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Self-replicating 3d Printer (snappy)


In the near future, gods are searching for any human survivors of the machine war. Computational neural networks gave birth to the artificial intelligence, known as days saw humans as viruses to its master plan. However, even with its high mind day was a label to replicate Dr. D Flow Duty melody when he built the self-replicating 3d printer with what the suspense diesel self-replicating machine maintain the ability to amass his own army eventually leading to junior’s demise. So you can’t actually 3d print an entire 3d printer. You can 3d print the rail and some accessories like the school. Boulder and drag shape. You can’t 3d print the motor or electronic? Yeah, yeah, we’re getting there. We went out there yet. So how practical today is a 3d printed 3d printer, so this isn’t going to be a full-fledged tutorial because rubber bats. The guy who made this design has lots of instructions and I’ll link to him on my website, but I am going to do a quick build montage. Then I’m going to assess this 3d printer, Dr. D Flow to start this project off. We need to 3d print a lot 200 plus hours of 3d printing, good bet. Adhesion is super important for this project, preventing the 3d printed parts from warping, which would distort the linear motion of the 3d printer. The project consumed about three kilograms on filament and are replaced by captain tape on my build platform. Every one kilogram. The name of this design is snappy because all of the pieces snap together. This printer literally builds itself. Enjoy the build. [MUSIC] [Music] It’s just after the light, you know Nabby [Music]. Look, hey, open it right up next to it. It looks pretty first. [MUSIC] All right, so we’re all getting our lemon update. Yeah, so as you can probably tell. Should we broke this? So you’re going to see? Is we’re going to keep working on it. Keep building it out, but we’re going to have to print peace out, Okay, so the ball bearings in it and it spins and this is the end cap, and I need the hammer again. Think of it a missing handy. So I’m going to try to explain this. I got some of these pieces, covering it out on the guys and see, but the ball bearing does. It’s called a smooth idler. So when the filament comes down this hole right here. This smooth ball bearing is going to push the filament up against the hollow gear, which will grip the filament and push it down and so this is just going to snap over here, but we won’t do that yet into another filament. Then we’ve got the famly sembly, which we’re going to do real quick in the Z-axi’s, which this is the center piece of the z-axi’s so this time. I can actually have it [Music] in [Music] a couple days ago, I printed off 50 and all the qualities, okay. I thought I could improve it, so I went back in and I message the Marlin firmware and I switched out my extruder twice, and now I think I’m getting much better either Between layers result in a better surface. Finish the big question that I posed at the beginning of this video was, can’t it be printer self-replicating and remember what I broke? This piece will now. I’m having it printed off. You will see. It’s just work as a viable replacement to that broken piece. Well, with this print official. I’m going to go over the pros and cons of a 3d printed 3d printer, but first off, it is a miracle that this works so well for being band of plastic and this can be contributed to just be instability 209 the design is. I love it the smallest, most -. It works pretty well. My only complaint is the Food Idler and hollow gear mechanism. The mechanism that puts the pressure that be filament is extruded And I just found that the latch That was here Previously was not applied enough force to allow the hollow year to work correctly. So I was able to fix that with some rubber bands, but really, you can’t complain that much with open source design. I could easily get into the program, the source file and correct that mistake in every working flawlessly, the second Pro, which I did not expect. Was how quiet it is and I can carry on a conversation with you. Wireless printing by making your into is actually louder than this guy and to one of the reasons why I thought it would be so loud was friction, and so I was most worried about the friction between two rails the interface, but I found with little lubrication. It actually works works quite nicely, but you do have to apply lubrication Quite often, which is kind of calm. Is that the pro without customizable? This printer is not only can. I change the colors. I can also increase the height, the x-height, you know, I could to make so many different adjustments to it. The last Pro is that this project has great warning management while I may not have explored it to its full potential. There were a lot of contrasting to take this. Chemistry hide the wires to the ramp’s motherboard. The major college is that it’s mana plastic and I have to print very slowly and still think some missteps but again. I don’t want this to be a negative. This is truly an amazing invention design, and I love it, so I recommend for you to build a 3d printer or give it away as a gift to a friend and probably not the reason for this is that you need a lot of experience with 3d printing. I’ve built a couple 3d printers, so this wasn’t a terribly difficult project, but there were definitely a couple of facts that hit down the line and so cause the reasoning here. Is that if you’ve built a couple of 3d printers, you probably own a 3d printer, which is going to have better precision than this guy, and I will ever use this printer at my data provider. I’m always going to use my making your image, lets. See how our 3d printer you print this and give this to your friends that he can have a 3d printer and I would say no, because this requires constant calibration. You have to lubricate the tracks and you are printing The filament that the machine is made out of so you can literally melt the entire thing. I would not feel comfortable leaving this machine alone at home, and as you know, most prints take couple of hours, so no. I would not recommend giving this to an inexperienced friend, All right, so it’s all finished. But first I’m going to remove this piece. Hopefully without a break-in, all right, so I removed this piece right here and put it next to the 3d printed 3d printer 3d printed piece, so here’s the part from the Maker Gear m2 and here’s the one we just printed so side-by-side comparison. You can tell that again. The maker gear still has better surface finish, but besides that they look like they might be the same dimensions, which is a great start. Okay, let’s see this, all right to be fair. We had a hammer the make of your part in today. So so part a couple more hammer hits then the maker gear, but we do have a pretty good connection and it does function as it’s supposed to is holding the y-axis to the X-axi’s, which is awesome and it still moves. So in this instance, the 3d printer could 3d print a replacement part but do. I think it can replace its own rails. No, because I do not think it can print a smooth enough. Finish on one rail, let alone a continuous finish across multiple rails when they are connected together, but still. This is a super awesome accomplishment. I know if you’ve used more awesome, but I love this. I’m glad it worked dr. D Flow. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more. DIY projects you.

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