Project Runway The Runway’s In 3d! | Project Runway Season 14 Recap – The Runway’s In 3d (14×11)


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Project Runway Season 14 Recap - The Runway's In 3d (14x11)


Hi, this is another project runway recap. This is season 14 episode 11 runway in 3d Edmond is alone! I’m gonna keep thoughts to myself. All the guys have been eliminated, so he’s the last guy standing. Um, right now. I think the top five is absolutely great. Um, yes, swap. Neil did start giving up towards the end of this whole thing. Ashley, I feel is kind of I mean. She’s not giving up. It’s just that I feel like she has no more in her, and I think that’s too bad because she really did. Start out strong! You know, she was a strong contender. Anyways, the designers they go and meet. Heidi at the runway. And she told them that they’re going to be bringing us up New York City landmarks to life in Parise. After, you know, Heidi gives them a teaser. They go meet him and tell them that they’re going to be using one of the bridges of inspiration, the bridges they’re going to be, you know, Using as inspiration. Are the Queensboro Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. OK, so Kelly won the last challenge so because she was, she gets to choose the bridge that she’s going to use as inspiration and obviously because of her love of hip-hop. Yay, she chooses the Brooklyn Bridge. Tim then uses the button back to match the designers with the bridges. So can this get the Queensboro bridge as the friendly which leaves Edmond and Ashby with the Manhattan Bridge. So then right, Tim, lets them know that they’re gonna use the bridge as inspiration, but they’re gonna be making and Evan Garf. Now let me tell you. I’ve already said it before. Um, the unconventional. Yes, but avant-garde definitely one of my favorite project when we challenged it, so you know? I’m as excited as I am, and I’m lovely participating, but Edmond’s excited. Um, merlene, you know? She looks happy, so she’s like oh. I will do a backflip until me and walk if I could so then, OK? So Heidi had said 3d so to let them know that the whole 3d part comes in that since the bridges are multi-dimensional, the let’s have to have to be multi-dimensional as well and for the first time in public when we’re history. I love it when he sends up like that. OK, they’re going to be using 3d printers. So honestly, this is even more awesome because come on 3d printing. Um, ever since I saw the first 3d printer is like. Oh, my really want to do that. I want 10 Ashley and Kelly have no idea what it is, but I know that, Katie, I mean, I’m like Kelly has no idea what it is, but as soon as she finds out. Oh, crap! I can do this. I know she’s gonna rock it. I mean, have I told you guys before that? I absolutely love coming? So, the director of 3d system and she joins. Tim, and she tells them that they’re gonna have her team. You know, for the device for them and whatever else he lets them know that the winner’s gonna get a cute 3d printer and all its accessories so. I’m like, seriously jealous. I’m like, oh, my god, I want to be there. You know, and I’ll be at this point. It is gonna be between morning. Edmund and Kelly. Obviously I won’t kill anyone. But like the creativity that these designers have shown, they get and using the 3d printers, the thick and really rocket. I think that, yeah, merlene. Evan and Kelly are gonna be like the top for you. They should be anyway. They go off to sketch and they meet with their. Um, their consultants. There are 3d modeling consultants, and then they go off to mood the sketches that they made the ones that. I like where I really liked. Kelly sketch in Edmond sketch Ashley. Not so much idle. It’s just I don’t get that avant-garde girlfriend. If they add the word from Berlin, I guess she feels kind of stuck, so she creates his vision board, and it gives me the feeling that she could be a great. She can have like this great. Look for this challenge. Hum and the skirt at, you know, at that point, it’s looking cute but did. I see Kelly’s and I’m like, okay. I can see like I see it, and I feel like it’s a little Chris March, and I love his launch, so that’s not a bad thing, but then at the same time I’m like. Can it be to pasta me? Which is something that Chris March? Um, sometimes they would tell him that he could be too hot and he’s not like. Oh, my god, I really want her to rock this machine. You can be careful so okay. This woman named Jessica from she’s from 3d system. She comes to show them their design. They’re gonna be 3d printed, and it’s just awesome. It’s just that 3d printing is so freaking cool. I think this of them like enjoyed. This emphasizes the oven card, but still they made it even more awesome with the 3d printing. So then they start seeing the pieces, and you know, they’re printing out and they’re just. I’m just so Kim comes into the critique, and I’m not gonna lie, okay. I saw hand. This is red! Black and triangles are the first thing. I’m sorry. The dogs are freaking barking so much, but anyways, I saw Candice is Red, Black and triangle. And the first thing I thought of was Harley Quinn. I mean, it’s not bad, but I’m not sure if that’s what she was going for as a matter of fact, um. My partner just happens to come into the room and he looked up and he’s like, Oh, that looks like Harley Quinn. So I’m like, okay, so it is not me, You know, it does look like Harley Quinn. I’m Ashley designs. I find it underwhelming. You’re trying to look good, boring, boring. Yeah, whatever, Edmund. Um, I love that, you know. He does his own textiles. The X in the front looks pretty cool. Marlene’s that definitely looks interesting, but that’s like definitely a have to see it in the runway. Look, I mean, I feel like she’s gonna go through. She’s going through what Ashley went through in the last episode that it was like her challenge, but she didn’t quite kill it, and I feel like Merlin may be going through the same thing. So I don’t, Kelly. I kind of love it. I mean, ok? I know they were like I think, Candice. She said that I was like for, like customer or whatever, but I I love it. I don’t know, I’m a little weird, so maybe that’s what, but I just love it anyway. It was so funny because sin says like that. The origin of the looks are not like orange or like you. Can you see it? You can see the paneer dresses from the 1800 and she’s all like Ma. Yeah, and I’m like. Does she help any idea what he just said? Because it’s not the first time you know, last time there was, he was telling her about the pious and she’s like, yeah, and she has no idea, but boy was talking about anyway. So Tim Lees and the designers. You know Photon co carry on Ashley. Look to me still doesn’t feel very avant-garde, but at this point, neither does Edmonds. Look, so whatever, um, in the fitting, though the avant-garde in Edmonds look, it did come out, so it’s definitely a must-see on the runway, but then he starts questioning himself when he looks at the other designers look nor designing, and I guess Ashley felt the same way and to make her look more avant-garde. She decided to add a cape and I’m looking at it. I like girl, I don’t know, run my day. The models come in and honestly. Ashlee could be in danger. It just looks really, but it was like when Lori was eliminated. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love Ashley, But of the design is left. I feel that she may be the weakest one, You know, just like when Lindsay laughs. It was these designers and Lord, or it was the weakest one, and I feel like it’s the same situation with with Ashley. Um, okay, right now at like, go to so far. My top three are obviously definitely coming. I’m a huge Kobe fan. I mean, God service me. Um, huge. Kelly fan. So obviously, my top three for for Fashion Week, Rkelly, Kansas and Edmund. Honestly, I just feel like the Capon. Come and get Ashley eliminate, but anyways, so its runway but right before the runway tips to have since eight, right, and there’s an. I think there’s an episode up in the eighth. Oh, OK, so about that. There’s an episode up in the air. I think because of Jake withdrawal. So I feel like maybe this episode. Tim is gonna use to say, you know for Ashley. Um, anyways, another thing. I want to say right before the roommate. Melfi is the guest judge. And I’m a huge American gut manithan. So it’s cool. Di Di Mau people from here on really anyway, okay. The runway friend, Mirrlees come out. The skirt Reminds me of the skirt that Joseph made a couple of episodes back, which reminded me of the skirt from the other show that I had mentioned back then, and it just reminds me of stuff that I’ve seen so that’s. You know, that’s my good for her. I’m Edmund. It’s also, OK. I mean, the mass is super cool. The top is cool, But I feel like that lunch skirt on the side. I don’t, I don’t know I Don. I don’t look like a bunch of her. Feel like she was a lovely. She’s gonna marry me, um. I think Ashley’s come out. And I hate that cake. I don’t see the bridge inspiration. It looks like the 3d printing. Looks like bone. I just I hate me, but I say I hate the cake. Candace’s the bottom is definitely party quick. I’m sorry, but it definitely is, um, and the lines in the back in her bootie area! I don’t know, it’s just Kenny. I mean, I thinking maybe right now. I’m just biased because I love Kelly. I know I may be a weirdo, and I know it like a bridge, but I love it. It’s awesome, Sullivan lands over and my quick prediction bar that I’m pretty sure Ashley is gonna be out. I definitely no. Colin, because she rocked the album card. So all the designers are out. Um, you know, on the stage, so they’re talking to Evan, and they all loved it. But Nina said that it wasn’t as ever Lord, and I get it because he did run that hallmark challenge so he should have bought this one as well. At least that’s what I said, Um, Kelly. She got a lot of positive reviews and, honestly, if those sides were removable. I love the belt with my little brick’s. 03 defendant bricks, but if the size were removable. I would definitely wear that dress. I mean, I just love to go home and I love have I so sorry I love Kelly. Um, Teddy said Marlene’s reminded her of Keaney umbrella. Dressman lap these. If N when Highness s is that moment, that’s right, that’s the other dress that it reminded me of both her and Joe so dress from that episode. So that’s just that I was thinking about when I was looking for the dress, the skirt that Joseph Skirt reminded me anyway, so my knees review they were mixed because of that, and they felt like it missed the avant-garde requirement now being just. I don’t know why, but she loved after these cape. I’m like okay, um, Heidi said that the 3d printed pieces that they look like D, but their attachments her when you get your hair cut and Nina didn’t see the bridge inspiration, But she said that she really did It usually get high deal of Candice’s rest, but Ninas. I they agreed that it was an olive garden either, so that’s already three people that well, actually two people that are really going on long car Because Edmund is not too hard, so if it ends up being, that’s between Edmund and campus, but I gotta be eliminated. Tim is definitely a lead-pipe. Cinch definitely Facebook, so they go in for the closer look, and you know it all so iffy about Edmund launched skirt They loved Kelly burning. They said that it could have been warned vicious and Ashley was said to have taken risks. But it was just too much and not cookies. They said that Candice, you free 3d printing the bed, and I still think that if Ashley goes home, Ti’s gonna save her, but I just reiterate that. I know Coulson. Wait, so the job to take one. Kelly, win! That’s three win two in a row, yay! I seriously. Oh, my god! If she starts using these 3d printing for her, you know, for a liner, whatever that’s just gonna be so freaking awesome. Um, Edmund and Candice are in and Mel. B wants two canvases. So I thought that was pretty cool. Maybe she’s a hearty food Fans. Myleene and Ashley are. They said that he wasn’t avant-garde and relating to the news of 3d printing. The who ends up being out Merlin since our asking myself is Tim gonna use his fav? Fun hurt. Nope, no, he didn’t. Did you check out? That tool possession took home. You had me the first episode of you know what? I’m talking! Um, it was an interesting. I mean, I love I’m still so in love with Kelly’s dress for real. Um, but I and I seriously, she needs to get some fashion week. Investors need to know what she’s gonna do. Cuz she’s so freaking awesome. Such a fun anyways, guys. That’s it for this project Runway recap. Remember to check out? The sport called sports hard on the blog post. This is season 14 episode 11 runways and Drinky and so. Nick, turn bye.

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