Heroscape Terrain 3d Print | How The New 3d Printed Hyground Tiles Work.

HyGround - 3D Terrain Tiles

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How The New 3d Printed Hyground Tiles Work.


Hello, everyone bill here. From high ground tiles would like to show you the new design of the high ground tiles before we had a press end fit and we’ve redesigned that to be a clip and fit. It’s a little bit better design, and it holds the game board together. A little bit better, so lets. Show you what we have so. The new design includes a clip that’s along the bottom on each of the tiles, including the Crown Tiles. You’ll see those right here and those clips, then go into a receiver into the tiles, so on a on a base tile, you can continue to build up by snapping in the end and it it grows up right or, you know, you can build it upwards and go in the direction. You want that type of thing? And so that’s really the new design? The other new design to this is that we’ve rescaled them, so they’re now inch and 3/4 flat to flat and so before we had it a little bit larger, but we’ve gone back to inch and three-quarter or flat to flat measurement on our tiles, which is great, more more of a standard size. And then the other thing that we’ve done is we’ve taken our crowns in the bat. In the past, they were only 2 millimeters in depth and we’ve gone to nine and three nine and a half millimeters to give us more design opportunities with the 2 millimeter one. It’s just too thin and this gives us a chance to do some other interesting and cool looking designs and so that’s one of the other changes that we’ve had and so. I think those are the primary ones will show you how this goes together, we know. I know that we had a lot of people asking questions about how these all go together, right, when you look at the base tiles when they come together. There’s no, you know, obvious way of connecting those and or at least from viewing this, and this is where we had a lot of questions, but it, it’s really like a Lego design where the whole concept is. You just build up and you you, you know, span the gaps with your additional pieces and so here, let me show you it. For example, here we’ve got two. We’ve got four 16 hex pieces. And if you take one of these quads here and you stick it on here, just clip it in, and you’ll see that holds everything together. And so you know if you’re building a mountain range or something like that over here, you know, you can just keep building up, and even if you want to go, you know, beyond that, you want to go out here and, you know, keep building you just build up and then that holds everything together and so that’s the concept right anywhere. There is a scene if you can span that scene with either a base tile or crown tiles. We have, you know, some crown towels are gonna be twos and fours, and you just be able to put those right on like that, and that will that will hold them together and so from there, you’ll just you’ll put a finish touch on it. And that’s the decorative part or the details and so, for example. If you wanted to put a little road onto your your design, you can do that, right. Just start putting these tiles on here and like. I said there’ll be different sized ones, so you can go a little bit further. You know, you know, have longer runs of these, but anyways, you can put a little run like that. If you want to put some grass around, it simply do that as well and these are. They just all snap together. I’ll throw, I’ll throw a couple pieces on here, so you can kind of get an idea What that looks like [Applause] and so like other systems, you know, they they just go together, and then you can kind of make whatever you want. You know, there’s some there’s. Some designs here for you there and give you an idea of some of the things you can do. You know, and you’ll have all kinds of different textures. We’ll talk about the different ones that are available. These are simply are grass tiles in the stone road tiles, and they give you an idea of those going together, but there’s there’s all different tiles that we’ll be introducing. You can print in any color, so you. Can you know powder coat? These you can print them. You can paint them. They’ll take paint and so it’s really the the sky’s the limit as far as how you want to put these together. But as far as the way that this thing goes together, it’s real simple any time you want to expand to another to bigger pieces. You just simply, you know, span the gap here and that as you’ll see right, it just holds it all together and just keep doing that. If you want to keep expanding, you know, so just give you an idea of the things you can do. This and you can see how big this can get pretty quickly, especially if you’re using the 16s and anyway, we’d be glad to answer any questions. If you have any questions, just let us know, we’ll answer those as best we can and as quickly as we can. I think it’s gonna be easy to use, and I think they look really good. Hopefully you guys will enjoy them, all right. Well, thank you very much.

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