Orange Pi Plus 2 Vs Raspberry Pi 3 | Battle Of Pi´s #5 – Orangepi Pc Vs Raspberry Pi 3 *english*

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Battle Of Pi´s #5 - Orangepi Pc Vs Raspberry Pi 3 *english*


[MUSIC] Welcome back to another battle of pies today, the orange PIPC against the Raspberry Pi 3 As you know, our spy PC has a quad-core, a seven-course X CPU at one point 6 Gigahertz one gig of DDR3 Memory. The Raspberry Pi 3 can see what Cord Cortex a53 at 1.2 Gigahertz and one gig of DDR2 memory. Let’s begin with nintendo64 with double 7 Good ni as we can see a PPC. Well, a little bit faster. Both had trouble. Milltown, a better experience on our spy to see. Now I have mono combat for the rest. Verify free version runs better. The image quality is better or the rest at 5/3 This town is chocking on those platforms. And you’re a spy to me. Has a future. We can see the screen. Tyree, here cutting sub zero line scorpion. And here we can compare the brightness of cash. Berry pie image. Now that’s you a little bit better about 250 [MUSIC] They found can be reached at some time on both platforms. [MUSIC] Now, who’s mean it goes way way better on Ill? PCC faster book has Chucky’s pounds. It’s playable. If you turn down the volume input something else to this vampire rustling. Now the PHP is turned with Grand Theft. Auto is low both platforms, but way faster on our spicy [Music] Ridge Racer faster and running really really well on -5 screen, especially without a movie [Applause] [Music]. We love to go go now through Fighter Alpha 3 That’s it. Unarmed cytosine. Better come on our final burn strike together 3 since a little chick that our own breasts are by 3 from screen firing on our spicy drink at will talk to extreme rater to run almost defensive. A little bit faster and Raspberry. Pi 3 both bad sounds and music. Now it’s just right, radio. Very, very similar performance in sailing people on the music and helmet now marvel receptive to the Raspberry Pi 3 not a little bit better. It has Alisha’s and recognition that there are specialty work, assert the line the conference on the launch by family. [MUSIC] income at a game running on name the finish with a new Zotero runs perfectly on both platforms. [MUSIC] Now amuse you with real boats out of food, both sides on trend perfectly another, no problem game running on media. [MUSIC] clear, think done better today. Give a comment, don’t forget to. Like, and subscribe more battle 5 next week.

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