How To Get 3ds Max For Free | How To Download Free 3d Models From Online In 3ds Max

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How To Download Free 3d Models From Online In 3ds Max


This video is brought to you by model design. Comm, where you can visit the download free and paid quality 3d models all to request a custom design for all your projects. If you are a 3d designer, you have quite a few 3d model resources available to you, but it is very important to know how to download and import them correctly. So, for this video, we will explain all the steps needed to get 3d models from online. [MUSIC] The first thing you need to do is go to your 3d model shop of choice. For this video, we will be using model design comm. Now go to the shop and then find the model that you’d like to download. For This example, we will be using the wooden bedside table and in order to download this free 3d model, you will need to be registered, so create a new account once you have successfully registered. Go back to the shop. Find the model that you wanted to download, and you should see a few file formats available now. If you are using 3DS, Max, you would want to click the Max file and then press download selected and we’ll be downloading it to our desktop for this example and wait a few seconds for this to download. Now head over to your desktop double. Click on the file. Double click again. And then this is the one that we will need. You can drag it to your desktop, and then you can just delete this other zip file now. If we open up the file, we’ll see a few different files so one we will see the render of the 3d model, and then we’ll also see some instructions. So if you ever forget what I talked about in this video, you can always refer here and we also have the textures, so when you are downloading 3d models from a line, the first thing that you need is the actual model, and then the next thing is the textures, and sometimes when you import the model, the textures aren’t linked properly and you won’t see the colors and textures on the material, so that’s why. I’ll be showing you how to do so you can open up the 3d model once the file is open, You should see the model, and sometimes you might see the textures already applied, but if you don’t always make sure to do this go to customize, configure user paths, external files and then press, add go to the file that you downloaded and then open up the textures file and then press use path and then press. OK now 3DS Max knows what textures this 3d model is using and it can allow the textures to display in the viewport and render correctly. Another helpful thing to know is how to import the 3d model into an existing file. So how to merge it into another file. So let’s say we have a bedroom model here with all our beds, and we would like to add this bedside table to the file. What we will do is go to file import and then press merge, find the 3DS Max file press open and then make sure to click on this or press. All OK, and then sometimes the names might be the same as some models in your scene, so obviously we have the same exact table, so what we can do is we can auto rename and then also alter rename the materials. And then if we give it a few seconds, we should see that’s. A new model appears and it appeared in the exact same location if you’d like to learn more about saving and importing in 3DS. Max, you can watch our previous video here, and if you’d like to learn about the basics and the fundamentals of 3DS Max for beginners, you can watch our playlist, so that’s all you really need to know about downloading and importing 3d models from online. Hopefully this video gave you some more clearance and helped you avoid any problems during this process. Thank you for watching this tutorial, please, like subscribe and turn on notifications. So you don’t miss any of our future uploads? This model is available to download for free from our website. Moto design comm. With all the textures included, We also have other quality free and paid models on our store, which you can visit in the description below. [music] you!

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