Lilo And Stitch 3d | 3d Printed Stitch Figure! [disney’s Lilo & Stitch]

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3d Printed Stitch Figure! [disney's Lilo & Stitch]


Hey, guys, welcome back to. Kat’s kortek. My name is Garrett. And today we are going to be making stitch from Lilo &. Stitch, let’s get started. Hi, oh, wow, Lilo and? Stitch came out a little bit after the time in my childhood, where I watched every Disney movie that came out, but it was one that my younger brother and sister watched a lot. So I ended up seeing it and I enjoyed it a lot. My brother actually used to run around, making us laugh by thing like stitch. It was such a unique movie in a lot of ways. It had so much heart in an unexpected places for me, especially in the beginning since Dish was almost a villainous character, but we quickly start to realize that he was just confused and misunderstood and as a thirteen-year-old nerd who lived in a town where football was everything that was something that I could relate to, and stitch exhibited some very doglike behaviors and some of the most touching parts of the movie into this day. I still attribute part of why I love dogs so much to stitch and why I’ve always treated my dogs not as pets, but as part of a family, Ohana moves family five others. Hmm, nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Yeah, so with all that in mind. I knew I had to do this model. Justice there were so many different options for ways to portray stitch. He has the alien form with antennae and forearms. He has a ravenous and evil look, and he has a fun-loving and wondrous look. I chose that last option because those were my favorite parts of the movie and as for the post specifically, there’s one picture online. I went off for this model, and I think it accurately shows the classic stitch that I love and it’s more of a dynamic pose than just sitting or standing. And I figured I’d throw in some fun facts about Lilo and Stitch. This movie was one of a few Disney movies that was an original story and not an adaptation of a classic tale stitch as a character was originally created as a pitch for a children’s book in 1985 by a man named Chris Sanders. Also, the original story had stitch landing in Kansas instead of Hawaii, which I found interesting since I live nearby in Nebraska, but it was changed because Hawaii’s that the plot better and was more interesting. Go figure so to wrap this up. Stitch has always been an interesting character to me and interesting beyond the movie because there hasn’t been a film in the series since 2006 and even in 2017 You can’t go into a Disney shop or store without seeing a whole area devoted to stitch so given that he was one of my favorite characters and obviously has a place in the hearts of a lot of people of all ages. I was very happy to be able to bring him to life, and I hope I’ve done him. Justice [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music]. Alright, guys, well, there you have it. This is stitch and I’m actually pretty proud of this thing. It’s by far one of the most daunting and difficult models that I’ve made in ZBrush and actually did it in one sitting. It took about six hours, but I had the time and I was like you know what I’m just going to get this thing done because I know that if I were to stop in the middle of it, it would be hard to come back and finish it because there’s sort of a period when I’m modeling, but somewhere in the middle where I just don’t think I can do it. And so if I stop during that period, it’s very, very hard to come back to the model because I’m discouraged about it and where this one was so difficult. I just decided to just do it, and I actually did. AB sort of a crisis towards the beginning of it when I had him modelled standing up Just so I can keep symmetry on. It was pretty tough to sort of see the shapes and where they needed to go but once. I think it was about the time that I got his ears on there. I could really start to see the shape a bit better and from there, it got a bit easier and I was actually able to complete it, so I’m pretty proud of this, and she’ll see did an amazing job like she always does, but she actually went above and beyond for this one and sanded the ever living crap out of it. You can see in the footage right before this, and we actually decided to put the footage in there of her standing and stuff like that. We don’t usually do that, but if she sanded this one a ton and I think it really shows in this model now at the end of these videos sometimes. I put them up on the shelf so they can take their place, but this one is actually not going to have a home on our show. One of Chelsea’s cousins. His name is Matt. I know he watches these occasionally. So hi, Matt. If you’re watching, he actually just graduated from high school and stitch is one of his favorite characters, so we will be giving this stitch model to him, so congratulations. Matt and I hope you like it. Alright, guys, well. If you want to see the full modelling video or the full painting video, so you can see what we did in specific areas links to those are down in the description as well as the files. If you want to download this in print one for yourself. And there are also Amazon affiliate links down there, too. All the equipment that we use because we get questions a lot on what, like specific airbrush? Chelsea uses in the paints that she uses so those links are down there. If you have a question about anything else that we don’t list there, Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction. Okay, guys, well, thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this. And if you like this, maybe you’d like to see some of the other. Disney characters that I’ve made in the top video right over here. You can actually see Mrs. Potts and Chip right behind me and right below. That is another one of my modeling videos, so click on one of those. If you want to see more, thanks for watching guys and until next time, keep creating.

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