Monoprice Mp Select Mini 3d Printer V2 Review | Monoprice Select Mini V2 Test – Wie Gut Ist Der 3d Drucker Für Ca. 200€? - Dein 3D-Druck Blog

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Monoprice Select Mini V2 Test - Wie Gut Ist Der 3d Drucker Für Ca. 200€?


Hi, welcome to the moon. Price segment v2 Test from golemde of the LFV 2 is really hab S. Best of budget printer 2018 has become an initial question for the printer is now the month is due mini v2 suitable for beginner’s, lets. Find out that the little one comes with one micro SD card 1 in the hexagonal key, a spatula and a little filament die by temperature is 250 degrees Celsius maximum and the heating temperature 60 degrees Celsius with which you can only print PR at first. But I’ve also seen that people could use it to drug PTG and that I would like to test it in another video. The maximum printing speed is 55 mm per second, which is mine in my opinion realistic. In contrast to the 100 or sometimes, even 200 mm per second with the 3d printer kits from China, Optimal resolution is here with 0.08 seven millimeters specified by the manufacturer mono price and the other’s resolution values ​​are with the normal 01 31 mm, around with 0.2 mm, quickly with me. The following test all pressed with 0.2 Mm, you can with the mono circle. Celle IV, 23 objects up to a size of 120 X 120 X 120 mm printing. The 3.7 inch display is not a touch display, but a color display you can control the printer, eg. Via Wifi, USB, or as I always do via micro SD card and last, but not least the small one weighs 4.5 kilograms. Before I could start the first print, Of course, I first had to use a beggar here. Of course I take a din a4 sheet. Unfortunately, it is a little fiddled because the screws with the one in six connections have to be rotated And then I have to move the print head to the side. Push [Music] on the included 128 mega. Yes, you are right. I megabyte Micro SD card is the obligatory one angle cat from China, which is actually in every 3d printer is included and as a test object. I have the supplied material in not used in this case because, firstly, it is very little and secondly, it has. So far, I have often had bad experiences with the supplied filament and that’s why I fall back on material that I already know to be able to exclude a source of error from the outset as far as possible. I have moved several print objects to test. I come to the results. The printing processes usually look the same as the printing surface here is coated. The material holds up. Well, unfortunately, too well, and thus the. The spatula provided you just can’t get down. The thing is over! Plastic is thick and cannot be removed because it will turn out to be special tool. What the Sherpas and in the long run also the printing surface. I want to damage it, then in the future on FM4 or to change patina because I can also make a video for you. Otherwise there are instructions on how to finish it on the page and the can I pack in below. You see, that is with the special tool. It is not quite just to come under the pressure of the object, but I have made it and come to myself to the results of the tests and here I start with the rocket. I can hardly any errors Found in any other 3d printer test so far I had been able to print this rocket without errors. Even the tip has become relatively good without me, having to do much with the settings of Simplify had to change. The profile supplied seems very well set too be with the rocket. I had a little problem and that is simple. 4.1.1 Has one error in the last number, and I have had that printed cheerfully. When I noticed the mistake, I got the book object, Of course removed and restarted the print, the supplied cat, namely the settings from the factory was quasi, pressed some blogs and sit relatively small and a little streaming on the ears. They can be removed there and I wanted to leave them there. For the time being so you can see how the 3d printer prints without me there. Now, which have reworked, we don’t have babble is more recognizable in the cat than in all of them other objects [music]. Next I printed this lion head. I am a huge lion fan with the silver material. It looks particularly good. Look at you, the surface on. So how should I say I’m impressed by that little? What do you think about the different print objects and the results? Just write the comments or do you have the 3d printer? Do you have problems with it? Let us know about it discuss. This is my favorite color. I like that pattern and like almost all other objects that go up in the air, it has this one also scaled down to a height of eleven centimeters, and yet it is great from the printer. Welcome to race mode, of course. [MUSIC] Next comes this tower. The tower again with the silver material pressed, just look at the result, as I said. I think it’s very good. It’s still a bit grim as I move to disconnect. But we can all manage that so to recognize this partly to the meet. I look bad. [MUSIC] Next you come city is called. I think so back down to 11 cm in height scaled and the result is again very good for the fact that the included profile from simple free. The idea is, actually I have little to complain about. Millions of blogs and chats back then, but as I said. If you are familiar with it, you can change the settings over time. Then you get the feeling that it is even better and it is already very well. Just take a look at it because there is streaming here and there. I left there and if not a lot streaming, then there was really little streaming. All small details can be seen. Tips are very good without saying anything completely. I used to be fused and there isn’t much to complain about edition said the blogs and chats force a little and babbel is a too little can be seen, however, of this printer optimize and finish for 160 to 190 euro film poker. That’s not the case badly. We come to the throne of game of Thrones scaled down to eleven centimeters, printed with the silver filament. The thing is again became very nice As I said out of the boards with the supplied profile from simply free, except for little things here and there again and streaming on The tips of the swords can be done either with a lighter or with optimize the settings, Beck. We now come to the assessment of the mono price. Due if IV 2 are the advantages that the printer is plug and level at print, you can set it and then straight to the printer, robust structure, simple, clear menu. You can not go wrong. The print is very good for out of the box. The calorific value surface adheres well, even too. Well, in my opinion, something is little of a disadvantage because over time this can or will lead to you. Pressure surface is damaged. If you approach it with almost pointed tools, the pressure there is relatively quiet and it has a component fan at the same time. One percent fan is there. You have to watch over the course of time. Whether you are small settings, no settings can be implemented with it, But like Durian Dem small details east, everything turned out great. The disadvantages are the micro SD card is only 128 megabytes in size, which is a bit ridiculous, though, to eradicate relatively cheap Or you go to okto print. The calorific value alignment is associated with a bit of fiddling therefore in six connections. I’ve already told you that, and I’ve already seen that too. There are upgrades to be able to align the bed by hand, So Dokunovela also printed. After a short research, I have also seen that people also give each. For example. Also the have printed with it. I’ll try it out and tell you in the let us know about the times here or on the site. The temperatures fluctuate by up to five degrees at the nozzle and three when printing up to four degrees in the bed. But so far, I have not discovered any errors or no problem arose, but over time. I had to show whether you can manage that. The printer then shows a more stable image as far as the temperatures are concerned. My initial question was the Mac Mini v2 suitable for beginners and the answer is yes, because you get a good one complete package and does not have to build anything that can be a source of error for beginners. This minimizes the world of 3d printing with the 3d printer. Immerse yourself in the sturdy printer and also sit on the 3d printer, say the many 3d printed parts and upgrades need. Otherwise, you don’t have a problem. If you don’t have any other printer, the monopolist also upgrade a little to that. I may come to the In addition point. I will first throw myself on the loft bed and with f4 or Patinex, perform an upgrade and yes, if it is the printer. So this one month Bares Mini v2 a few years ago would have been given at the price then. I would have dedicated something to this in my early days, too. For some trailer. It is important that the print is sent by Amazon itself. So if you have problems that can be eliminated over time you can. Just send it back and have no problems with the return process, especially this is very important for beginners. So that was it from me. I hope she liked the video. If not, then tell me if you then do you tell your friends click like how on the bell. See you soon luck on.

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