Power Ranger Helmet 3d Model | Making 3d Printed Mmpr Red Ranger Helmet #tutotial #3d #mmpr

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Making 3d Printed Mmpr Red Ranger Helmet #tutotial #3d #mmpr


[MUSIC] Yo yo yo, what’s up, guys? I’m back again. I’m back after two months of being busy with some personal problems. I finally have returned. I’ve been working on the helmets during my time away, and I’ve been working on eight helmet, which I’ve actually been recording and I’m gonna be giving you Eight videos of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Red Blue, Black, Yellow Pink, the White Ranger. We have some Lord Zedd and we have Alpha five guys. We have alpha five, a lot of these houses and work be coming soon, but I want to let you guys know that I’m finally back and today we’re gonna be working on the Red Ranger helmet and to be inspired of Red Ranger. I’m wearing a red t-shirt today. I know it’s not Power, Rangers, but it’s the only red shirt that I own. That’s geek related, but, but anyway, guys. I’m gonna be showing you how I made the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger helmet, a 3d print how I removed the visor from the 3d prints and how I paint it and finished it to get a cosplay ready, cuz all of these helmets that I’ve been working on are going to be going for a dance competition here in the island of Puerto Rico. So hopefully I will be able to bring you guys some of the videos of the dance competition, so without further ado, let’s get in to the build. That’s such a beautiful day for working on props as you can see, guys. I already have this helmet. Completely covered in bondo in the most important areas and what we’re gonna be doing is starting off with some 220 grit, sandpaper for our red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger helmet and what we’re gonna be doing is starting off with 220 grit, sandpaper and then working our way all the way to 500 then giving it a nice filler primer and working our way to another sanding and get it ready for a nice, wet sanding man do. I say sanding a lot in this part of the video [Music] [Music]. Alright, guys, so here we come to. The next part of the build processes we’re gonna be using some resto, Liam Two-in-one filler and sandable primer that I find is the best filler primer to use that way you can fill in those little gaps from the bondo, as well as those print lines so guys, if you’re thinking about making some 3d printed helmets and armor and you want the best to fill in those later lines and those little pin holes in the bondo. I would say the Verso, Liam two-in-one filler and Sanibel primer is the best way to go. Alright, guys, so what we’re gonna do now is remove this visor from the 3d printed helmet, so what we’re gonna be doing is taking our Dremel and removing our sanding drum and attaching a cutting wheel with this cutting wheel. What we’re gonna be doing is carefully cutting around the edge of the visor that way not to cut a wat around the teeth, ruining the helmet, so we’ve got to be very careful to take it very slowly with this. It’s not something that you can just bounce into and cut right away and it’s gonna come out clean. I know so, basically. After we cut it, we’re gonna reattach the sanding drum. Stand away, some of the bits thick, melt it away, sand it by hand, add some body filler and then finish it off with some spot putty and another round of standing just to make sure it’s nice and smooth. [MUSIC] [Music] Alright, guys, for this part, we’re gonna be using some rivets to attach our latches to combine off the front half and the back half of the helmet. This is a very simple process if you use a rivet gun like the handheld one that. I’m using right here that you can pick up at any hardware store. It’ll just cost you about seven to ten dollars, depending on where you’re from, and it’s easy as one two three. And there you go pull the back piece of the helmet. I was instead of using rivets. I decided to use screws. Unfortunately, the section of the video that I had recorded of these screws, it will accidentally got deleted from my SD card. So unfortunately, I can’t show that to you guys right now, But luckily with that process. I did take some screws. Depending on the diameter of the hole of your the back of your latch, it depends on what’s through you use, and it’s just very simple. All you have to do is screw it in and on the other side, you can either cut it off with a dremel or you can actually use some epoxy putty and cover it up that way, hiding the screw it as well as securing it into place. [MUSIC] Ah, nothing more refreshing than a nice, cold shower on a nice 3d prints anyway, guys, so basically just giving it a nice, wet sanding with some 300 grit, sandpaper, 400 grit 500 and all the way to a thousand grit sandpaper because I want this print to be so nice and smooth that when we go for the paint, the paint is just completely flawless. Guys flawless, and when you want to power, raise your helmet, you want it to look so super smooth, so super shiny? All right, guys, now, here comes another technique for you guys to learn. I showed you pinstriping. Before in a previous video. And but now here is another technique, but first we did is. I painted the whole helmet completely black for this technique. And then I took some. I took some blue. Painters tape covered up the eyes because I want to make sure that they stay black and then right after that, I took some 1/16 pinstriping, new tape and went all the way around the edges of where I wanted the black to be staying. This is a really good technique, and that way. You don’t have to paint it on you. Don’t have to draw it on. All you have to do is put the tape on after adding your black base coat or silver or white, depending on what color your pink dress is going to be and presto changing. You guys are going to be done and it’s gonna be coming out pretty nice. And if you do have some tape that pulls a little bit of your paint off easy. Fix all you got to do is take a black or white painter’s pen. Just go along onto that, and you can fix it up. Nice and easily, guys. No worries, no hassle. No fuss, no muss [Music] [Music]! Oh, yes, the most satisfying part. And that’s the removing of the cake to see the finished result before we add the clear coat guys. Ah, look at this. Disney is just looking perfect already. I know this probably gonna be some little imperfections there that I’m probably gonna have a touch-up after, but that’s the part of painting. There’s always some part of imperfection that’s gonna happen case in point right there, little little red on the white, but I can actually paint that over with some white paint with a little bit of a brush and look perfect after [Music] [Music]. All right, guys, it’s visor time. We have our foam strips. We also have our visor already with our little gray tint attached to it and our helmet. What we’re gonna do is take our contact. Cement, brush, two coats of it around the back of the brim of the helmet as well as put a custom contact cement on the front of the visor, only around the edges that way when we place it into the back of the helmet, it will have some adhesion that way it won’t shift and move when we add the foam to lock it into place and keep it secure. Alright, guy’s last, but not least. I added a few little straps on the inside to secure the two pieces together along with the keys that already come with the helmet. So now what we’re gonna be doing just adding some padding. We’re gonna use our cop. Same contact cement, add some padding onto the inside of the helmet on the top and onto the back that way when I put it on it’ll. Be more snug to my head and you guys will see a fully finished. Power ranger helmet. Alright, guys, so we finally finished the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Red Ranger and helmet. And I gotta say it came out so nice. I did take a lot of work, especially the sanding. It took a lot of sanding, but I did manage to finish this baby within a week like I do with the other helmets. Granta, I haven’t been here with almost nearly two months. Now it’s just because of, you know, medical reasons and everything, but I am back babies. I am back and what better way to start off then with the original Red Ranger. And this one is so nice. This is the second red rings. Your helmet that. I’ve made that’s actually 3d printed. The ones I used to make before this would actually Pepakura. So this is actually a nice helmet. I got the file on Etsy. I will share a link down in the description below that way. If you guys are interested in picking up this file, you guys can buy it directly there from the link that I’m going to be sharing with you guys like I said in the description. But I know what you guys are waiting for. I know what you get. How does this baby look being warned? How does it look? The visor is. Oh, my god, guys! I really love this thing. It’s so nice if I was to be cosplaying as a Red Ranger. I would go for the original Red Ranger. He’s like one of my favorites. The original, the first is always the best, and I just love the way. The lines came out and the shine off of this baby is is so cool. I love the way it shine, and it just is just delicious. Listen, guys, remember, guys? I have actually worked. I did about all of the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger helmets. So there are videos for every single. One of you remember to hit that like button hit subscribe from that. You want to see more videos letting? Youtube know that you guys are interested in watching more of this content and that you’re happy that I’m back because I’m back babies on the back and I have more videos to show you. I have a lot more coming, So remember, guys hit that like button hit subscribe and don’t forget. Never forget to hit that notification button, because if you don’t hit that notification, But you’re never Gon know when the next video is going to be up, cuz there’s a lot coming for you guys coming, so show your support if you want to see more. Emer, it’s like those buttons subscribe like notification Bell. That’s the most important thing guys and remember. I will be sharing all the materials I did in the description below as well as where I bought it. And where you can pick it up yourselves and where you can pick up this beautiful file of this Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger helmet that way! If you guys have a 3d printer, you can build it yourselves. And if you don’t have one, you can always contact me so that way you can order one directly from me that I do take orders. Commissions of props, armors. And, of course, helmets And don’t forget guys. I will also be making that video of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Ranger Dragon Shield. I know a lot of you guys are waiting for that one, and I’m going to be bringing you that one guys, so don’t forget guys. I hope you have an awesome weekend a great week and I will see you guys very, very soon [Music] [Music]!

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