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Tethan Props - Kylo Ren Lightsaber Build


You that lightsaber. It belongs to me. Come, dude! Hey, guys, welcome back to tip and props. I’m Jeremy, and sorry, it’s been so long since my last video, I’ve been busy getting married and had getting a dog and all that kind of stuff, so I’m gonna make a big effort to make more tutorials, so stick around for a lot more videos. I decided to make color and glaze over from the force awakens. If any of you have seen the trailer for the last Jedi, you’ll see a short clip in there. That’s got Kylo Ren’s lightsaber on the ground and it looks really clean and really shiny, so I don’t know if that’s flashback whether it cleans the lightsaber, get to refurbish or anything like that, but I just decided to go with the one that is in the force awakens because I really like how beat up and how uses it’s 3d printed, so I’ve got the files from my manufacturer online, so I’ll put a link below so you can access those files yourself. I printed this out in PLA plastic. So overall, it was about 10 hours of printing time. [MUSIC] So all up, there was seven parts to this lightsaber. So I printed them all that separately, so I printed this in PLA, not ABS, which means that the Lockharts of sand, you can’t use acetone smoothing on it to smooth it out, so it just takes a lot of hard work with sanding it down the sandpaper, using filler primer to fill in all those little gaps, sanding it. Phillip, I mean standing still. So you just repeat that process. Maybe five times, and you end up with a perfectly smooth and uniform serve so the whole thing when gluing together 3d prints. I like to use five-minute epoxy because it means that you can have that little bit of extra time to get them in the right spot. Get them where you want rather than the likes to deliver as soon as you touch those together. They are glued there, so the weak. [MUSIC] Once it was all glued together, I gave it one final coat with filler primer and sanded that back, getting it ready to paint so to paint this. I started off with a clear gloss undercoat so just painted the entire thing to make sure I got every single part covered because the filler primer that I was using was yellow, so you don’t want any yellow? It’s poking through the package once a lot of the gloss black down. I then used a aluminium silver spray paint and I use a very light coat just to build up a sort of more metallic feel to the gloss black and because it was gloss and things that was already Nice is Charlie, so I just need to get the hint of silver to it Because color implies David use a black lightsaber, but it does have a tinge of silver throughout it, so it was a very light coating of aluminium silver and it gave it a really nice effect to do all the little highlights that you see on the handle and a bit lower down on the pommel. I simply just mask those off and use the same silver spray paint and gave them the Sun. So on this lightsaber on the emitters and the sides here, there’s actually a bit of tarnishing to the metal, so it’s a lot silver versus the black of the rest of the evils so to do that. I simply just hold it out to the side. Got my silver spray paint and just really lightly came in from the side, so I just colored the ends, and it gave a nice transition between the silver and the black. So after I’d finished the painting. It was then time to add in the cavers so for the blue cables up here, they Laurie 3d printed into it, so I simply just went over them with some blue acrylic paint, the red cable that’s going along the whole length of it. That was that was also 3d printed in there, so what I did was like, cut out the actual 3d printed part, but left the little connectors that you see throughout it. So when I remove those, I simply just drilled through the connectors so I can poke an actual cable through. I just got an old table that I had lying around. Threaded that in and put it into the top and bottom [Music] after the cables were installed. It was then time to get weathering it. So as I said, I wanted to do color and lights and from the force awakens, so it’s really beat up in that. So I went first with my silver permanent marker and just went over every single highlight that I could think of because this ain’t been thrown around. Its scratch all on the ground, so I’m imagining that This is a silver lightsaber. The theme painted black once you turn to the dark side so everywhere that it’s crash ground all the corners, it’s going to expose the bare metal underneath, so that’s why I went in silver and on all the corners of where it will be lying, touching the ground and causing [Music] so I did that over the entire lightsaber, and also I’m thinking that it was painted, so there’s also gonna be a bit of wear and tear from where he’s actually holding it and the paint’s gonna rub off so where its thumbs holding where his palm is and just imagining that over time. A little bit of paint. Tennant, come up there So instead of scratches, it’s kind of like a wearing of the paint so to do the last part of the wavering. I use burnt Sienna Black Browns. Anything that would make it look like it, his realtor that was building up everywhere on the lightsaber, so I did it in a wash fashion, so I would paint on a ton of the weather in color, and then I’ll get a cloth and I’ve white 99% of it off, and it just leaves little specks and all the areas where would naturally, so after all, the weathering was done, it was finished. It was time to just put a few clear coats on there to seal in all the paint. Otherwise, when you’re handling it, it’ll rub off. I would give this a difficulty of maybe three out of five dl-44 glosses I give it a 3 out of 5 because it is 3d printed, so the base shape is already done to me. 3d printing can be hard in itself, But I’ve gotten really used to it now or I can do it fairly easily. The sanding and the priming was not difficult. Just really time-consuming and then the paintings was just a lot of fun. It’s a pretty straight for paint job, But the weathering was where it really comes into its own. Thanks very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it helps you guys to make your own. Whether it’s the lightsabres, anything else that gets ready printing and finishing up, you can use the same concepts, so it’ll help with any kind of property. You’re making feel free to subscribe. I’m gonna be coming up with a lot More Build tutorials of other cool things, most likely some Star Wars given that the last Jedi’s coming out soon. So I’m gonna be really excited about that, so subscribe and stay tuned. Thanks very much [Music].

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