Kitsune Mask 3d Model | 3d Printed Resin Mask – Phrozen Transform – Redhood Oni / Cyberpunk 2077 Mask

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3d Printed Resin Mask - Phrozen Transform - Redhood Oni / Cyberpunk 2077 Mask


Cool, alright. I’m back from New York. Comic-con, lets. Get this off the bill plate and get it cleaned up, so right off to Lowe’s and I picked up this huge five-gallon bucket that I’m going to be using to clean off prints that come out of this machine That are basically oversized ended up getting two of them because one. I’m gonna be filling with this. Mean, Green super cleaner for that. I’ve done it in a previous review. A talking about resin 3d cleaners that if you’re interested in checking it out if you’re looking basically for alternatives to IPA. This is a great, great alternative that I’m using just to help agitate and get any of the excess resin off of those prints, so Ill. Be filling that in the bucket here. I’m gonna get this off of the build plate now, though, I know also, I guess you could use IPA if you wanted to. I don’t know where you’re gonna be buying IPA in huge quantities or containers. I’m sure someone sells it online, but the fumes from that from that level of that amount of liquid must be insane. Absolutely crazy. I can’t, I can’t get this one. Screw undone. I don’t know what the heck happened. So odd. No more x1 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right, so as I was anticipating. This turned out really, really great. There is basically almost no cleanup that. I need to do on this. I should say almost no plan because anywhere that there were supports. I’m definitely gonna have to do some sanding and a little bit of filling, but everywhere else, it’s really nice and clean. I will probably do a light sanding across everything here, just because there’s a faint hint at layer lines that I’m seeing on the print Still just because I printed this at point Zero Five millimeters, but comparing this to an FDM print. I mean, it’s it’s gonna be hard to beat this in terms of the amount of cleanup effort that I’d have to go through just to even get it to where it’s at right now. This is super super impressive. I mean, I even with the blemishes that are on this. I would almost consider just spray-painting this with some primer and getting to painting on it. But I want to do this proper for you guys. So over, probably another video here. I’ll actually go through the process of fully cleaning this up and getting it painted just to show you guys the end results and apologies for having to break this up into two parts here. I did want to get this out because I know there was a lot of interest and me showing off some sort of a full print or utilizing a bigger build build volume with this particular printer here, and it’s really pretty nice, so I’m very, very excited about this and will be giving you guys more of a look at this very soon. I have another video here. That’s upcoming that will be going through the full unboxing and setup of our first few prints with this that led up to this particularly here. So I’m going in a backwards order, but you know, I was really gung-ho about getting a actual mask printed on this. Oh, and I should probably actually show you guys that actually fits my face, man. Soviet and this Red Hood Oni, mass, was designed by the wonderful folks over at villainous props of a link down below to their Etsy shop. Or you can pick up this file for yourself. If you’re interested in printing one as well, this more than likely will be going into a upcoming cyberpunk cosplay build that we’ll be doing with you guys and covering here on the channel over the upcoming months, probably throughout the winter here. I just got my jacket in the mail, and it fits it perfectly again. This was the frozen transform if you’re interested in this resin 3d printer. I’ll have links down below to where you can check that out and find out more details pricing. All that good stuff on this particular print also include a link to the frozen face book group, which I’ve been participating in That has a lot of useful info from other users that are actively using this printer as well as there are other models of their machines. I just want to say thanks again for watching guys. If there is another mask or helmet build that you’re interested in me printing on this, leave a comment down below because I could use some suggestions on what to print next on this massive resin 3d printer. Hey, thanks again for watching you guys. And I’ll see you next time bye. Oh, [Music] [Music]!

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