Prusa I3 Auto Bed Leveling | Prusa I3 Acrylic Pro B Autobedleveling Anleitung

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Prusa I3 Acrylic Pro B Autobedleveling Anleitung


[MUSIC] and welcome to a new one video today. I want to show you how you guy’s, brother. I3 with the company times in the car bed leveling activated this car. Move ensures that your printer prints the tray before each print in the future, so measures the Z-axis and ensures that postrock bed in relation to a model always directed straight ahead that, in turn, ensures that you no Jan Haft help needed anymore, so I always used bloody before, but also experimented with glue and other surfaces that was all basically no longer necessary because the adhesion was optimal. There were no more replacements. There was no more word. All of that has disappeared. All models had incredibly good at the natural acid cleaned glass plate and sometimes even so that your problems. We’ll have to get the models off the glass again. Because the action forces are so high that they could be problematic because of the good quality. The sensor itself is a capacitive one. Because I have a glass surface. Use it as a print board. If you have an aluminum print tape can, of course, also use an intuitive service that makes for the whole connection series and for the whole cabling, none difference because both sensors or the same function around the sensor. To be able to connect, he still needs a voltage style choice, either he? I bought it or bought it from the advertisers myself. Show you head based on a sketch here that would have to come three cables out of the sensor, one black, one blue and one brown, a black 1 2 cable solder, your 150 kilo resistor that he connects to a 100 kilometers. The second end comes, then comes that building body to the brown cable comes the 12 volt supply voltage and the two loose ends are still put into the Fed and stop so to speak as if the 1 were, there is an elongated black round in the two, Then that extended blue. If you like here, you can see again how? I did it and indeed, the Green, formerly Oscar, gets up on the second floor and the blue cable below a the supply voltage. You will that Brown cable that comes to me to say from the Free Stepper or Stepper Motor slot and in the very top right here, The Red Cable. Yes, if he connects it that way And also the voltage Styler should have intervened. Reaction is the same should be that everything work fine. Now we come to the most difficult part. And so you have to enter a in your firmware. Change a few things or switch on, and we have to configuration point. H there scroll down to mechanical setting and there will be the first changes to look forward to. I have to say I have this for. I found out that it works for me. I have a lot of instructions tried, and they all said something different and not everything with me. Therefore, it works. I can only show you what with me worked, and I often have the stop. Pull up segment off comments. Then you see, everything here is with me at the stop in wedding issued, so say some instructions that should be done differently with me. Everything does not work exactly as it is in the z-axis for me, woman, But also to design the direction, Centrotherm is with me, all of that, too. – one side on helping to shape it. The size of the program would have to specify myself for me. It is 190 in the direction of 180 Y 180 mz. The one made out of comments is the way to go as was the case with Berner thing, including both from comment. So that was on 18 The hardest thing now can only be super setting things before he has pressure to say he has certain measuring points. Where you have to go, which should be with me. I used this script, Namely 30 175 submitted and 30 four measuring points are enough for me. If the value here is 3 1 6 2 he made with nine measuring points. You can also use another measurement. Unfortunately, only three points to you have to go above the the Feinarbeit level Ingrid, from commenting then uses the other knife drive and mode for me. But the script worked well from therefore to left one important point and that is distance of the sensor to the hotel together that does not have to be on the voices but to the millimeter and device because otherwise it can retract the measuring points. It’s that the sensor is outside of the bed. It is with me That is minus eight innings, direction and -45 in Y direction. The time is basically irrelevant because we can change that later to Windows software. Yes, now come from over points will then approach the measuring points. How many millimeters Hermann Hobenfarben you should shape how faster you should drive. That is what you can do. According to your needs, adjust the next before that has to go up again maximum speed when he does not say how high a millimeter should such a value. Yes, that was first here. The contact point. H Then you still have to underline the configuration, for example. Two riders riders score points there again under mechanic. Settings must definitely the defiant. Stop only for having that the comment is not there, it must be activated. That means whoever has it prints. Then the sensor does not start and interrupts possibly impression that must be active in any case. Yes, that will be that. It was initially in the firmware. Just basically relatively simply when you know what to do. And when you know what kind of thing yourself or grasped the prophet you use the correct adaptation, is it? You don’t have to script in your city on the meat or your print software. Add a few more commands. First of all that, the 28 of a completely normal roaming and directly followed by 29 knows how to say this bed leveling triggers when he commands these two commands before we start to look so to speak or Berlin as normal or carried out completely without doing anything. Then I grabbed the time gap between the centers and the hot and is also important sometimes, but we don’t need to change that in the company because we change it directly with the city and with the command g92 and then the distance that you have children up to the mobile, something useful. What distance there is good free? Sometimes you want a very high adjustment have speaks. The distance would be as small as possible. Sometimes it is better. If it is a bit bigger, you can do it directly. Do not have to change in the company again and have a lot easier and better access to that. It was often at my side for battle leveling to the car bed. Leveling is not that easy above all else if you could have no idea under pressure and from ottorino programming. I’ve got it done and I’m definitely thrilled and would advise everyone to do this. If you have any questions, write them in the comments. She has a suggestion in the comments. I am definitely for any advice and for any tips on the topic, grateful if one or the other helps. I’m glad otherwise. Thank you very much for watching and see you soon.

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