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Qidi Tech X-one 2 3d Printer Review


All right, hey, welcome! I’m a table as you may already know. And today I’m going to be unboxing and reviewing. I think it’s called PD. Technology is the name of it. It’s on the box here. Good luck with the best guest is what’s how that’s actually pronounced. So the actual names listing is freaking insane, in fact. I’ll just read the entire name of Amazon. It’s the Kitty technology new generation 3d printer x12 metal frame structure platform heating that sounds less like a the name of a product and more like just like a part number, But anyway, so the first thing, the reason why? I don’t already have this thing on. The box is the fact that the packaging was absolutely insane. I really want to take the a minute to look at this and say, hey, the packaging for this is nuts, So it came in one box like this box came inside of another box. It had like three rolls of tape across the top and bottom and then like three more on the sides less than like two of those plastic straps on the top and bottom and then two more on the side and then after open that box, this box was inside with a bunch more packing material like these. Uh, you know, right-angle cardboard braces. And then some more plastic more. Those plastic straps that. Are you know, kind of a pain to get through? So if you’re going to open this, you absolutely must have a box cutter of some kind because, wow, oh, also, the box says team lift, and I think it’s only like 50 pounds. So without further ado, though, we’ll open up this box. I haven’t really taken a good look at yet or anything. So now it’s not boxing. Alright, so off the top, here we’ve got. Actually, you seem like they include a decent amount stuff here, so it says that you get a random color filament. This one was Orange, so fluorescent orange cool. They give you one cake 1 kilogram roll of it, which yes, no, but I’m not like a 3d printing expert, so we’ll see how this works out. Oh, I don’t know how quickly I’ll go through it. They gave you a manual, and a little thing is thank you and with special paper for a build plate level, so they give you some build point leveling instructions there too, which is nice, Then there’s this thing which will figure that out. I don’t know what this is does seem to open, so maybe. It’s, um, maybe it’s to hold something platforms, okay, It also seems to come with a looks like a USB and an SD card in the back, so I’ve never actually seen one of these before, so it’s just a little device here that one side’s USB the other looks like SD card, so you’ll be able to plug in this to the printer. I’m guessing to transfer over your design so that it knows what to print this does not have. Wireless like a lot of other squares these days that are coming out. You know, whatever, and you know, a nice, nice cable. Here’s a typical three generic three prong power cable, a tool which I’m sure they will call a bang so he was police up on Amazon, theyll. Call them a 3d print removal tool. It’s it’s it’s a it’s. It’s just a scraper, that’s all it is. It’s just a metal scraper like a trowel. Almost it’s not even anything special to pick this up at any store. They’re not expensive, but it’s nice that they included one so now. I have another one of these laying around. What else we’ve got here so I got? Two looks like handles so these will probably attached somewhere on the body of the prayer to add animals. This looks like a extruder tip or yeah. It looks like an extruder tip, and maybe some type of cleaning tool supposed to get you hear, so make sure tip and probably like a filament guide, something like that. I think that’s probably what that is in there. So yeah, got that included, and you know, more little tools, so it looks like. I got a little list of tools here, So looks like a couple Allen keys, A little flathead, a little, you know, combination wrench, some screws and some fuses and even more of those little filament guide type of things. I think so, alright, actually, pretty decent amount of packing is in there so, uh. I mean, you could definitely do worse for more money, all right, and now we get to the actual printer itself. So so they say team lifts on this. I don’t think it’s super heavy, but I would say it’s probably somewhere the neighborhood of like, if you do. You know if you do the old bat metric type of measurements in pounds. I would say way is probably about lets. See, yeah, so we’re. X 30 to 40 pounds. So like that, I don’t know there’s probably a spec out of that sticker page to tell you how much it weighs. It looks like they did a pretty good job packing this. They got a lot of zip ties in here and a lot of little stuff like. I guess I guess looks like a filament holder of some kind, just kind of stuffed in there, but yeah, looks like they did a pretty decent job. Oh, you know this is this? This is probably this is the spool holder. He figured it out. Yeah, this is the holder with which to hold your filament spool. There’s actually a little little hole on the back machined in. That can attach that too so. I’ll try to turn this around. Yep, see, right here screws in the back, and that’s where that’s where the filament goes. So I mean, for ease of use already. I’m giving it a decent rating because it just makes sense, but anyway, Yeah, so I’m gonna go ahead and get my knife so I can cut away some of these. Uh, some of these zip ties Looks like all the all the parts that are, you know? All the moving parts are getting a pretty good job, isolating them. It’s also got some some styrofoam here. Which, okay, yeah, yeah, so cardboard in there. Oh, of another box, Hold on before I go get the tool. We’ve got another box. That’s kind of wedged in here. That’s a lot more effort a lot more effort than I expected to have to get that up. Okay, so have another box here, and oh, my God, more styrofoam. Okay, all right, so they give you a little stick, which is useful for keeping your prints and, you know, keeping your prints in spot and there. It’s definitely some sort of some sort of Asian company. I can’t read that. Maybe Taiwan, China. I wouldn’t just talk my hair. That’s a Chinese. It also got some hinges, A knob of some sort, and then also we’ve got these. I don’t really know what these things are. I think. Oh, these must be okay. So this has some plexiglass covers, so these have a film on them to protect the actual clear side, so these will actually go on the sides so that you know you can’t reach in touch anything wall or you don’t have like wind blowing in and messing up stuff. Whatever things you might think might happen to screw up your friend. So, yeah, that’s just pretty -. So those are good again. Everything kind of makes sense just a lot of stuff in here. So that’s cool, yeah, so. I’m gonna go ahead and get my knife and I’m gonna cut away some of the stuff, and then I’ll go ahead and look through the manual A little bit and try to piece everything together that way. I can actually show you how. Welcome back so as you could see. I put the door on backwards anyway. Couple things, so the directions on this are definitely written, not for an English audience as it turns out, though it doesn’t matter because it’s all pretty self-explanatory so I started a print. It’s going to take about six and a half hours, so not really abnormal for what I’m printing. I’m not gonna print just like a plain old cube or anything. I’m gonna print actually a Labrador Retriever bottle so well. See how that works? I did go ahead and put a little bit of glue on the heated build plate there, and, you know, we’ll see, we’ll see how this works out, all right, so about an hour in as you can see. It’s made quite a bit of progress, so this whole this whole process should take about six and a half hours. According to the program, then we’ll see where it’s okay. Well, as you can see pretty much done with the printing process here. I appear to have a dog a Labrador of some sort in there. It just finished, so I’m letting it cool down a bit. This is a good applique and take a look at the control a little bit more, so I’m gonna go ahead and zoom in on those a little bit. Down Yonder, watch the controls, but in general, so yeah, it’s cooling down taking about as much time as it’s gonna take. I guess this term it wasn’t 200 set for the tip temperature so or the extruder temperature. So that’s cool down pretty quick. The the bed seemed to take quite a while to cool down. That’s still it. It started off at 45 and it’s probably gonna take forever to get cool, but realistically, 42 degrees isn’t very hot Anyway. So like I couldn’t put my hand down there and it’s not, it’s not warm, don’t. Say that again. I could put my hand on here and it’s not that hot. You know it, yeah. So what if five degrees is just kind of like, warm pretty much? So I’m gonna go ahead and see if I can break this thing loose now pretty much all I did was. I took a bit of the glue That came with it, So some of this fancy glue stick and just smeared a bunch of it on the bottom plate. There and you know, that’s pretty much it so, okay, so finally got the thing off. There did take a little bit of effort had to be. I was trying to be like a little bit Careful as I did it. So this is the finished product. I’ll zoom out so the resolution is better and yeah, so turned out pretty good. Nice, so there’s a low poly dog. I did that on purpose because, uh, you know, smooth. Isn’t that hard to do? I don’t think but to do something like this. A little bit more complicated and like, you know, these are the supports, and you know, the camp came right off fairly easily. There’s a couple spots on here that probably try to smooth out. We’re like the supports didn’t break off like, perfectly cleanly. I guess like, I guess if you look like right here, it’s kind of a spot there, but I think that’s actually pretty easy to chip off or sand off, and it actually might even be part of the model. I’m not really hundred percent, but yeah, it’s, uh, pretty good. I mean, it took seven hours, but frankly, for the size and the fill ratio, I did, was it. It’s actually not bad, so not a bad. Alright, So what’s the final verdict on the GD. Max Cheney, Tech KD Tech x12 long name printer. It’s actually not a bad. Buy so granted. The documentation is pretty dumb, it’s. Uh, alright, just a good example here, Not English. Turn the nut anti clockwise anti-clockwise. Yep, the documentation isn’t that great, but if you have just some basic, you know, engineering skills, If you if you can figure things out in general, it’s not that hard. You know, if you’re a human being that has the skills that you need to be. You’ll be able to figure this thing out and it did a pretty good job making a print. I didn’t have any problems with it. It does. PLA it does ABS. I think it does just about everything. I’d have to look at it again, but I’m pretty sure this is about everything. It’s got a heated bed, which is something you don’t find in a lot of 3d printers, so that are in, like the four or five hundred dollar. I think it’s four dollars right now. It’s all less than four hundred dollars. You don’t find many that are that have that kind of a feature so very cool, definitely with all the packings. I think it’s worth the price, so if you’re in the market for a 3d printer and you don’t care about stupid features like Wi-fi because who really needs Wi-Fi, that’s where you prayer. You’re just gonna plug in a thing and let it do. It’s go anyway. You know, if that’s what you want to do then. Yeah, go for it now. I’m not saying that if you’re like a professional that this is the way to go because it takes a while, and you’re not gonna get like super fine quality, but you know, if you’re one of those get pay like 1500 dollars. If you’re just a hobbyist doing stuff at home, just looking to have some fun with it. Maybe doing some learning. This is a great tool and I would say definitely buy this one so that being said. Thanks again if you enjoyed this video if it was helpful, please like subscribe helps me out. Rank myself monetize again. I would make Youtube new rules, and that’s it. I’ll see the next one.

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