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Practical Prints For Every Day Use | 3d Printing


Can 3d printing be used for practical means? I’ll show you now. [MUSIC] How’s it guys? So as you know from my channel, I do a lot of 3d prints and a lot of things on 3d printers, and I absolutely love working with 3d printers, But I have had questions asking me. Are they more than ornamental and absolutely you can do so many practical prints are using a 3d printer. So in front of me here, I’ve got a couple of examples that I’m going to quickly go through and show you how useful 3d printing can actually be and you can use it in your day-to-day life to to enhance things around your home and just to make your life easier and better, but before we get to that. What do you think of my new studio? So we’ve upgraded the studio. We had the back wall there, and it was a little bit smaller, so now we’ve managed to give ourselves a little bit more space and things look really great. I’ve got this new wall that we’ve just put up here with, uh, and it looks so much better. I’m actually so pleased about and so excited about building this channel, and now we’re getting our studio to our next level, so I’m really pleased about it. Let me know in the comments. What you think about your studio? So let’s get back to these practical prints, so in front of me here, I have a set of practical prints that we’ve done and I’m quite excited about sharing this with you guys so first and foremost, I’ve got this print here, so this print comes off the build plate like this straight one shot print. There’s nothing to be put together. It is printed flat down with the face down like this. And when you pull it off your print board plate. You’ll see that immediately. It starts to move now. This is what’s called an in-place print and everything is printed in one shot. Now what this does is really useful. If you’ve got a PC board that you need to solder, you can just open up the teeth and it will hold your PC board in place for you to solder. And it is such a practical, useful print that I use it all the time now to solder my boards. I used to use the holding hands of the crocodile clips. That didn’t work that well. This works so much better. So this is my first practical print, so yeah, the next print is a in place hinge. Now I love in place printing because it is quite exciting. When you pull this off the ball plate, this prints as one piece, you pull it off the ball plate, flex it a little bit and you’ve got a working hinge. Now I will show you a little video right now of a hinge that I use this to print off two hinges. We got a new kitten. Uh, that we found at the bottom of my garden. It’s a feral cat that we rescued, and we wanted to bring it into our home, but it took about a month to get out from the bottom of the garden and get it to trust us enough and to bring it into our home, so we brought it into the home and I’ve been having it in my office. Uh, putting a litter box there feeding it there. I’m just keeping it happy. A little girl, Kitten, black, absolutely gorgeous little thing, but I didn’t want it to go outside yet, so I made a temporary door guys. I had pieces of wood. Lying around, took me five minutes to make the store. I’ll quickly put it together, assembled it and then put it up and I didn’t have hinges and I wanted to get going so two hours later. While two batches of two hours later, each hinge took two hours to print. I printed two sets of hinges. Uh, screwed them in how awesome [Applause]? I wanted to put this print. This hinge up, But I didn’t have any of these, Uh, wall plugs. These are the drywall screws that you screw into. The drywall gives them extra strength, so I went on to Thingiverse had a search and lo and behold here we go. This is printed out in PLA would have been better to print it in pitchy, but guys, it worked. I drilled a pilot hole and I cut this into the, uh, the drywall and I put a screw in from it and it’s still holding strong. I’ve had that door up now for a couple of weeks now, and we use it every single day to keep the kitten inside, although we have letter out now she’s now free to run around and, uh, doing really well, so ill. Try post a quick picture of her here. That’s that one next one is, I’ve got a whole set of these drawers in my, um, in my office without storm things like cable ties and screws and all that sort of thing and a lot of them had these little tabs broken off. I’ve got about 120 of these drawers and maybe 30 of them will so have these tabs broken off. So what I did is I went into thingiverse and I quickly sketched this up, Took me a few minutes and it slides into where the paper slot is here. And now my drawer has got a little handle that. I can open the drawer with again so rather than throwing this one away. I just fixed it by putting this on there and I’ve got a nice drawback. Speaking about the drawers, I have a few drawers with m3 m4 m5 and m6 screws and they’re four 3d printers So that when I have to fix something, I’ve always got a set of screws handy That came in very useful when I fixed the fan on my printer, and this is what my screw box looks like, okay. I’ve got packets of screws all marked, but it is such a mess. It is so difficult to to find what I want, so I went on to, um, on to fusion 360. I sketched this up, made this. I’ve made a little cutouts here, so it fits and here we go. This is what we’ve got so now! We’ve got three trays of screws of the m3 screws all nicely laid out. Each one has got its own. Uh, compartment where the screws lie. The washers, the bolts. I mean, the nuts and the, uh, and the washers there, and then there’s some more and another set and each one is in their own compartment and I can. Um, I just store this in here. Nicely, and when I need m3 screws, I’ll pull these out. Pull the trays out and away we go. I’ve got my empty screws. So that is neatened up from this mess to this, and it’s just such a difference, You know, really, it has made such a difference speaking of trays. This is a little tray. That DIY electronics, uh, sketched up and very, very useful. When you’re fixing a printer, you can put your screws over. Here, your tools over here, Your Allen keys and really useful. I’ve printed up a couple of them. They stack on top of each other, really useful and nice to have when you’re working on your 3d printer. I have also printed a lot of items for our bathroom now. This here is a toothbrush. Holder I’ve got. I don’t want you to see that part yet. So we’ll just do that and just try that away. Okay, so here’s a my broad toothbrush. This hooks into here like that again, keeps it nice and clean, keeps it safe. Keeps it off a surface and nice, and it dries out very quickly, so we printed out a few of these for our toothbrushes at home and it’s made a huge difference. You know, these used to lie on the table and I hated it because it’s not hygienic. So we had to wash them properly before we use them. So having this in our bathroom, I’ve just stuck it on the wall with double-sided tape, and now I’ve got these hanging in our bathroom. I’ve also got a toothbrush, toothpaste squeezer, which I didn’t bring up that was printed in petchee where you just get an every last drop of toothpaste out, and it’s just a dream to have, and then finally for this segment. Uh, we went away recently, just for the weekend just to get away and I’ve always hated with the with these toothbrushes or any toothbrush for that matter where you just take the toothbrush. Throw it into a plastic bag, okay, with other toothbrushes of toothpaste and brushes and things like that and off you go, It’s not hygienic. It’s not clean, so just before we went now when I say just before on the night before we went, I printed out four of the tubes and, uh, in the morning before we left, I printed up the holders, so these are the tubes. And this is the base, so I went on to Thingyverse found this file, My broad toothbrush clicks in like that. You take this and you screw. It closed beautiful thread there that just shreds so beautifully and there we go. We’ve each got one and, uh, d for Dad M for mom, and then we got the two kids ones. We’ve got their ones inside these tubes as well, so when we travel now, we’ll just dump it into these. These go into a bag keeps our toothbrushes separate, nice and clean, nice and hygienic. So you know, really. I love this one. This is possibly one of my favorite prints that I’ve done recently. It just it just highlighted. How quickly I can just go in and do a print. Find an item on online. Do the print print up for them? We pack it up and go and we’re ready. We’re ready to use it guys. There are so many more examples of, uh, 3d printing things that you can do for useful. If you look at this picture, I’m showing you now. This is my entire tool wall. Organized with every little piece there are being held on by 3d printed parts on a pegboard and it is super super useful. I’ve always had that problem where I need a tool and I’ll run around ill. Try to remember where I had it last, and I would go and run around hunting for tools and parts and screws and all these kind of things. And then eventually the one day. I just said I’ve had enough and I’m gonna start sorting things out, and I haven’t regretted it today. I needed some screwdrivers. I went straight to my toolbar. Pulled out the screwdrivers. I needed use. Them took them back. Put them back in on the wall and away. We go so just starting to have that flexibility that we can. You know, just you get an idea. Go with the idea. Print something. I like this tray of screw holders. This is actually stunning, so yeah, and repurpose things fixing, uh, drawers that are broken. I just love this. You know, so guys go look at thingiverse. Go look at Yegi. Go looking on all of those search engines. For, uh, for different 3d designs and things like that guys, that’s it for this video. Please subscribe to this channel. We’re growing beautifully. It’s nice to see all those people subscribing. Thank you to my subscribers and guys just keep subscribe to the channel. New is coming out shortly. I did a video on octoprint which was supposed to be my next video. I recorded it three times and I’m still not quite there, so as soon as I get that video done, I will publish it and I’ll upload it guys. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Check it out and also give me a comment on what you think of our studio upgrade here, take care. God bless and see you soon.

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