that the banana has a slight advantage against the orange. The Broadcom for GPU of the raspberry on the other hand didn’t need such a life test. There are plenty of sources which claim that it is the weakest, and if you want to use such boards as servers, then a banana would be the obvious choice because it uses a Gigabit Ethernet port while the r2 don’t have one to prove this, I used winscp to copy a 92 megabyte file from my PC to the boards, and the results turned out just as expected. I also tried to play back 4k footage, which the Orange two had no problems with, but the banana started quite a bit if we break down the hardware aspects, then I can say that the Orange offers the best for price of only 30 US dollars! The banana hardware is still great for price of $50 and the raspberry is just an OK for the price of 42 dollars, but it is not all about the hardware. The Raspberry offers a great Linux based software, which I think is great for electronics projects, especially because of the wiring. Pi Library. After installing it, I can use the GPIO s of the board in a similar way like a we know the banana developers ported this library quite well and it functions without any problems, but the orange actually just pretends to have it installed while no commands work at all. They just stole the software from the. Lim, make up an Anna Pi team and they did not a decent job of hiding it. All in all, the Orange Raspbian is very glitchy and the Android image they offer comes in Chinese and without a Play Store. In conclusion, they should probably hire more than one guy to develop the software on the other hand. The banana developer did a decent job with the software offer and the raspberry is the clear winner in this category. Lastly, let’s compare the community. I think everybody who’s interested in. Such boards knows that there’s a huge community around Raspberry Pi. With plenty of information about how to get started, tutorials, projects and many more, the orange and banana community is obviously not that huge, but there has been a lot of gain Since the last time I had a closer look at it half a year ago. So, of course, the raspberry wins this category with ease while the other two are just OK. These were my opinions. What board you would like to get? Basically depends on what you want to do with it. You can find all the links to the boards in the description below, and if use those you support my channel, which would be awesome, don’t forget to. Like share and subscribe. Check out my patreon campaign. Stay creative, and I will see you next time.

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