How To Get Cinema 4d R16 For Free | Best Places To Find Free 3d Models / Characters !

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Best Places To Find Free 3d Models / Characters !


You know what’s going on my friends? Welcome back to the channel, or if you guys are new here. Welcome to the channel today. This video’s gonna be full of some useful stuff for you And creating 3d elements. I made a bunch of tutorials talking about how to use 3d whether it’s using cinema 4d whether it’s using element 3d whether it’s using any 3d software that you guys prefer. I want to show you guys a bunch of awesome and useful sights that I found and finding free 3d models. You guys can use free videos and finding three 3d characters. You guys can use for your videos. I’m even gonna show you guys some free tools. You can use to animate them. All that kind of good stuff so anyways. If you guys new here, consider subscribing like. I said earlier, leave a like on this. If you do enjoy, check out some of my other videos. More step-by-step stuff today. This is all gonna be just straight information, so make sure to remember the stuff that I’m talking about. You guys either write down the names of the sites. Bookmark them or something like that or add this video to a playlist. Just you can come back and remember these resources, So anyways, Let’s start off with some free 3d models you guys can use and then we’re gonna talk about some of the characters. So if you guys just Google free 3d models, you’re gonna find a bunch of them once that I like to use on a regular basis. Our turbosquid, CG trader sketchfab. But if you guys look around, sometimes you can find some sort of 3d printing site where you can get an obj or whatever kind of extension file you guys are looking for. There’s a bunch of ways out there. Just make sure you utilize. Google, but 100% turbosquid CG trader search on their website. You can search by free or you can look for paid models search. Which kind of file you’re looking for whether it’s a C4D file, whether it’s an obj, whatever whether it’s an FBX bunch of awesome, useful stuff there. You guys probably already knew about those ones, so here’s. Some ones that aren’t as mentioned. There’s an awesome channel. There called the French Monkey Tfm style and pretty sure his name is pretty sure he’s a motion graphics guy, check out his channel and check out his website. If you go on his website, there’s a bunch of awesome, free stuff. You guys can download quick little tip in there. I also want to mention Greyscale gorilla their website. They have a bunch of really awesome Plugins extensions and models. You guys can use super useful now in terms of textures, The site that I really like to use is called Polygons. You guys can sign up for a subscription there, and I’m pretty sure that subscription gives you a bunch of monthly downloads you’re able to use. I’m not sponsored by them. I just want to mention because this is what I use personally, but if you do, look up free textures, there’s a bunch of other awesome websites. Check out the description of this video. I’m gonna link everything that I’m talking about there. How that just covers some of the basic sites? I like to use on a regular basis next. I want to mention another awesome way. You guys can get some really cool models and then. I want to go in show you some applications for these 3d models. So one awesome thing. I recommend you guys learn to be able to create some of these 3d models. It’s photogrammetry! There’s a bunch of apps out there. You can even scan things with even your phone. Take a bunch of pictures. Bring them into your computer and then create 3d models. I’m gonna link you guys. This awesome tutorial on how to do that like. I said he uses either a DSLR or a camera. You kind of rotate around it. Bring it into the Spree software. And then it’ll stitch it all together and bam. You have an easy-to-use 3d model now now, in terms of the application of this from my own perspective. I’m a music video director and I love blending in 3d elements to my videos. If you really want to up your game. I recommend that you guys look into this. You get some sort of 3d software. Something like blender? You can get for free, definitely a good starting point. I use cinema 4d but like I said, there’s so many different ways. You can use this if you are just starting out. I recommend you look for some 3d models that are no bees a file. Zordon, Fbx files. Usually those are pretty Universal models that will go into most three softwares. You could also use OBJ models and see 4d models to bring into element 3d if you guys are using that for. After Effects and there really is endless possibilities you can do with this like I said, in my example, I’m a music for your director. So I like being able to use these three assets in a sort of creative way or to create some sort of awesome effect or to change the scenery in some sort of way, but there’s a bunch of other uses. All right, now, let’s get to the other part of this tutorial, and this is 3d characters. Now there’s some really awesome websites out there. You can get some really cool 3d characters and one of my main objectives. Whenever I was first learning about how to do, this was creating some sort of 3d character, they could actually look like my clients Look that I could have my regular music video footage and then snap BAM. Turn them into like a cartoon character. A 3d model character. Something like that. The guys can get some really cool models in general using these websites so first. I want to mention is – 3d now. – 3d is a free software like I said, all links in description recommend you check this out because this is a really awesome site that I like using, and I’ve mentioned it in some of my past tutorials where you guys can get cool. People, models, cool animal models, things like that. I used it for my wolf tutorial, and basically you get into – 3d you set up your design. There’s a bunch of awesome extensions that are built into their own online store like the look in my hair plug-in that I use for my wolf tutorial where you can get some awesome, realistic rendered hair on animals. You can go on their store and you can find a bunch of other models that people create for – 3d once you find the model that you like whether it’s free or paid. You bring that in to Dads, and then you export that into any file extension that you want whether you want to bring it in Cinema 4d element, 3d blender, 3DS, Max. All you need to do is just export it as an FBX obj or whatever file extension. You are working with, bring that in there and then start working off that, so that’s a really awesome, Useful method. I recommend you guys do that now next thing. I want to mention I made another tutorial on how to do. This is Adobe Fuse. Now the thing I like about this is it’s an Adobe product, But if you guys have the Creative Cloud, you already have this for free, so check out. Creative Cloud download. This made a full tutorial on this. I’m gonna link you there. If you want the full step-by-step but basically, it just gives you a bunch of free little presets. You create your character how you want it, and then you can export that and bring it into any 3d software like I mentioned before now. The cool thing about this is you can use another website, which is run by Adobe to freely animate this and this website is called. Mix mo. Now check out, mix, Mo Awesome, Awesome website like I said it’s run by Adobe, and if you are using Adobe Fuse, you can export the 3d model that you created right into Miksa Moines. Start animating it from there. There’s a bunch of cool little preset animations that you can throw into this. I recommend that you guys do save this website because not only. Is it useful for Adobe Fuse all these other websites I’m gonna mention gives you these 3d models. You can bring them in to mix mo and then mix Mo can animate them, so it’s an extremely useful tool like I said, Check it out, and if you want the full step-by-step tutorial link down in the description now let’s get into some of the more juicy options. You guys have for creating really detailed models, so probably the hardest method is if you actually sculpt them yourself. It’s a very niche kind of thing you have to have a real skill set and work out this to create your own models. It’s literally like sculpting except on the computer. So if you guys are into that. I’m gonna leave some resources down below, but some little workarounds are that another awesome software is I clone you guys can get some really detailed models similar like Dads, except I think it gives you a little bit more options. I’d say it’s kind of like Dads and Adobe Fuse mixed together or gives you the wide range of dad’s models and capabilities with that kind of easier interface to be able to change and manipulate different things now on to the last few things. I want to mention two super viable ways. You can do this now. I mentioned with the models that there are a lot of photogrammetry apps out there or softwares for free that can take a bunch of pictures of anything that you want to create a 3d model out of bring it into the computer together into an actual model. And you can use that for your project. Same goes with creating characters now. I made a tutorial on how you can actually 3d scan your face, just using this awesome app called TR and IO. I’m gonna link the full tutorial on how you can do that. I created a face scan of my own face. Super easy and it actually wasn’t kind of blurry. I didn’t have to bring in a ZBrush and mess around with it. That’s a super simple little way. You guys can get introduced to it now. On to the more extreme version of this, there’s actually places you can go. That are full body scan Photogrammetry studios. Look it up, it’s 100% a thing with kind of the craze of 3d printing. These things have been popping up. You make see some little local stores where you go. They take your picture and then you can print out three little figures of you. Your family, things like that. There’s a big market for it, and I think in the future it’s gonna get a lot bigger, so there may be more of these studios popping up near me. I think there’s only like a few of them. Say, for example, for a music video. Shoot, you want to go and create the exact perfect 3d model of your client guessing it’s probably around 100 200 dollars. Maybe a little bit more than that. You go there, you get the Photogrammetry scan and then they’ll email you all of your little obj files. Those photogrametry Z take the information they make it into a 3d model, and then they can email you that actual 3d model, which you can then use with the other websites that I mention in this tutorial such as bring it into your 3d software and mixing it into other 3d scenes you can use mix. Mo to animate that 3d model of yourself. Let me know if you want me to do this In a full video, I can go out to one of these photogrammetry studios get a 3d model of myself animating and mix Emotes show. You guys the whole step-by-step process. I think that would actually be a pretty cool video to see, and I think that could actually pretty game-changing in terms of music, video directors or just kind of really creative videos that you guys are working with anyways, guys. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Leave a like comment. Subscribe, let me know if you want me to talk more about this 3d stuff. I know it is a little bit different from my premiere. After Effects stuff, but we’re gonna be talking about more content as a whole. This video is kind of rare because this is really just information that I’m telling you guys most of the time it’s step by step, and you guys can really follow along with what I’m doing, but let me know what you thought about the video as a whole in the comment section down below Anyways. Guys, thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for supporting, and I’ll see you guys later.

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