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3d Print Design Students Meet In Vr Chat - (beta)


So I’m sitting in this little Lobby here, but then you can walk over here and I’ve got everybody’s Snowman. Yeah, and then we can all just kind of hang out and chat and look at each other’s stuff. It’s very, very experimental. Hey, hey, there! Can you see him? I always see them in your screen. Yes, he looks like a little as as my robot like a new game or something. Look like new game. Yeah, this is just the test version. If you walk behind you that you can kind of see, don’t fall off the edge, but you can see you can see the all your designs over there in the 3d printing truck. So go turn around and then walk forward. Keep yeah, yeah, so once. Vicky gets in. We’ll jump down there together and we’ll go explore, and we go have some fun. You can jump hit the spacebar or just walk off the hit up the car. I put some code. I put some code on it, so you can grab them and like, throw them across the room. I’m going down! Just holler! If you have any questions, talk to them exactly. Yeah, it’s really fun, especially in VR, but the cool thing is, you don’t have to have the VR, but the fun thing is just grabbing some of these and throwing them oh. I think that one will do far. I love their Turkey. It’s so adorable. Yes, we’re in Alabama with my girlfriend’s family. Do you all celebrate it over there? I like your robot Avatar also. Yeah, hit escape on your keyboard, and then you can change your avatar to whatever you want to look like. I’m gonna be an alien. I’m gonna be an alien. So in future, I’m gonna teach people how to make their own avatars and then had a 3d print them and how to pose them, So that’ll be really fun to like, you know? Create your own custom avatars. You know how like back? In the 90s everyone was in chat rooms now we’re in virtual chat rooms. I feel like this. This could be a future around once it gets kind of more and more mainstream. It’s still pretty early, though. Close to you, yeah? I think it is proximity based that way. If there’s a bunch of people in here, it won’t be overwhelming, lets. Check out your design. I love how you did. This is yours, right 3d with us. Yes, yes, yes, still, though it’s a great idea. I love that you took that the wheel axle and then took it even further. That’s so cool, You gotta go grab it and put it back. It’s it’s easier if you have. VR controllers because then you can turn it. But with their computer, it’s kind of limited. Oh, I almost got it. Try and toss it up in the air. This is like a game, thank you. Yeah, thank you, thank you for taking the course. I love your turkey too. Is there a certain reason you hit a turkey? Your your avatar is tracking me. You’re just this little robot, this little this little rabbit talking like. Because when you talk, its mouth moves, it’s pretty cool. I’m recording, so I’ll show you the video recap. But I was thinking of this because I remember when you first started you. We’re saying, you know, it’s kind of scary to get on camera, and I know you guys are with. Ye are like youtubers and stuff, but I think for normal people. This may be a little less scary because you know you can kind of hide behind your avatar. You know, you don’t have to, you know? Show your face. And then that way, it’s not just, you know about me talking at yall, it’ll. Be, you know, everyone kind of just interacting together. Oh, yeah, this one is scart. He made it with his daughter and then this car here. This one! Is this car here? This is skirts. Oh, starts here. Oh, my gosh, skirt, what’s up? Yeah, are you in? VR are you in a with your computer? Oh, my computer, yeah, take a look around. I’m glad I got in and then. If you have the oculus later like in the future, you can, you know, kind of maneuver it with your two hands and have a little more control, okay. I was trying to match your gray, but I couldn’t get the dots because I’m still new to unity. No, yall are inside of my dream right now. I dreamed this up and now it’s reality. I’m kind of freaking out. This is cool! Look at this car 3d with us. They put a snow plow on the front of his car. I would love to see that scar. You got your avatar? Kinda looks like you. You’re like a robot. Yeah, you can hit escape. Look through and see if you find any other ones. If you like, yeah, there he goes, what’s. It gonna be a lumberjack. Fox, that’s adorable. All right. Tell me about this car. You put a lot of detail in here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] [Music] It’s great and I was supposed to. Did you see the new Tesla? Yes, you should. I saw someone did one on Thingiverse but probably not one that can roll. They’re talking about the Tesla. Okay, the new truck. Yeah, that would be easy. Definitely all right out. This snowplow was the inspiration was the inspiration for the snow over there. I love that! He added another axle design over there. What was the one thing that’s good? What was one of the exhibits that stood out to you? The most material technology we’ll drop by drop like tiny drops with you, that’s cool. I’ve been waiting for metals. Yeah, skirt. Did you go do the forum next? [MUSIC] I’m just a hobby. Hope you guy in Norway, So it’s a bit too far to travel for me. Oh, yeah, me too, scarf. Have you been in Sweden? They got some really nice. Meetup, like six hour drive from where I live. I saw some of the huge Swedish youtubers. There so would have been fun to go sometime, scar. Are you gonna do? Youtube, I’ve been thinking of it, but I don’t know yet. I feel like I have to produce so much more. What if you just did your videos that you already do on Instagram? I mean, they’re pretty awesome, couldn’t. You just post them there too. Yeah, yeah, that will probably be the start. Yeah, then it would have been fun to do. Maybe some videos with, like talking a bit more. [MUSIC] I guess not a lot, but some filament [Music] all right, well, speaking of creative. Are you all ready, scar? Yeah, are you done? I guess a week for, but you’re done, aren’t you are? How many did you finish all the court? Yeah, but I think yeah. I think. I’ll do the snowman and speaker one more time I wasn’t. Yeah, I mean, in my eyes you graduated. You were a designer through and through in my eyes. Yeah, everybody, give it up for scarf. No worries, thank you, Sorry. Have a great day, everybody later. Vicky, Ill! Tell him, you said bye, Max. How are you ready for a week four? Yes, yes. I yeah, I’ll get so sculpting will be easier. Easiest for me because it’s. My oh yeah, me too. I love sculpting. I think so I’m excited to see what you create, yes. I’ve already downloaded one and Im. I’ve already started doing little updates or planning my updates. There was quite a few updates on the sculpting, yes. I mean, they did like they updated like 20 or 30 things. It’s unreal, it’s crazy. Yeah, that’s why. I love blender. I mean, they’re like updating it almost every day. They’re doing like daily updates. I think so what do you? What are your kind of long-ter’m dreams? As far as like in the 3d printing world, Max. Oh, of course, all my effort goes towards website. Gotcha! I’m trying to do it. Yes, do it like a very helpful platform tool. Actually do see a lot of our to update tables. You know, depleting competition. Oh, cool, yeah, giveaways. And I think tolerance is something. Dude, that’s awesome! I would love to if you do competitions, let me know. I’ll jump in. I love doing design challenges. Yeah, and now. Scott, he’s a designer now so he can do it. Scott, have you ever? What do you think as far as design? Do you think you’ll keep designing or? Do you think you know? Was that just kind of like a fun practice? Keep doing it. It was like the trigger. I think I needed for going to blender so now. I’m really am really into it. That’s awesome, but yeah, it’s. It’s been a very, very cool well. I I have a lot of folder or tutorials. I’d like to do for dinner and I had lots of ideas for designs now. So definitely do you think you’ll also? I, oh, go ahead right now. I have to prioritize next year. I’m starting to work with, you know, company with that’s using Unreal Engine. Sorry, I’ll have to learn that first. Well, the good thing is that now, you know, blender. It’ll be really easy for you to adapt into and real because you know it’s gonna be kind of a similar vibe. Yeah, definitely well cool. I’m gonna run up here. You already follow. This will always be invited anytime we have like events in the future, but we’re gonna make this really cool and hopefully just get a kind of like a swarm of designers around the globe. You know, just just badass designers so that this will be yalls kind of private room. If you ever wanted to jump in, it’ll be, you know, only designers as of right now, it’s not what? I was thinking to do that. I think it would be cool to do that, and I thought it would be cool to have like an end of the month. We do like a gallery with each week from each student. You know, for each four-week workshop. You know, so this would be. Novembers, but I have a little bit more work to do to make it look a little bit more pleasing and lighting and stuff like that. So basic right now, but I just I’m so excited. I just couldn’t help it. I was like I have to invite everybody and try it. I’ve been working on it for weeks, but I mean, like it’s been Probably. I don’t know the total hours, but I’ve been learning VR and AR for the past like 2 or 3 years and just kind of dabbling in it and learning code because I feel like it’s still early, but I feel like this is definitely has a potential future. In the next 10 you know, 5 to 10 years. Yeah, but you build this in unity. I actually built it in blender. The bridges are built in unity, But you just have. I have a look, you know, you have more control in blender, But I just was doing this one just to kind of get the scale because I had never done it before on this level like making my own from scratch. So this was kind of just to see if the scale would work or what the like the update workflow would be. And then I added all the models and unity, so I just changed all your STLs to OBJs, and in that way, unity can read it, But I feel like this is a lot more fun. I don’t know, what do yall think? Do you think it’s too much or I think it’s way cooler than just talking at yall? But I could be wrong well. I’ll let yall get back. We’ve been in here for about an hour. Eventually we’ll have advanced courses and super advanced courses, so they’ll be kind of over here behind the turkey. I’m gonna 3d print another structure. Maybe like my house. Oh, yeah, and then over there on the other side. I’m gonna do the actual three printed house. So that way. The advanced students, they’ll be able to go into the 3d printed house and will have a gallery in there as well and it’ll just keep growing and will just keep making badass designers all across the globe and just making friends and everybody can meet each other. I think it’s just it’ll be really fun. Thanks well. I’m gonna go ahead and jump out, man. I appreciate yall coming in hanging with me. I’m so I know it was a little tricky getting in, but, uh, this is just so fun to me and I love just hanging with yall and to seeing all yalls creations. It was, it was good good. That’s all selling Max on Twitter. I was like I was like. I know it’s annoying, but please, that’s like I think you’ll enjoy it. All right, let’s throw stuff. Let’s throw some stuff. Guys, lets. Throw some stuff and we can head on out of here. Yeah, everything must go. Everything must go, lets. Throw it, all right, that’s! All he wants. Go, right, good job. And then they just reappear. Yeah, all right later, yall later later.

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