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3d Printing: Pac-man Ghost


Hey, it’s! Joel, the 3d printing nerd. And we are gonna print something really cool. It’s a ghost from the video game Pac-man the link was on. Thingiverse and I’ve always wanted one of these, And now that I have 3d printers. I can make my own, so let’s do it. Are you ready? Go, ah, welcome back so like. I said we’re gonna be printing A ghost from the video game Pac-man and I adored the classic age of video games. I played Pac-man and I played Super Mario Brothers and Mario Brothers and in Star Wars with the with the Vector graphics and I played, I had an old Nintendo. I had. I had an Atari 2600 my friend had an Atari 5200 and we played River raid on it. That was fun! A man just brings me back, so I’ve always wanted a ghost from the video game Pac-man and I don’t care, which are the ones if it was inky or Blinky or whatever. But I just wanted one of those ghosts, so now that I have a 3d printer, I can’t have one in and look. Oh, there he is, he’s so cute! Look at a little guy. Okay, okay, here, It’s just for comparison there. That’s how big he is tiny. Look, he’s tiny. This is printed in color fab’s engen material, And I printed this on my 3d Jets, one 3d printer. That’s cute, just a cute little ghost. Little ghosty there. Sadly, this is one of the first times. I’ve printed with engen and the reason I chose the 3d Jentz. One 3d printer is because the hard end gets hot enough and the build blade gets hot enough and it’s just a it’s a great machine to print engine on, And so I gave it a shot and then Vince what it came out to not too bad. It was, um, 235 on the nozzle. It was 75 on the bed. It was point 2 millimeter layers. The rest was was good, but this is so tiny looking so tiny. Oh, you know? I like to print things bigger and the 3d Jentzsch itself has a much bigger build plate and so I have plenty of engine left on the roll. Let’s scream, let’s increase this size and simplify 3d and then let’s shoot a time-lapse and then let’s come back, cuz. It’s gonna be awesome, alright? Are you ready to simplify 3d Alright, look at this. We’re in simplify 3d and here’s the ghost. I’ve already increased it to six hundred percent scale. Oh, man, that’s huge. Well, here just to give you an idea. Here’s what 100% looks like it’s so tiny. It’s so cute and so tiny. But no six hundred percent scale, it’s perfect. Oh, it’s so good here is what I did, then. I’ll show you why I’m going to select all slice it. Baby, almost there we go. I’m including some infill, but I knew that this small amount of infill wasn’t gonna work for this section right here. These are the eyeballs and they they kind of jet out. And if the infill was like that, they wouldn’t be supported, so I’m using multi processes and I’m changing the infill to higher density so that there is more space for these eye ball socket lower parts to stick to, and then once we’re through the rough part of having it meaning support on the inside, I reduce the infill percentage again until until we get closer to the top and it closer to the top. I increase the density again, so that these types of layers right here have something to stick to, and then at the top. It should look nice and golden wonderful. That’s not too bad. It’s not too bad. Says it’s gonna take 13 hours in 56 minutes, But like simplify 3d is commonly known to do its estimate. It’s aren’t exactly perfect so we can give two two-and-a-half hours plus or minus on that, and that’s not too bad shoot. I’m just gonna set print and then, and then let it go. Let it go. Let L kale. Stop, all right. Well, that’s it, look at that. I’ve got multi processes defined so that I can have multiple envel percentages, so I’ve got process one and that stops printing At 72 millimeters tall process, Two starts at 72 and goes to 95 and jumps the infill up to 20% process 3 reduces it back to 3% It starts printing at 95 and goes to 150 And then this one jumps it back up to 20% and starts the printing at 150 millimeters on the Z. I don’t have to specify a stop because it’s just gonna stop. When the model is done well, there we go. Well, let’s slice this again. Let’s throw it on an SD card and let’s put it in that 3d gents, one 3d printer and print it. What do you say? Are you ready, time-lapse? Oh, that was a good time lasted, man. I need to get that. Gopro attached to the actual print bed, Thanks to Preet over at Designbox 3d He sent over this model and it’s a it’s a model for a Gopro camera holder and it attaches to where the print bed is. So it’ll just kind of go right onto the print bed, and you attach it with screws and then this Gopro mount goes on top, and then I can film with the Gopro attached to the bed and it won’t cause any sort of dizziness or motion sickness. So, hey, pre thank you, Thank you for this model, and I will attach it to the 3d Jets as soon as I can all right without any further ado, It’s time to show off the model that just printed on the 3d Jets won and here. It is okay, so for size comparisons, it’s it’s nearly the size of my head. This is the ghost from PAC Man. Oh, it’s so awesome. A few things about this print. What I noticed one. The areas inside the eyeball right, right, There are Saints in the light. It’s the light there we go. You can see it, it’s right there. It’s right there. It didn’t really turn out as good as I wanted it to turn out and as well on the tops of the the eyeball as well. The top of the print does look good. Yeah, let’s go over here into the light. Look at that the top of the print. The top of the print looks fantastic. It really came out well. They’re huge issue was bed adhesion on the 3d Gentz, one look at it’s see if I can find it. It’s just squished right there. That one’s just squished because it just it just came up off the pad. The 3d gens one is a ceramic build plate and so. I’ve been using magic Goo before then. I tried purple glue stick. And it just didn’t hold very well. The magic goo mostly works. But if you have any experience with a ceramic build plate. I would love to hear what you use for bed adhesion. Besides the bed adhesion, this model turned out fairly well. One thing I wasn’t expecting is is some of the Z banding here and it has to it’s it has to do with the layer goes from 3% infill to 20% infill to 3% infill and right where it was doing the 20% infill. I’m getting a little bit of Z banding. And I’m not sure I’m not sure why that’s that’s weird, right I. I don’t know, you know. I’ll send an email off to simplify 3d and see what’s going on. Maybe maybe maybe it’s something that I did. I don’t know, but look at that Pac-man’s ghosts. Oh, so cool, is this inky or blinky or stinky or minke or whatever the other ones are. I totally forgot anyway. Yes, cool, cool model 3d Jets, one color, crabs, engine, awesome. Hey, before we close out. I want to show off my sweet, sweet printed. Solid t-shirt printed solid is run by Matt and Matt’s a good friend of mine and the reason I’m wearing. This shirt is because Matt and printed solid are the ones that host my t-shirt sales. That’s right, you can get an official 3d printing nerd t-shirt from printed solid and the link is down in the description, and so you know? Matt also has these sweet printed solid t-shirts. I don’t know, this is red. My shirts are blue, so it’s really up to you. Which one you want. You want blue? You want blue? You want blue? Alright, put a fork in it. I think this video is done. Thanks for coming along on this journey and watching this short little video of mine, a big thanks to my patrons who support me at Patreoncom, don’t! Forget to like this video. If you found something likable, leave a comment in the comment section. If you have a question about anything and please, if you run a ceramic build plate, tell me what you use for bed adhesion other than that. I love you! All virtual hugs as always high-five. Here we go is Joel telling in his printed 3d he likes, um, put him on a gun from destiny, and when you call him a nerd and stand up proudly, cuz He’s packing some heat from his Youtube family. He can review printers until he falls to the floor. Then he’ll give them away like go. Brian, Oh, floor is the Wamba walls by G Max XT, then a Breaking Bad bowling Loco’s Taco, crispy, pretty cushy in his hand for his dream. He sets up his Gopro and prints out pup and a bank to send a dollar to put in his head or a self-addressed envelope ur sticker. Instead, there’s a nerd walk. Some foxes infuses babies, and they’ll open your mail every single Friday and as you can see that Pancake and Silliman Sonic, these holidays, we don’t like you support on Patreon subscribe and as always high five.

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