Monoprice Maker Pro Mk.1 Review | Monoprice Maker Pro 3d Printer Review

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Monoprice Maker Pro 3d Printer Review


Hi, everybody and welcome to the 3d print zone in this video. I’m going to be reviewing the Monoprice maker Pro 3d printer. I’m going to talk about some of the specifications and the features that this machine has to offer. And then I’m going to talk about some things I like and what I don’t like about this printer and at the end of the video. I’m going to show some examples, so you can see the quality of the prints so you might be saying. Wait a second, doesn’t that printer Look exactly like the one? How Duplicator 9 and the answer is yes. It does, and that’s because it’s essentially the exact same printer. It’s pretty common with Chinese manufacturers. They’ll take the same printer, same hardware, same electronics, same everything they’ll slap their own logo on top of it and then rebrand it as their own, so in this case when how Duplicator 9 and the mana price maker Pro are essentially the exact same printer, so the two most reliable sources to purchase this printer would either be directly from the Monoprice website, Or alternatively, I would recommend purchasing it on Amazon. They have free Two-day shipping and it’s the exact same price, So I’m gonna put links down below in the description, so you could check those out at the end of the video. The box came super well packed and overall, the assembly process was really easy. Took me less than 30 minutes to put it all together. I’ve created a whole separate video just showing the unboxing and the setup process so again, check out the description below and you can find a link to that video, so let’s dive right into the features and specifications of this printer. So the mana price maker Pro has a heated bed and a build volume of 300 by 300 by 400 millimeters. So you get a really nice Large print volume with a relatively inexpensive printer. The machine is built very well with the solid metal frame and all the electronics built right into the printer. This includes a super responsive touch screen. LCD display, so one of my favorite features of this printer has got to be the flexible magnetic build surface. This makes removing prints super easy, and you don’t need a scraper or anything. The printer comes with an all-metal hot end with an MK1 extruder. And you can see here that there’s a proximity sensor which allows you to perform automatic bed leveling, which is a really nice feature. This saves you a lot of time. Essentially, what automatic bed leveling is the printer before running any print will touch various points along the print bed, and it will create a layout to see how level the bed is and automatically adjusts for any unlevel. No sopran. This is really a nice feature to make sure that you get a nice, perfect first layer of your print to ensure that you get good adhesion and to make sure that the print quality overall will come out good as the print continues. So another nice feature of this printer is the auto resume functionality. So if you have a power failure, the printer will automatically pause where it’s at and then once the power comes back on, you can restart the print right from where you left off, and you won’t lose it, so let’s say you’re doing a three-day print and the power cuts off briefly for 10 seconds. You’re not going to lose the entire print. It’ll be able to start right back up where it stopped. It’s also worth mentioning that the printer comes with a free roll of filament as well as all the standard accessories you would get with any 3d printer, the mono price maker. Pro will work with essentially any open-source slicer program. My favorite one to use is cura. It’s also compatible with the Raspberry Pi. So if you’re planning to run octo print on this machine, then feel free to do so overall. I’m very happy with my decision to purchase the mono price maker Pro. There are two things about the printer that I don’t love. The first one would be just the overall size of the machine. It takes up quite a bit of desk space, so you just have to keep that in mind. Whether you’re putting this somewhere in your house or in a shop, it’s gonna use up quite a lot of footprint on your desk. The second thing I don’t love about the machine would be the the flex cable, so the well that routes from the extruder that goes to the base of the printer. The routing of the cable is not really ideal and because it’s white compared to the black printer. It stands out a lot so one thing. I would hope monoprice we do down. The road would would be to take this flex cable make it a black color and try to hide it and integrate it into the printer. A little bit better so now. I just wanted to show you a couple example prints that I made with this machine so as we could see here. The quality of all these prints came out really nice. These were printed at 0.2 millimeter layer. Heights, I typically print with the print speeds down pretty slow just because I’d rather get a nice quality print and waited a little bit longer for the print to finish. I know some people like to run the Machine a little bit faster, But I find that if you run it just a little bit slower. Yeah, it may take an extra hour to, but the quality of the prints comes out fantastic. This is a printer that I would recommend to anyone. Whether you’re brand new to 3d printing. And you’re a beginner or you’re an expert and you have multiple 3d printers already. This is really a great printer for anyone. I strongly encourage if you have any questions to leave those in the comment section below, and I’ll be sure to get back and reply and help you out with those. 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