Man U Logo 3d | Making And 3d Printed Vespa Logo Using 3ds Max And Sli3r Software

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Making And 3d Printed Vespa Logo Using 3ds Max And Sli3r Software


Hey, guys, welcome back. So a friend of mine asked me if I can create a Vespa logo and 3d printed, and I say why not so let’s get started. Lets press all W and let’s go to plane, create a simple plane and then let’s go to M material, go to this matter what defuse and press on diffuse Go to bitmap and let’s go to this, so when I have my logo and drag it and drop it on the plane and let’s go show material in viewport. Now let’s go and add our UV map. Let’s go for Fitness it and bring back the logo like this, and now let’s go to Gizmo Press E to go in rotate and then let’s go to angle snap. Now, let’s rotate it to 90 degree. Thank you like this and now press. R to scale, and let’s scale it up. I gladly disclose the material. I think we are good first thing that I forgot to do is to go to unit setup and this should be millimeter and this one the same, so press. OK, and let’s go here. Let’s move it slightly down, right, Click object properties uncheck shows of frozen for good, so uncheck show frozen in grey check back face call, and let’s freeze this object. Press T to go in the top SF3 Press G and let’s go to splines and select the right. So let’s make a quick line roughly does no need to be that perfect, a few points here and there, and now that this V section, it’s too small and I will make it thicker later, because if not until you printed, it will be breakup on your hands because it’s too sensible, so let’s finish up the big shapes by pressing the small rotate from the mouse. You will hang it and do not lose your spline clothesline, and let’s create the inner ones, so lets. Go for this one, you yes. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] Let’s select this one and Ctrl-c ctrl-v. Let’s copy and drag it over here and we have one more to do unto two more to do if I can find this hard, it would be great. Oh, my God, that was with this matter and one more to go great. Now, let’s select one line and let’s go to attach booty pies like control a select all, and we have just one line. Now let’s read this one lets. Look at this control. A first thing, right, click, lets. Move them all and then, right, click again and let’s add. Dave here, so like this. One scale it down. We can scale this one down. I think you got the idea. I really need to take a Maus. I really need to buy a mouse that does not make such notice. I’m going to speed up this video. You got the idea, so see when I’m making the next step [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now that I’ve done with preparing the spline? I want to do one more thing, so I’m going to go through Vertex and let’s move this to the right a bit because this page, it’s a bit too thin and it will be break up when I’m going to play with it so next step, I’m going to go to each form and receipt that phone, right, Click and cover the poly. And then you can go to bevel. I hope I have it over here. You can go to modify this and let’s apply them because. I’ve already plain. I have this tenth the height, but this is the default so on cue and then let it go and bring up the tent, okay. Great, now, let’s go to Level 2 and we can play with the height, so let’s go for 1 press f4 to see it is too big, so let’s go to 0.4 and then let’s bring this 0.5 but I’m going to sell it on -. It’s a bit too strong. Let’s see on 3 4 I think we are there now. We can go and add an edit poly press. F and let’s select one edge all R and lets press connect select vertex. Let’s delete the bottom. We keep the top one with the bevel and then let’s go and add symmetry. I don’t have the symmetry or shortcut, so I need to add it. Let’s go to s at symmetry. Let’s go to Z. We don’t need to flip. Lets press Mero F again and bring this up at four. What I want to do is to put one zero. Be on front of the one like this as you can see. The interior is not connected so we can go to edit Poly. Let’s go to border, select everything. Then let’s deselect the big one and this one. I need to deselect this one. Plus F F 3 by pressing shift, we will bring down the interior. We can go like this and select the vertex and lets press R and then just drag enough. You can see we just drag the Z down, and you will see that everything is will be perfectly arranged. So, ctrl. Z bring it down until everything is flat perfect. Now, let’s close this panel. Let’s go back to symmetry. I think it’s way better, okay. We can go and let affect the World Center. Don’t forget to control us to save, and then we can go back to. Let’s go to modify X 4 right, click and edit Poly, and now I’m going to use the simple plain. I’m going to use propane and depending on your size you can set, Let’s set it to 5 or I know it’s too small 7 then just scale it down. Please, let’s read this one and let’s apply again. The xfor’m right click. Edit Poly now simple as that. I’m going to go Expore Disto and let’s go to a CL or OBJ doesn’t matter for now. I already have it this part. Let’s go with that press. Yes, press ok and now. I’m going to bring up my slicer or the slicer is a free software. Also, you will have slicer for proofs. Ah, if you use. Pusa that use it. Default settings that you can choose from here, the details, etc. I’m going to go for this one. And also it’s set for proof’s failure. So well, you can find it for free on internet you can download. I’m going to bring up my model. Just go to desktop. Bring up Vespa pretty cool. I’m not going to change a lot of things because I already say that my Prasad is already set, so I know that I do not need the support for this one, so be pleased if I’m going to go to print settings and then if I want more detail. I’m going to set for 0.03 but I think I’m going to go big. Go like this, and then I’m going to keep everything going to infield and for infield. I want everything full. So under percent, I’m going to press. Yes, because the cubic if you is not supported, so you’re going to change to rectilinear? I’m going to keep everything like this. I do not need support filament. It will be set by default for proofs. Ah, and it’s got to later and go to slice now and then. I’m going to go to preview and easy as that. I will have the preview of Vespa, and now I’m going to export G-code and I’m going to call it Vespa. So that’s it for now. I’m going to move to my 3d printing and I’m going to make some time-lapse. Thank you for watching and see you next time. Take care! [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music].

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