Iron Giant 3d Model | Massive 3d Printed Iron Giant & Hogarth! – Printed On Prusa Mk3, Mk2s, Robo R2 & Peopoly Moai

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Massive 3d Printed Iron Giant & Hogarth! - Printed On Prusa Mk3, Mk2s, Robo R2 & Peopoly Moai


Hey, guys, welcome back to chaos core tech, my names. Garrett, and today we’re gonna be making the Iron Giant. Let’s get started [Music] [Applause] [Music]. Okay, so I created this model using fusion 360 and this is by far the most complicated model. I’ve ever created in here, but luckily I was able to find some really good reference images on one image. I found pretty much straight on, so that really helped me in determining proportions and just some of the outer body shape as you can see here. I’m just kind of going around the outline of the shape and tracing it with a sketch so I can extrude it out and then start to kind of form it into the shapes that they need to be now. Some of the shapes on him are pretty straightforward, like his abs are pretty much just cylinders. They’re squashed down and then layered in an accordion style, but there are other things that are much more complicated. I think the most difficult thing I’ve ever created in Fusion 360 is the chest piece, but overall, the main modeling process for this took about six hours just to get the main geometry there and then once. I had all that there you guys probably saw in the thumbnail we’re printing this thing very big. So the process of splitting it up to be able to print all of our printers took even longer than the modelling itself overall. I’ve probably spent another 15 hours in there, splitting this thing up, trying different things and just trying to get the pieces to print somewhat easily without relying on too many supports and without having a crazy amount of seams that would make the finished project. Look, a little bit choppy and thrown together and at the sides we created him. I definitely think that was achievable. It actually worked out pretty good. We were able to fit most of the pieces on our printers, which are pretty average size for printers. We didn’t even have to resort to the CR Ten to print the bigger pieces, so that was really good, and since we are printing him so big, we had to work in some sort of internal support structure because the weight itself wouldn’t be able to hold by just using PLA, and that’s mostly due to his pelvis area iron giants very top-heavy and the pelvis is very, very small and just supported by a couple of hip bones. So that means that there’s a ton of weight on a very, very small section and that just doesn’t work out very well, but I will talk more about how we structured him in just a little bit [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay, so now that the full thing is modeled next up is slicing it for printing now since we had to pose the Iron Giant, a lot of the pieces are in very strange orientations, so I had to flip a lot of them around to make them optimal to print, and if you go to the Thingiverse page, all the files on there are in the exact orientation that I printed them, so you guys shouldn’t have to worry about this, but if you’re making a big project like this, and you wanted to know the way that I went about it, I actually used simplified, 3d and simplified 3d actually has a lot of really great features that aren’t necessarily related to printing. I often find myself using it as kind of a middleman program to just Orient objects because it’s very, very easy to do and then export them out and do some processing in another program, But the feature that I actually used was, I believe it’s called placed surface on bed. You basically click it and then you can click any triangle on the object as you hover over it. It’ll highlight the triangles and then you click on one of those triangles and it will place that surface flat on the bed, so say that you have a box shape and it’s kind of oriented like that. You can select a triangle on this face right over here, and it’ll just snap it to the bed, and you know, it’ll be perfectly flat and you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out the angles yourself. It’s extremely handy and Iron Giant probably had upwards of a hundred different pieces that I had to print, so I got a ton of use out of this feature first of all. We knew that we weren’t gonna have time to have. Chelsey finished this and paint it and everything like that, but luckily. Iron Giant is pretty much three main colors in there, all shades of grey, so we just decided to print it in the colors that it needed. And since this is such a big project, we knew we were going to need a ton of filament for it, so we actually reached out on. Twitter and just basically asked if there were any companies that were willing to be a filament sponsor for a giant project like this, and luckily we had quite a few companies reach out, but the one that we really wanted for. This was filament M Now. If you’ve been watching me for any amount of time, you know that. I love filament and filament. If you look at my very last video, the Optimus Prime video. You’ll know that we printed that almost entirely in filament and we bought it ourselves. So this is a filament that we already know that we love, and we knew that they had colors that would match this almost perfectly so when they were one of the ones that responded. We were very happy and they sent us all the filament. We needed for this so. I’m gonna put a link down in the description to their website. They have a ton of great colors. It prints really well and the prints that come out Just have a look about them that I don’t get from a lot of different filaments, so check them out in the description. I can definitely recommend them. But as for which filaments we used iron giant like I said, it’s basically three shades of grey, the very lightest color, which is by far the most abundant color. It’s his main color we used metallic grey. Then there were two darker shades that were used in various places around the body, but it was a much smaller amount. The medium gray shade, we actually used iron gray and for the darkest gray shade. We used vertigo, gray and I think they were about the perfect color. Stand for what printers we used. Our plan was originally to use our perusal. Mark three, but the filament arrived a little bit late, so we were already set a little bit behind there, so we ended up pushing back one of our other projects and using our Prusa Mark 2 and our Robo r2 to help print pieces for iron giant as well. Now, each of these printers has different areas of strengths as far as different sides of the objects that look really good and some printers are more prone to warping and things like that, For example, the Robo are – the bed moves up and down instead of in and out, so there’s not really any wobble and where that comes in handy is some of the objects have a very tiny base and get bulky up towards the top, so when it beds moving in and out, they tend to put a lot of stress on that and can pop off the bed, so with the robot where the best just moving down that’s much less of an issue and then all the various features that the mark 3 has like the layer shift recovery, which actually did fire off a couple times during this process and it was able to recover and finish the print. And you’d never know that it happened if you weren’t standing there when it happened so. I’m sure it actually did happen times that we weren’t there, but we were very glad to have that, and they have a filament out sensor, which we actually didn’t need to use, but we were very happy that it was there, just in case we got busy and forgot to go back and swap out the filament One was getting low. So as I mentioned, we were running pretty low on time, so towards the end of the process one. I didn’t get as much footage as I wanted to, but – I wasn’t able to fully record how many hours were printed, but I did keep track of. I would say about 90% of what we actually printed and I can confidently say it took over 400 hours of printing time altogether. That’s well over two full weeks of printing, so thank God for multiple printers, and then as for how much filament we use, we ended up using six full spools of the metallic gray, we use one spool of the iron gray and then one spool of the Vertigo gray, literally. The only other thing we printed was just the actual eyeballs. We printed those in just some hash box transparent. Pla, because we are gonna stick some lights behind the eyes. Now before we get into assembling this thing, there’s one more thing we need. You guys saw the thumbnail If you’ve seen an Iron Giant, you know, the scene were going for in order to pull that off. We need a Hogarth, so let’s head over to Zbrush and make a tiny Hogarth [Music] [Music] [Music]. Now we knew that Hogarth was going to be decently small, and we needed him to look good, so we set him up to print on our Pio Polly Moy. That is our SLA printer, and it is perfect for prints like this, and I think I’m actually starting to get better at adding supports to these things because this one, I was able to use a lot less supports and I hollowed him out completely, and he actually printed pretty well, but this one, we could not print in the colors so after it was done printing, we washed it off in an alcohol bath just to get rid of any extra resin things like that broke off all the supports and set him up to cure in our UV bucket after that, Chelsey sprayed it with some filler primer and then went to work painting it with just normal acrylic paints that you get at your hobby, store and paintbrushes. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] So now the time has come to start assembling him and this is extremely huge, so I knew that I was going to need a little extra support, so when I was modeling this, I worked in areas to fit wooden dowels throughout the body. Then we enlisted the help of Chelsea’s. Grandpa to help us cut up the wooden dowels at the right length, and we actually got a big wooden board for him to sit on, so we drilled holes through that and into the dowels just to give it as much support as humanly possible. There’s also a dowel through his hips and two in his torso. I will try to do as best of a write-up as I can in the on the Thingiverse page with these files and give the exact dimensions of those dowels and stuff like that. So if anyone out, there is crazy enough to try and recreate this. I’m gonna try and guide you as much as I can to exactly what we did as always. The link to the files for this will be down in the description so now that we have the structure in place. The only thing left to do was to dress up the board a bit. It wouldn’t have looked very good just to have a wooden particle board underneath of the Iron Giant and hogarth, so we decided to match it to the scene as much as possible. And Chelsey actually put some snow there now. Originally, she went with some clay to do this just some like modeling. Clay, but Chelsea and I haven’t used that much, so we were both very new to it, and we didn’t end up doing it, right and when we came down in the morning after rolling it all out and everything it had cracked completely so from there. Chelsey actually works at a bakery, so she’s used to using fondant and stuff for cakes, So she just ended up using fondant, She rolled it all out, Got it all positioned and then drug some little wheels through it to create tire tracks and a few footprints here and there, and I think it turned out really cool. It definitely looks like snow and it helps. Bring the whole piece together now. I mentioned earlier that Chelsey did not paint this, but that does not mean that. There was not any post-processing for this. There was actually a ton of post-processing we had to do mostly in the form of gluing, and I say we. It was like 95 percent, Chelsey and 5 percent, me holding it in place and trying not to screw anything up, so what she did was use super glue for the parts that didn’t need to be super sturdy, she would glue it, and then she could use some accelerator to set it in place fast, but that kind of weakens the bond, so for the places that needed to be stronger, She used to pur glue in some places just to get it in the right position and then went completely around the inside with a two-part epoxy. Now these two-part epoxy. Tzar, much stronger. They just take quite a bit longer to set up, and we were able to hide almost all of it, so you won’t see it on the outside. But the inside is just coated in epoxy and that will end up giving it the extra strength. It’ll need to stay up on. It’s own, okay before we show off the final thing. I want to show the clip that we were recreating here now. I’m sure most of you watching this have seen Iron Giant. And if you haven’t, you definitely should. It’s one of my favorite animated movies from when I was a bit younger, and you know, with every great animated movie, there’s always that scene that will just bring you to tears, and this was definitely that scene now. If you haven’t seen the movie, this scene won’t completely spoil what happens but spoilers just in case you’ve been warned missile when it comes down [Music] [Music] shouldn’t we get to show it wouldn’t matter? [MUSIC] Giant stay [Music] No. Following love you! I’m not crying, you’re crying. This scene holds tremendous weight and it’s the scene that everyone remembers because it’s simultaneously one of the funniest moments in the show and one of the saddest. So I knew this is the one we had to try and recreate, and I truly hope that we were able to do this one justice. So without further ado, here’s the Iron Giant and Hogarth [Music] [Applause] [Music]. Oh, this project has been crazy. I really didn’t even think we were gonna get it done. We are actually leaving for. Murph, tomorrow morning. Actually, we’ll be leaving in about four or five hours, and I still need to sleep, so that’s not fun and we actually just put him together yesterday, so this one almost didn’t happen, but in the end, we were able to pull it off. So here we have the tiny little. Hogarth, it should give you some sense of just how big this is. I know there was one of those pictures in there with me in it, so you can kind of see how big it is. It stands over two feet tall from the the wooden base, where his feet are to the top of him hunched over, and we actually figured it out. If he were to stand up from this position, he would stand over four feet tall. So I think that’s pretty cool, and as I mentioned, we’re gonna be taking him to the Midwest Reprap Festival 2018 So if you’re gonna be there, you’ll be able to see this in person, and we wanted to add a couple more effects that really just kind of bring it together, and I’m sure you noticed in the showcase there, but his eyes actually light up and for these, Chelsea just bought some fairy lights off of Amazon, and we kind of just taped them in the head. And this is that transparent. Pla that I was talking about earlier. So all we have to do is flip a little switch in here and then BOOM, he has lit up eyes, and I think that’s a super cool effect. It really helps to bring it to life and then one final touch. This is just a voice box. I will put a link in the description so you can see which one we use. We just ordered this off of Amazon, and I actually got this suggestion from Travis from a Pyro design. He is this in one of his logos to life projects, but basically we could just hook this up to the computer and record a sound, so I put the little audio clip on there of iron giant, telling Hogarth to stay and that he’s gonna go, and then I just created this little box with some speaker holes and stuff like that, and we’re gonna put a little cone on there to hopefully make it just a little bit louder, cuz It’s a little quieter than I would like, but it’s just a trying to add to the effect a little bit. Okay, guys, well. You will definitely have to let me know what you guys think of this. Down in the description, it was a crazy process and this is kind of all We’ve thought about for the past two months, but I definitely like to start doing a few more bigger projects like this. They definitely won’t happen all the time because they they take pretty significant toll, but I think the end result is definitely worth it. So you’ll have to let me know if you guys like this type of thing. I definitely like to get better at building internal structures, so things kind of just go together better. So if you have any ideas for giant projects or specifically scenes from movies or TV shows that have a lot of emotional weight to them or are very powerful scenes. I really really love those in movies and video games. So those are the type of things that I would love to recreate. Alright, guys, well, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you like, get subscribed and share this video. And if you click that little bell icon down there, you can be notified whenever I upload new videos, And then I just wanted to say a huge. Thank you to my patrons without them. Things like this would not be possible. This project definitely wouldn’t have happened without their support. So if you guys want to help us create things like this. I will put a link to our patreon down in the description. Alright, guys, well. Thank you very much for watching, and until next time, keep creating.

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