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Top 5 Most Useful 3d Prints! (2020)


[MUSIC] What’s going on everybody and welcome back to my channel? My name is Adam James. And for those of you don’t know. I studied Plastics and composites, engineering and specialize in consumer product design for mass manufacturing have years of experience with 3d printers, injection, molding machines and CAD engineering software. In this episode. I’d like to highlight my top five most useful 3d prints in 2020 my previous episodes have focused more so on fusion 360. But that’s not all this channel will be about if you’re interested in learning more about fusion 360. And the CAD software that I use day to day for startup and hobbyist use, feel free to check out my other videos on my channel, and I’ll include a link in the description below to fusion 360. As well, fusion 360. Is free for hobbyist use, And I personally recommend it for my top five most useful 3d prints. I’m going to rate these on a rating system that I have come up with based on three different factors. These factors include one usability, aka. How often you use the product that’s been printed two. The cost to make, uh, the cost will be based on the cost per gram of filament links below to the filaments. I recommend for each application will be included and then the time to print each of these variables will be rated on a scale from one to five one being the least ideal and five being the best. The best score one of these prints could get is 15. So for example, a print that you use every day, AKA A high usability score costs almost nothing to make a high cost score and takes almost no time to print a high time to print score will get a 3d print rating of 15. Please note, all of these 3d print files are available for free on thingiversecom and I’ll be giving credit to the designers in the links below as well as when I call out the product designs associated with them, remember? The title of the video is top 5 most useful 3d prints, so we need to focus more so on the usability score, but figured, including cost and time in there as well is good for reference. Now we’ll start with the prints that have the lowest sum to begin with, and we’ll end the video with the best or the top rated prints, right. This here is a hand towel holder. Uh, our bathroom, actually at this house did not have a hand towel holder, so I figured it’d be nice to 3d print one, and I didn’t want to take the time to design this product so found one on thingiverse the links below while I’m talking. I’m also going to probably include a short video of the product actually being used. So this is the product itself. It’s a really really simplistic design, but in terms of usability. I gave it a rating of five since printing this out about a month ago. Uh, and replacing or actually installing the hand towel holder just with some command strips. Uh, I use it every day, right. How often do you use a hand towel? Um, after you’ve either used the restroom. I would like to think every day, right, So usability gets vibe cost to make this took up 158 grams of filament. I printed it with PLA because it’s not being exposed to UV light and it’s being kept indoors and is generally not being suscepted to hard loading conditions or intense loading conditions, right. This is a hand towel. So pla was the filament of choice here. Um, at five cents per gram. The total came out to dollars and ninety cents to print this. Uh, now generally, I can get filament for pretty cheap. Uh, but this is just a Google search for cost per gram of filament, um, based on the type of material, so we’re just going to use these standards throughout the video, but you might be able to make it cheaper based on our rating system. That is a two, anything from six to eight dollars. Uh, gets a two and the time to print. This thing took, uh, 33 hours and 11 minutes so over a day. Uh, and how did I print this? It was like this, so Ill maybe include a time lapse to the 3d print as well, but 33 hours and 11 minutes and according to my 3d print rating system that gets a one out of five and totaling. All these up for usability cost making time to print this print gets an 8. But usability. Superb use this thing every day, moving on to our next most useful 3d print. Is this shower music mate now? It says kitsune on the back here again I will link, uh, the product designer down below and give them a shout out, so this is called the shower. Music, mate. And you essentially put your phone in here and there’s some speaker amplification slots at the bottom and you hang it over. Say your shower door and music projects out that way and it actually works really well. It does make the music louder. It’s a sound enhancer. It’s got some protective shielding for the water. This little hinge here was actually in my most recent video, the STL files into fusion 360. So if you’d like to understand how to modify STL from thingiverse like this to compensate for your shower door thickness. Go ahead and click on that link and check that video out as well usability. Definitely give this a five, Uh, every single day. I like listening to music in the shower. It’s just maybe that’s just me, but you just pop your phone in and it just sits. There Just sits there all day. This was printed out of pla, so the cost to make was at the end. Five cents per gram. Uh, it took up 93 grams of filament, so the total came to 4.65 to print this, uh, entire two component assembly, so on our rating system from one to five for cost to make. I gave it a three. Um, time to print. This took over a day as well. Uh, 25 hours and 18 minutes. I’ll include a time lapse of this print as well, so I gave it a one. So print score is nine. If I was to do this again, I would probably print it out of petg just because, uh, petg is better for water-based applications again. PLA and ABS are hygroscopic. Um, so maybe not the best, but we’ll see how it holds up, right. Uh, I’ve been using this for at least three weeks now and seems to be doing great. Next we’ve got this shoe support wall. Mount and I will probably overlay a video of how these actually work because it’s not very intuitive when just seeing these products in person or even over video. But essentially you put your shoe in like this and mount it to a wall and it holds up, and it works pretty well, but as you can see, um, if you keep this for a long period of time, especially with vans like this, which are made of canvas in the toe box. It might leave some indents there, but nothing too big, not a big deal for athletic shoes. It’s not a problem, um, but in terms of usability, definitely a five out of five. Uh, use this every day. Um, everybody has shoes. Most everybody has a wall. Of course, less people have a 3d printer to actually manufacture this themselves, so I gave it a 5 out of 5 for usability in terms of cost to make on scale from one to five again. Uh, both of these or the total amount of material combined for both of these is 43 grams. Uh, at five cents a gram again. This is made out of PLA. That’s two dollars and fifteen cents, So I gave it a four out of five now. Time to print, um, to print both both of these. It took 10 hours and nine minutes, which is pretty long so anything. Above eight hours, I gave it a one. Um, so that got a one out of five, so totaling all those up. We’ve got 10 out of 15. For the shoe support Wall Mount [Applause] so coming up next. We have the backpack buckle. Now this one’s been interesting, because in fact, I’ve got some other failed prototypes here as you can see. This one’s made out of abs. This one’s made out of pla and they both snapped. Actually, all of them snapped and what I realized is that the stress concentration is happening at these edges, and I was tending to print them laying down on the bed like this with the layer height going up, so I actually reoriented the latest revision like this. So the layer height or the layers are going perpendicular to the height of the component, and that actually helped with this stress concentration on the edges And as you can see. It works really well. I actually use these for our hot tub in the backyard. Uh, because a couple of the clips broke and a link to the thingiverse file is down below. Um, usability. Don’t use this every day. I gave it a four. Uh, cost to make on a scale from one to five again. Uh, it took 18 grams of filament to print this entire assembly at five cents per gram. That’s 90 cents. So that’s between zero to two dollars, So I gave it a five. Um, in terms of time to print, It only took five hours and 16 minutes, which isn’t too bad for 3d printing. And if you’re relatively new, that’s not too bad. Um, so I gave it a 3 out of 5 so total print score out of 15. It gets a 12. Now. It should be noted that if this is going to be used in a hot application like or stay in the sun for a long period of time to prevent warpage. Um, I would definitely print this with an ABS material. [MUSIC] Like this. But if you’re going to use it on a backpack or it has limited exposure to UV light and low temperature applications. Pla should do just fine all right now. My favorite or most useful 3d print of 2020 Uh, comes in as the steering column phone. Mount now it’s just these two little frame components. I actually put these adhesive. Uh, 3m adhesive on the bottom and it essentially. Let’s see if I can grab my phone. I’ll overlay a video of how this actually works. Uh, but you just insert your phone, Uh, and mount it on the dash like this and it. It works surprisingly well, and I could back. I’m gonna back this up with a little bit of data. So 91.3 percent of households in the US. Have access to vehicles, right, and according to another Google search Eighty-one percent of American’s own smartphones, which have access to a GPS system, which you would be most likely to mount this on your dash or your steering column to use right, that’s I. I would hope that’s why you’re mounting your phone up to look at it. Not maybe, you know Netflix or Youtube or hopefully You’re not watching this video while using the steering column phone mount. But if we based our data on the Google search data trends that I had just mentioned, then we get about a 3.69 out of 5 but we’ll round that out as we’re not being super exact with any of these scores here and we’ll give it a 4 out of 5 for usability in terms of cost to make this. Both of these combined only took eight grams of, uh, ab’s material. I printed this with abs because the dash of your car. Especially in california, gets really, really hot like very hot. I left, uh, one of my 3d printed components in the car. Uh, just yesterday and it warped completely. Uh, I’m printing it right now. It’s probably what you hear in the background. Um, so cost to make eight grams multiply that by 5 cents per gram because generic ABS and PLA costs the same, according to Google. Um, so we get 40 cents for this entire assembly 40 cents to mount your, uh, your phone to your dash. Now, granted, that doesn’t include the 3m adhesives. Um, so we’re not including those This is simply just the plastic and the cost to 3d print these so Costa make give it a five five out of five now time to print two hours and 31 minutes. We were, we had some prints, which were what 33 hours and 25 hours over a day, so imagine that in two hours and 31 minutes, you could grab this, put some 3m on and put it on your dash and actually have a usable product that you could use every single day while driving. That’s pretty cool, so print score. I gave this 13 out of 15. Super cool print. Uh, again, I will link the maker and thingiverse down below. Definitely check it out again. All these files are available to 3d print. And then if you’d like to see some of my personal 3d printed product designs that I’ve made from scratch. That could be another video. Let me know if you’d like to see that in the comments, but that sums up this top five most useful 3d prints in 2020 be sure to like comment and subscribe. And I will catch you in the next one, see ya! [MUSIC] Ah!

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