Prusa I3 Mk2 Vs Mk2s | Prusa Mk2 Vs Mk3 – We Race’em!!! – Chris’s Basement

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Prusa Mk2 Vs Mk3 - We Race'em!!! - Chris's Basement


So now we have the proofs. Am k2 and the Prusa Mk3. Let’s race them. Okay, so it’s not gonna be much of a race because I’m pretty sure the Mk3 can beat the MK2 on speed, but I do want to kick off a print at the same time and compare the results. So what print do you use to compare these two machines A Vinci and I know some of you are saying right now. I can’t believe he’s gonna print another Vinci. Why does he bring so many? Vinci’s, isn’t he tired of printing benches and I’m gonna answer that last question right now. No, but let’s get started with slicing profiles and the ones were going to use to compare these two machines. So on the perusal website, they do offer two versions of slic3r one for the MK2 and one for the MK 3 it’s the same program that are set up with different profiles, so let’s take a look at those profiles, so you can see. We have the MK 2 version over here on the left and the MK 3 version over on the right, so let’s go to the print settings on both. The layers of the perimeters for both machines are identical. Then we go to N fill by default. The MK 3 is set to grid, but we’re gonna set it to cubic so that they’re exactly the same skirt and brim are the same on both machines. There’s no support material and then the tab that we’re most interested in is speed so you can see the speed settings on the MK 2 are much lower than the default ones for the MK 3 so to give the MK 2 even a fighting chance we’re gonna switch to the linear advanced version of that profile, so we’ll pick point 2 millimeters at 100 millimeters a second linear advance. And now you can see the speeds are a little more comparable to the MK 3 the MK 3 is quite a bit faster during infill, but the MK 2 is a little faster on perimeters so they are different configurations. I also noticed that the PLA filament setting was a little different from the MK 2 version to the MK 3 the MK 3 has the bed set at 60 the MK 2 is at 55 so heating the bed. The MK 2 is going to heat it a little quicker because it has 5 less degrees to go, but we’ll leave them default. So let’s load up our bin. G on both slicers were using the same STL file and the same orientation. We’ll go ahead and hit slice on both models, lets. Do a quick preview all the layers look good and now export these two benches to the SD cards that came with these two machines first the MK2, and now the MK 3 so both the SD cards have been loaded with our newly sliced Vinci lets. Go ahead and clean off both the beds with some alcohol. Now we’re nice and clean, and I’ve even gone far enough that I unspooled some filament that came with the MK 3 and I resold it for the MK 2 so both will be using the exact same spool of filament. So now all we have to do is start our print now. We’ve got our stopwatch. Let’s queue up both the files, and now all we have to do is hit print and go so in about two minutes and ten seconds. The MK2 did take it from hitting the print button to starting the print, but the MK3 is right behind it Now. Let’s take it to the time-lapse. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] [Applause] well. This hasn’t turned out like I thought it would were almost an hour in and the MK 2 is 12% further along than the MK. 3 lets! See how this thing pan’s out well? The MK2 is done at a blistering one hour and 15 minutes. Then Kiii’s got a little ways to go. [APPLAUSE] [Music] and now the MK3 is done at a respectable 1-hour 34 minutes and 45 seconds. I wasn’t expecting that at all now. Let’s take a look at the models on both these printers. [APPLAUSE] So the biggest issue I saw. Was that on the MK2. Some of this skirt actually got stuck inside the model that was the filament from the previous print that I had done, but as far as quality goes, I’m gonna give it to the Mk3 Just slightly. It’s just a little better than the MK2, but I had no clue how this was gonna turn out and I’m stunned at the results because I’m pretty sure the MK III can beat the MK2 on speed. So what do you think? How did the benches look? How did this experiment go? Are you surprised at the performance of these machines? Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this video. You found it interesting. If you did, please consider giving a thumbs up or subscribing to my channel, if not leave your thoughts in the comments below and as always thanks for watching.

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