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How To Paint 3d Prints, The Basics


Crazy here today. We will be talking about how to paint 3d printed models. Stay tuned! I’m going to show you my process. Crazy will from crazy Wheels tech show today. We’re to talk about how to paint your 3d prints. If you haven’t seen my video yet on the Ellegua Ma R. Zh, that’s what this was printed on. Take a look at it right up here. You’d think this would be a fairly simple process to paint one of these, not as simple as you’d think if you want to get a certain look now. I am by no means I know it all when it comes to painting. I’m just gonna show you my process. There’s a lot of great channels out there that show you how to paint what? I’m basically assure you today is how I get my prints ready for paint and actually paint them because I didn’t see an actual, comprehensive guide. That just showed you the basics like you’re brand new into this like me and I just want to throw some color on this. I want to make it look pretty cool. I think I’ve had pretty good results. I mean, like I said, I’m not the greatest painter in the world, but this is a look at some of the stuff that I’ve done, which is a bad now. I know you’re thinking well. This isn’t really tech. It can be tech. It’s a little technical, So I’m gonna share my thoughts and opinions, cuz. If you have a 3d printer, you want to know how to do this. First things first, were gonna have to prime it now. It worked for me was wrist all you. This is two times the coverage. It’s a flat gray primer. I tried other primers. I didn’t have too much luck, because if you want the paints to show up, you have to prime them first. So this is a very important step. Get yourself like a coat hanger or some metal twine. I guess they would call this now. I hollow, so you’ll see this holes at the bottom and what I’m gonna do is. I’m gonna thread this through the holes. So that way I could spray it now. Obviously before you do this now. You did sand it and you cut off all the edges now. No matter what, because it’s see-through, no matter how much you sand it or you try to clean it up. Once we spray it, you’re gonna see a lot more imperfections and tabs and stuff like that after we prime it, all right, so I got mine hook through, and I bent a little end like this on the end. So that way I can hang it on something after I’m done because we don’t want anything touching it after we prime and make sure the surface is nice and clean, mines pretty clean A little bit of water spray it clean it. Wipe it! Make sure it’s not damp before you go to spray paint this. So we’re gonna go and spray-paint this now. Make sure you shake the spray paint really good. [MUSIC] [Music] Okay. So I just came in from outside. This is the first coat we’re gonna be doing – and get still wet, but you can see pops the details so much better. Now, Let’s put this up here. I have like a little area where I usually stick this. And if you want to see my setup, please take a look at my video from last week upgrades that I did to the a legume Mars, so you could see some of the little tips and tricks that I used turn on the exhaust fan. Okay, so I have that exhaust thing. I could still work in my office. It’s a little noisy. I apologize, but I have it just hanging right there and we’ll let that dry for about an hour. Alright, so here we are. We have the first coat done, but if you look underneath, you see the little knobs that we’re left over that. We thought we sand it down. They weren’t so what we’re gonna do. Is we have some tools here? I go around. Try to hit it with this. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. You’re not gonna get everything, but we’ll try our best. I got a regular nail file. What we’ll do is well? Go over here and we’ll just hit it with the sand sand it down just a little bit and try and even it out. [MUSIC] See, I see some on the face. Here, try and hit that real quick. So I’m gonna go around and double-check everything and look, and you’re not gonna get everyone perfect, but you try your best to hit what you can. I started off with, like a 200 grid and then I go down to a 400 grit, but you don’t want to start with a 400 grid. You want to like kind of sand gradually, but another technique that I use. If the sand paper isn’t working for you, and you have large amounts of these little nubs that you can’t get to like, I have in the back of a sword, You can take an exacto blade and just carve them down. Just hit him with that, and that will cut him out at least all right so. I think he looks pretty good now. I sent some rough areas. It’s a printed. I’m at a 45 degree angle. If you didn’t see that video, you see that in description below on how to position it, but he was positioned at a 45 degree angle, so all most of us hit his harsh points are in the back and we’re not gonna see too much of that and everything ice and hit it with some water first to really clean it up just to get rid of the dust, cuz. I’ll just hit this with paper towels. You can see once. I go over. It really is just covered and dust. We don’t want that sticking to the primer, and now we’re gonna hit him with some primer, all right, So this is the end result and let it dry for about two hours. Alright, so this is the main reason why. I’m doing this video. I wanted to show you some of the trial and errors that I went through. Superman over here was done with testers. So that’s the result I got, you can see. It’s very shiny, the acrylics to make some of the wash which I’ll show you those in a second to make the shading because you can’t really shade with these like I said, if you’re looking for a glossy coat as you can see, you know, that’s good for a car That’s good for, you know, a robot or maybe like an Iron Man, but not really Superman, so that didn’t come out as good as I’d like another thing with the testers that you need to know it comes with another bottle and it’s actually a paint thinner. I didn’t know this, but you’re supposed to 50 and 50 so if you’re if you take like 4 drops out of this, you take 4 drops out of this. You mix them together and it makes it thinner, so you can get better detail. I didn’t do that. I actually put this straight out of the bottle on to Superman. You shouldn’t do that. You should actually thin it, so you’ll get more of the detail. That’s why he looks so bubbly in his face, and you don’t have all the detail that you should have had next. I did straight acrylics. I got these from Walmart. Straight acrylic paints as you can see, it didn’t do a bad job and I was kind of going for an artistic kind of still keeping the green resin to shine through kind of thing, but it’s it doesn’t cope very well, so this for what I was doing it on. This one actually worked really well and to give you an idea. I mean, that’s supposed to be purple, which looks more like black, and that’s multiple coats and you can see the first coat on the back. There it’s a strong and pigment wise. It just isn’t doing the trick. I tried folk art, and it wasn’t working out very well. This piece of trying to find something that I didn’t have to prime, but everything came down to. I had to climb it so once I actually primed it. That was what I got out of the folk art, and it still wasn’t as good as I’d like it to be and this came up over and over and over and over and over and over again every time I was researching paint that Vallejo is the best for model painting. So that’s what I decided to go with. It had the best coating. It had the best pigment closer. You could see the pigment is a lot stronger here. You could see that the colors are very vibrant here. Here’s a better example for you. That’s a Hellboy, And you could see the pigment. How much better the pigment is how it covers the model? Alright, so we have our model now. We’re gonna paint it plain old paint cap, and I put a little fun tack on there and what I do is I take the model and I shove it right on there. It makes it easier to paint and you don’t get it all over your hands. You have something to grip onto, and you’re not touching the actual model because now we’re gonna add some paint. This pink dries out pretty quick, so I made this quick sponge kind of container. So that way I could kind of keep it wet but kind of working, but it’s kind of not working. I’m just gonna use a regular red. It’s going to go in here and just our ad and painting. We’re gonna sweep over them. You’re probably gonna have to do two coats, One really thin, and then we’ll go over and do one really heavy, so I’m just gonna paint everything on here and you can see. This paint really does go on nice and smoothly, you know? I have a cheap, cheesy brush. I don’t really have heavy preferences and brushes. I just use what works if you watch my channel, you know I do. What works. Alright, so there’s our first coat. You can see it’s kind of a little bit of a transparency thing going on there, so you usually have to do two. Sometimes maybe three layers were gonna let this dry for probably about an hour. I didn’t paint the base because the base were probably gonna go with a metallic kind of looking collar. This is the second day. I have two coats actually on this. I applied the other coat yesterday. Off-camera, I’m gonna add another coat. Alright, so here. We are with three coats. I think it did a pretty good job. We coated it pretty good. We’re gonna go with the next color, and that’s gonna be black. Just a black little black right there. I just do a little dab because this stuff dries out pretty quick paint brushes. It’s up to you, what you like. I have several paint brushes. I’m actually going to be using. I bought a cheapo one at Hobby Lobby. It’s a 2/0 so that’s what I’m gonna use to paint it. I’m gonna take some paint and I’m gonna fill in the black areas right now, so I’m gonna go for the black of his eyes [Music] [Music]. So that’s what we got so far. I did the outline of his eyes. I know there’s white for the middle of his eyes. We’re gonna hit that later black. You only really need to do one coat. Go what you think looks. Good this a line here and a line here, and I’m going to go with black back here a lot, it real quick and just give you an idea what I’m doing. [music] [Music]! I’m gonna switch to a different type of brush. This is just my preference, but I found it brush. It has a little bit longer of a tail kind of thing going on here, so I could just wisp into certain areas if I can try and get some of the detail in here. I’m probably gonna have to touch it up anyway. But at least I could try and get in there A little bit easier around the edges and swoop into areas like right here. It just gives you a little bit more reach. [MUSIC] Both sides done now. I’m going to go for the little logo. That’s on his shirt. There were going to paint in the black there, and we’re gonna obviously have to touch up the red and then around his neck. I want to paint black, and I want to go for the swords. Do the swords first because they’ll be super easy. Alright, so there you go, you notice that? I did a little bit of a sloppy job. On the swords, we want to overlap colors Because I think I’m gonna do these and brown in the back. If not, I can always clean it up afterwards, but so far, it’s looking pretty good to me. I have most of the base colors. I’m gonna go for black around his neck. You notice there’s an edge right above the lip here? I’m gonna go for the lip of the neck beast. So I’m gonna go [Music] now? We’re gonna put them upside down. I’m going to try and get those same pieces again underneath his neck. Why not make it more touch up? But I think it’s gonna be worth in the end. I’m gonna go with black down the middle here because I just think that would add an accent and I did water down the black to make it easier to do what I just did, so we’re done with the black. Basically, it looks like I got everything so that’s. The back that’s the front, so we’re gonna do is window. Brown and the way I want to do this round. It is a pretty dark brown, but we’re gonna make it a little bit darker, so we’ll put a good significant amount of brown. That’s the Brown’s flat, Brown. I’m gonna get some of the black and a little bit of dab right here, Very almost blackish-brown the reason why I’m making it so dark. I’m going to paint everything in the dark and then use the regular Brown to bring out the highlights. And I’ll show you what I’m talking about. As we paint it, let’s go around and go for his utility packs if you will all right so. I got all the brown on. It’s a really dark brown. Do you want to touch up a little bit of the red? All right, So what I’m gonna do here is Im. Just gonna brush over this gently touch it. [MUSIC] This is cold white. The white dries out extremely fast. So I only put a little bit, all right, so we’re gonna go for his eyes. First, why not we’re gonna take a clump and we’re gonna just try and see if we could just go across the top of it? We’ll, just see if we can pick up. Oh, and I just totally screwed that up because I wasn’t paying attention. We’re just gonna cut it. See what I just did there? I just wiped over the top of it. Just try to go over and just let the paint kind of lift on it. And that’s what I should have done with that. One which is no big deal. Add a little bit of water, a little pool that looks like that kind of worked and we’ll try to just brush across the top here ever so gently. Let’s see if I can do it this time. Ah, perfect! [MUSIC] I’m gonna take some ground. Put it right next to the black ground. We want to add shading so. I’m gonna think that the lights probably coming from here and it’s working out pretty well. Actually, Rondon. We got all the black done. I touched up a little bit to make it look a little bit better. We got the white on there. Think he’s looking pretty good. We’re gonna do the silver lets. Go ahead and start that now. I’m using Vallejo silver. Make sure you shake this stuff off because it does kind of like to separate a little bit [Music] [Music] like to go with a bigger brush when I’m doing the bases and paint that face up. I’ll grab the detail brush again. [MUSIC] Alright, so there’s the silver? Obviously it’s gonna need another coat on the base. I’m gonna let that dry, Alright? So I did a second coat of the silver. I overdid it with the silver on this. Which you know that happens. Try to keep it thin with the silver. I forgot how thick the silver is. I did a little touch-up’s here and there. So this is what my model looks like right now. And miniature painting. There’s something called a wash, and I learned about this, and it brings out the detail, actually in print. You’re trying to paint. It’s almost like dirtying it a little bit and also adding lines and all the washes, it’s distilled water, some black paint and I added to my own mixture, a little bit of airbrush thinner just to make it thin. We don’t know the exact ratio, but so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to take this. We’re gonna kind of brush it over and let it fall actually in the creases we’re gonna try and get the creases, So you can get some detail out of that botched up job that I did on this. We can get, yeah there. We go! We get some of the details. You see how, like it just darkens up a little bit of the details. There it’s nice and wet. We want to dip it into cracks and let it follow the cracks. You like on a suit right there? This is just gonna add a little more detail. It also hides a lot of your mistakes. [MUSIC] We’re gonna do is let it grab some of the red. I’m going to highlight a little bit, but we also want to fix water looking marks. So we’re going to add that in there. You can go over this with a wash again. If you don’t like the way this looks. But I usually like the highlighted. Look, you know, try to think about where the light sitting or how the height light would reflect. I think that’s pretty much done. I think this is good as you’re gonna get for me. I’m sure there’s a lot of talented people watching this right now. Thinking that hell is this guy doing who let this dry. I like to let it dry for a good three hours and make sure everything’s nice and dry, and then I use this matte clear rust-oleu’m double coat bonds, two plastic spray paint. It’s just a seal, everything in again. You want to shake it, all right, So what we’re gonna do here is we’re just gonna mist. Just get a gentle coat on there. We don’t want to make anything run, so it looks like when you just missed it. So that’s basically the process, guys. This is the second coat on him. We went a little too heavy, probably, but this is basically what it looks like. Give you guys a little idea of the detail like. I said I’m not pro painter. I just do what works like everything on this channel. I do it works. I think it came out pretty good due to this whole virus and staying home and basically working from home. I had time to do this, so I thought this would be a little fun project. No, it’s a little different than what I normally do, but I just wanted to share. That’s it for me. Guys make sure you like and subscribe. This helped you in any way and ring that bell. If you feel so obligated to remember, you can do anything. If you put your mind to it, beat Mr. Brush gonna beat the hell out of mr. Brush anybody that watch. Bob cause this isn’t a Marvel movie guys. There’s no secret ending no strategy or something just hit like and subscribe and maybe click on one of the videos above total diet [Music].

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