Jason Mask 3d Model | 3d Print A Jason Voorhees Mask – Jason X Diy Mask Tutorial


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3d Print A Jason Voorhees Mask - Jason X Diy Mask Tutorial


Youtube. It is brand ready with ramen noodle budgets. Your semi-decent youtuber turned hobo Because I look like a hobo. Also, this camera makes my skin look way more red than it actually has a real life. I don’t know why my white balance Does that. So in today’s really weird, a quick video. I’m going to show you guys how I printed a Jason. X maxed on my 3d printer and how I went about in post-processing and doing everything for that. So let’s get right into it because I’m too lazy to form Intro. I apologize for the awful sound quality. That is currently on this computer. I don’t know why the and the mic is so bad. So here’s the file. I’m using. It’s a Jason X mask. I’ll have the link in the description below and all the credit goes to the designer. I did not design anything for this. I’m using cure of vitamin C. I’m using like reality CR 10s with a model around, they had to printed up in the horizontally. This is kind of the side, which comes automatically and then. I’m putting this at up with Formula Man. Earlier Heights with a point 6 millimeter nozzle 10% infill 200 temperature company at a VA millimeters per second. And I’m using tree supports, which transports are amazing. I prefer them over normal sports now. So I’ll show you in the preview. What it’s going to look like once it’s printed as you can see builds up. This really weird kind of tree. Look onto it! That’s gonna kind of thirty dark hollow, so it uses less plastic and I find that always creates that much smoother surface, so it’s gonna take about nine hours. So let’s get printing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hope. You guys enjoyed that video. I know I haven’t done the pick, Jason Mask or any horror related video since all the way back in Halloween in October, but I want to try and get something done because obviously we’re all stuck at home still, and we’re trying to find something to do. So if you guys would like to see more content like this or do let me go back more. Jason mask style videos or doing something like my own Michael. Myers mask retains another some that I’m able to get someone actually was able to send me theirs if they want. I want to take it and do the rehaul. So we’ll see, it’s up to you, guys, and yeah, stay safe and have a great rest your day.

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