How To Smooth Pla 3d Prints | How To: Smooth 3d Printed Pla Parts

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How To: Smooth 3d Printed Pla Parts


[APPLAUSE] a little bit of a project. It’s a fairly simple one. I am going to Polish or finish this 3d printer part to match something a bit like this. So I got a nice, shiny one. Here all finished already done that. Same color filament on the inside was exactly the same as this. This is straight off the printer. It’s got a 0.3 millimeter. Liya hai it with some sections of 0.1 millimeter layer height, so I’ve done a bit of variable layer height from the process. Slice it here and get some threads to turn it nicely, But the customer wants this print Polish. Sorry, and we’re gonna try and do that. The first step we’re gonna tell you is. We’re gonna sand it down as it is. Sand, it down fairly high grit fairly low green sand. They were rather 120 And I’m using a light, so I put in the drawers. All this clamp it down like that, and we go with it like that and spins around, you stand it! You don’t have to do that. You can set it by hand. It’s pretty easy and then the second step is you add some filler primer? Automotive filler primer. You spray it on nicely, not letting it drip, obviously, and then you stand that back. You do that a couple of times? Then you turn over the noise. Finish Polities. Yeah, and you go, you go up and up and up up your grits as you go, you get a nice, smooth finish and it should turn out nicely so first. I’m gonna wash it. Get it all cleaned up, Then. We’re gonna go out to light and sand it and we’ll see how we go from there. Okay, so here. We go got the part. Top of the pot just washed off, so it’s nice and smooth. Now no glue on there. And now we’re gonna go down to Bunning’s. Grab some sandpaper, but really so probably fairly fine group for the PLA, hopefully wet and dry as well, so it doesn’t get too hot and sand it off, then primer it, then we’re gonna put the top coat on as well. Don’t care while I’m down funny. Alright, here! We are out the lathe. Now you don’t have to use a lathe, but I’ve got it, so I’m gonna use it. It’s much easier, so I chuck it in my normal and my Chuck. Yeah, just tighten that. Tighten that up! That’s pretty good. I’m gonna start her up. And then I’ll just get to work [Music] [Music] [Music] all right, so we got the part? I just tagged off the threads That are on it, So I didn’t rack them. Now we’re just gonna hit it with some automotive acrylic filler primer. So that’s a first coat pretty much done. It’s looking good so far, see how it goes. Okay, so we got the part back in the lay it again. We’re just gonna sand it off. Primer dries pretty quick, so we’re ready to go again. See how this goes, get sanded. We’ll do this a couple of times. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] It’s looking pretty good and do one more sand. It wants more primer at once. More should be ready for paint, then let’s go [Music] [Music] [Music]!

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