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How To Get Maya 2022 For Free


Hi, and welcome to Game Dev Academy. I’’m Shane Whittington. And in this video. I’’ll be showing you how you can get your hands on. Maya, 2022. The latest and greatest version of the industry leading 3D content creation software from Autodesk, for absolutely free. That’’s right. You pay nothing. Nada zip and it’’s all completely legal and above board. There is one catch, however. The free license is for educational. Use only -, so get yourself signed up to a course at your local school college or university. – it’’ll pay for itself in the savings. You make by not paying for Maya. So, let’s take a look at what you need to do to get your grubby mitts on Maya 2022. First of all, You’’ll need to goto the Autodesk Education site. Here you can see me googling it. But the link is also just below that, like button in the video description. On the home page, click this link to go to the student’s page and then scroll down a little until you see this section. Here you can see that. There are 3 steps to getting the software beginning with creating an Autodesk account so we’’ll click that link to begin setting up a new account. On the next page, you need to click on the big blue. Get Started button. Next you’’ll need to enter your country Education role (you’’re probably going to choose student for that one) and then the institution type I’m in Post-Secondary and university. But you can see that high-school and secondary are also options. The final thing to do on this page is to enter your date of birth. Then click on next. On this page, you’’ll need to enter your name email address and create a password for your account. Also make sure you accept the terms of use before clicking on create account. They’’ll now send an email to you to verify the account. Open up your email client and then click on the big verify email button as I’’m doing here. If everything has gone well, so far, you’’ll see this account verified screen. You can now click on done to move on. You’’ll now be told that your account is all set up. Click the continue button. You’’ll be redirected back to the educational software page, where you’’ll be given this message telling you that you still need to confirm your eligibility for educational access to the software. Let’s get confirmationing then. Click the get started button. The first thing you’’ll need to do is to confirm your email name, location, place of study and date of birth. This should all be accurate anyway. But if not make any necessary corrections and click on confirm. You’’ll now need to enter some information about where you’’re studying. Start with the name of the educational institution (if yours Isn’t listed, you can click the link to request to have it added) and then the area of study. I’’m choosing media and entertainment. Then enter the date you enrolled from and the date you’ll graduate. Click next again. This next page is the important one. Here you’’re asked to upload proof that you are, in fact, a student of the educational establishment that you entered earlier. Make sure the proof you choose includes your name, The name of the educational institution, and also a date. Examples of accepted proof include school transcripts, school issues, confirmation letters and school Ids. All you need to do is take a picture of it. As you can see, I’ve chosen to use a school ID card. Choose the image file. You want to upload and then click on the submit button. Then you’’ll see this message, telling that it can take up to 48 hours to verify your account. So now we play the waiting game. I did plan on showing you The email. I received to say that my account had been verified, but the problem is that I never received the email. After a couple of days, I got bored of the waiting game, – and Hungry, Hungry Hippos – and decided to start the verification process again. When I logged in, however, I found that my account had already been verified. So if you also don’’t, get an email to tell you you’’re all set. Just try logging in to check if your account has been verified. Maybe the emails get stuck in one of the internet pipes Anyway, as you can see here when I logged in a couple of days later. The message at the top of the page had changed to tell me that my educational access was valid until March 27, 2022. Nice With that confirmed you can scroll down the page A little until you find Maya, and then you can click on. Get Product. You can then choose the operating system you’re using which version of Maya you want to install and also the language you want? I’’m choosing English -. I’’m not entirely sure what the other two options are. Let me know in the comments. If you know what those language options are for sure. Then just click on the install button and accept the terms. A small installer file will now be downloaded, which you’’ll need to open to continue the installation. The full installer will then open. Choose where you want, Maya. To be installed to, and then on the next screen, click on install. Then It’’s back to the waiting game whilst Maya is downloaded and installed. Once the installation is finished, you may need to restart your PC And then you can open Maya 2022. The first time you open it, You’’ll need to sign into your Autodesk account so that your 1 year license can be verified and applied. So make sure you use the same email address and password. You used to create your Autodesk Id. Then Maya will open in all it’’s three dimensional deliciousness, and you will feel compelled to smash that, like button and to subscribe for more amazing videos, just like this one. Now you’ve got your shiny new software installed. You’re going to need to learn how to use it. Don’t worry -. I’ve got you covered. If you are new to Maya, then you should check out my Maya Tutorial for beginners. This is a super detailed tutorial that will take you from an absolute beginner through to modelling UV mapping texturing lighting and rendering everything you can see here. The link is in the description below and is also linked on screen. Check it out. You’’ll be glad that you did. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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